The Real Thing?

Super life-like lures open new angling possibilities. Improved photo-copying, computer-assisted design and advanced molding technology now make it possible to shape near-perfect imitations of the critters fish love to eat, and a number of lure-makers are taking advantage.



Fishing Shrimp Offshore

Live shrimp is one of the most familiar baits for inshore fishing. But shrimp have a lot of utility in the offshore waters, too.

Reel Time with Florida Sportsman



Florida Sportsman Best Boat – Choosing the Right Type of Fishing Boat

Depending on what you’re fishing for, how you’re fishing and with how many people, you’ll want to watch this episode to help you decide what’s the best type of boat for you: a center console, bay boat or flats boat.

Paddle Craft


Pompano Offshore

Florida Sportsman Member: jcanracer We decide to pitch some lures that way to play with them for a while but they just wouldn’t hit anything bigger than the white fry they were apparently chasing. As we were giving up on this area I see a mahi jump behind and to my left, then I see it jump again, and I look at my rod as it then bends over and starts to go off!

Fly Fishing


Tailers in the Grass

Florida Sportsman member: Black Clouser Got out Sunday and the water was still a little high for me but nothing like it had been. Saw quite a few quick tails, some slurpers and one hard tailing fish. Managed to get a few small guys and enjoyed every minute of it.



Diving from Kayaks

There’s a cool hookah rig for diving from kayaks, a popular way to get to nearshore dive spots for a lot of Florida divers. Brownie’s Kayak Diving Hose Kits put your tank topside and let divers move about freely and effortlessly down below.

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Great Start to the Season

Florida Sportsman member: dilligaf84 Forum member dilligaf84 has recently taken two nice bucks on private land. He was able to harvest these animals with a rifle thanks to FWC’s weapon of choice program. Nice work!

Fresh Water


Florida Gar Fishing

Gar range from the Everglades to the Georgia border and west to Alabama. However, for some fast and fun gar fishing, potential gar anglers might want to journey to the rivers of Panhandle Florida and look for gar as they come to the surface to take breaths of air.

Gear & Tackle

boat bully

The Boat Bully

After a long day on the water, most people dread cleaning the boat. The Boat Bully is a three in one cleaning sponge made to knock your cleaning time in half. No need for any soap, just wet the sponge and start cleaning.