Winter Time Gator

Florida Sportsman member: zay we also got into a huge school of rat reds that were chewin which was a ton of fun.The highlight of the day was a monster trout that smashed a mirrodine.It measured at 28 inches but the girth on this thing was insane.



Family Weekend in West End

Florida Sportsman member: PaulBoat She came up to me and wondered how come I’ve never taken her wahoo fishing… “It’s too hard for you to reel,” I said. “I’ve seen your videos and those big electric reels,” she replied. “It can get a bit boring if we’re just running around looking for a bite,” I said. “I’m patient, I’ll bring a book and some magazines.

Reel Time with Florida Sportsman



Florida Sportsman Best Boat – 18’ to 20’ Aluminum Skiffs

If the areas you fish have shallow oyster beds, submerged rocks or stump fields, an aluminum skiff like the G3 Bay 18 DLX, the SeaArk 2072 VFX and the Alumacraft 2072 can stand up to a lot of abuse and may be the best boat for you.

Paddle Craft


Bulls from the Kayak

Florida Sportsman Member: cbmdk86 My buddy Geoff and I got out not too long ago and played with some decent sized ocean Reds. They were thick and we got a nice day of sleigh rides in exchange for our sizable paddle to the spot.

Fly Fishing


Surf From the Other Side

We struck through Destin Pass with fly rods, light casting outfits and jackets zipped up tight. Outside, we found dreamlike conditions.



Diving from Kayaks

There’s a cool hookah rig for diving from kayaks, a popular way to get to nearshore dive spots for a lot of Florida divers. Brownie’s Kayak Diving Hose Kits put your tank topside and let divers move about freely and effortlessly down below.

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Last Minute Success

Florida Sportsman member: If_it_flies_it_dies He’s standing behind some grapevines so I still cant see the headgear real well, but at this point I don’t care. I have a clear shot at his chest and it’s a legal buck on my last hunt. Bad day to be him. I take aim at his chest, take my time and BOOM goes the slug gun.

Fresh Water


Loxahatchee Largemouth and More

Florida Sportsman member: Fireman Bill The water is still higher than I like but it was manageable. The big bass was the only fish I caught for the day but I made it count. My friend caught one bass, 6 snook and a hoard on panfish as I paddled.

Gear & Tackle


Revo Blue Water Lenses

The REVO Blue Water lens is perfect for cutting glare in bright conditions on the water. They provide maximum glare protection and visible clarity with the classic heritage of the REVO blue water coating.