The Florida Sportsman Watermen (FSW) documentaries are produced with the help of FSW Advisory Panel member organizations in connection with the Florida Sportsman Watermen television show.

A Positive Impact

Mike Conner meets with Preston Robertson, President of the Florida Wildlife Federation, to discuss the Crystal River ecosystem and the positive impacts of protecting it.

Everglades Hydrology

Mike Conner up with President of the Friends of the Everglades, Philip Kushlan, to discuss the hydrology of the Everglades and how vital it is to this ecosystem.

Bogus Biosolids

Mike Conner meets with St. John’s Riverkeeper, Lisa Rinaman to discuss the biosolids entering the St. John’s and how they are contributing to the increased phosphorus levels and toxic algal blooms.

Downfalls of Dredging

Mike Conner meets with Miami Waterkeeper, Rachel Silverstein, to discuss the dredging of the Port of Miami and how this has affected the local ecosystem, harming endangered species such as staghorn coral and much more.

Water Wars

Mike Conner sits down with Apalachicola River Keeper, Georgia Ackerman, to discuss decreased freshwater flow and it’s effects on the Apalachicola Bay.

Plastic Sea

Florida’s Alex Schulze, cofounder of 4Ocean, presents solutions to a problem of global significance. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Key West Flats with Brandon Cyr and Bear Holeman.

Deadly Blooms

Aaron Adams of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and other leading scientists discuss effects of red tide and how human activities may be worsening the blooms. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Tampa Bay Trout with C.A. Richardson.

Toxic Threat

Lake discharges present major health risks to those exposed to blue-green algae. Join Zack Jud, Florida Oceanographic Society, and Daniel Andrews, Captains for Clean Water, to learn about the issues. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Charlotte Harbor Slam with Chris Wittman.

Low-down on Lake Okeechobee

Mike Conner meets with Alex Gillen of and Congressman Brian Mast to discuss lake discharges and an operational change that could stop them. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Stuart Crossroads Pompano with Ed Zyak.

Florida Bay, Pass the Salt

Jennifer Rehage, Associate Professor at Florida International University, explains sources, and consequences, of hypersalinity. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Florida Bay Snook with Rob Fordyce.

Restore Coastal Fish Habitat

Explore a unique project with Aaron Adams of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Mosquito Lagoon Reds with Flip Pallot.