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East Central Action

Florida Sportsman Member: SaltyRoots Been hitting up the inlet for the late night outgoing tides with the old man. We’ve been pretty successful drifting through with live bait bouncing the bottom. Mullet, pins, pigs, croakers it didn’t matter, if you were bouncing bottom you were hooking up.



Limiting Out on Wahoo

Florida Sportsman member: Hooklesslure Turns out we never ran out for dolphin because we were catching up wahoo all morning on the out going tide. The current was running south and a front was visible just to the north. We were fishing with two wire lines and a 80 wide with braid and a variety of trolling lead from 16 to 48 ounces.

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Century 2901

If you want your new boat to be more of a family cruiser that can also fish with the best of them, start up at the bow and look for wide cushions in a wraparound seating configuration. Throw in a removable picnic table and opposing seats on the front of the center console and you have a forward area set up for entertaining.

Paddle Craft

Fully loaded & ready to BOONDOGGLE

It’s all about the, Boondoggle!

  My oh my, how a year quickly comes and goes as we all know. It was in a snap…»

Fly Fishing


First Tailer of the Season

Florida Sportsman member: E-type Forum member E-type posted his first tailing redfish caught of the fall. It’s hard to beat catching skinny water reds on the long rod. Tight work!



Basics of Lobster Diving : Part 2

In this FS Seminar, Publisher Blair Wickstrom dives with his long time friend Juan Comendeiro to find lobsters off of Bimini, Bahamas. Comendeiro covers a few techniques for catching lobster when you don’t have a net at hand.

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New Personal Best

Florida Sportsman member: HookandStick I took my best bow buck Friday evening. He is a typical 10 point, I believe he’s pretty old as well. At last light he appeared and gave me a 25 yard forward quartering shot.

Fresh Water


Go Small For Big Results

Rigging and fishing little plastics for dug-in fish. Knowing the bass are there is one thing; getting to them is another. Given the opportunity, the largest bass in any body of water will conceal themselves beneath a canopy of grass, hydrilla, hyacinth or other cover.

Gear & Tackle


Revo Blue Water Lenses

The REVO Blue Water lens is perfect for cutting glare in bright conditions on the water. They provide maximum glare protection and visible clarity with the classic heritage of the REVO blue water coating.