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Disturbing the Peace, Catching Bruisers

Florida Sportsman member: Bassin Assassin Rather than take me right back under the dock and break me off, the fish heads for deeper water at high speed. Rookie mistake by a big fish. The fish comes up tail-walking away from me. It is a beast!



Kings and Cobes, Great Tournament Win

Florida Sportsman member: sam50 Well next thing you know we got 12 inches of water in the boat and sinking, as this whole boat is a live well. King gets close and we see a shark on it, makes a run under the boat and is wrapped up in the motors now.

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Dusky 19 Bay Shark

If you want to mount a trolling motor on an affordable, offshore-viable boat, definitely check out the 19 Bay Shark

Paddle Craft


Coral Springs Snakin’

Florida Sportsman Member: USNAVY_Angler All in all, managed to land a solid 28 inch 5 to 6 pound Snake, another medium one around 2.5 pound and a baby which was released.

Fly Fishing


A Change of Pace

Florida Sportsman member: remo_5_0 Forum member remo_5_0 Shared his recent trout fishing trip in Wyoming. A change of pace from what Florida has to offer to fly fishermen. Beautiful fish!



Basics of Lobster Diving : Part 2

In this FS Seminar, Publisher Blair Wickstrom dives with his long time friend Juan Comendeiro to find lobsters off of Bimini, Bahamas. Comendeiro covers a few techniques for catching lobster when you don’t have a net at hand.

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A Solid Season

Florida Sportsman member: hooksetter Forum member hooksetter has had a great turkey season this year. Not only hunting in Florida, But throughout Georgia and South Carolina as well. Great Work!

Fresh Water


Reaction Strikes

Yet, if you dangle a ball of yarn in front of that cat it will take a swipe at it. Toss a ball and the dog will chase it. Bass are hard-wired with the same predatory responses. Given the right stimulus they will strike a lure, even if they are not feeding. Call this a reaction strike. The right lure presentation will trigger it.

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Bill Boyce w-rooster

REACTOR Watch & Bill Boyce Western Outdoor News Los Cabos 2014 Tuna Jackpot Sweepstakes

Winner and guest will receive over $7,500 in prizes including the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fish with world famous Bill Boyce on their tournament team.