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North Brevard Wading

Florida Sportsman Member: IRJ Forum member IRJ caught some nice fish wade fishing in North Brevard. Fishing soft-plastic paddle tails were the key to success.



Gulf Giants

Florida Sportsman member: Top Contender We drifted and chunked around the horseshoe rigs and developed a slow bite that turned into an all out feeding frenzy. We caught Blackfin Tuna to 20 pounds, kingfish to 50 pounds, red snapper to 18 pounds, AJs to 70 and of course yellowfin tuna up to 150 pounds.

Reel Time with Florida Sportsman



Dusky Marine 33

Hardcore offshore fisherman demand a lot out of their boats and are always looking for an edge over the competition.

Paddle Craft

dolphin sweep

5 Tips to Become a Better Kayak Angler

  Repetition – Setup your kayak the same way, every time. Before dropping your boat in the water, make sure…»

Fly Fishing


Maxims for the Flats

Tips for more successful saltwater fly fishing. The old saw, “Ten percent of fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish” might go double for saltwater fly fishers, given the technical nature of fly fishing. Even more so for sight fishing the flats.



Palm Beach Spearfishing

Florida Sportsman member: nutsmagoo Headed out of LWI sunday morning for some spearfishing with our crew. Rough and nasty on the surface but the visibility was great and we had lots of action! We did several drifts between 100′ and 180′ Ended up with 3 nice cobias and a mahi.

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turkey calls

Turkey Calling Tips

Hone in your “turkey talk” before hand and increase your chances of scoring a trophy bird.

Fresh Water


Clear Water Bass Tactics

Many of Florida’s rivers and lakes are fed by springs, and the water tends to be very clear year-round. But even on waterbodies fed primarily by surface runoff, late winter and spring can see exceptionally clear conditions, due to the cool water and limited growth of algae. This puts us anglers at a disadvantage.

Gear & Tackle


Hodgman H3 Waders

Hodgman waders have totally revamped their wader lineup for 2015. New models, designs and some very innovative features, that are sure to help you when on the water. They have integrated all these things into their new H3 Waders, and at a price point of $99- $109 it’s hard to beat.