Governor Ron DeSantis announces a blue-green algae task force to expedite nutrient reductions in Lake Okeechobee and downstream estuaries.

Newly named blue-green algae task force member Mike Parsons, a professor at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, said “this has been going on for decades, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Nutrient reduction policies are a good idea but there are still legacy nutrients in the system and they are likely going to be there for decades.” It seems evident to most that are studying the issue that stopping the discharges to the estuaries is key to stopping the coastal toxic blooms.

Lake discharges present major health risks to those exposed to blue-green algae. Join Zack Jud, Florida Oceanographic Society, and Daniel Andrews, Captains for Clean Water, to learn about the issues. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Charlotte Harbor Slam with Chris Wittman.

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