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October in the ‘Glades

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami Redfishing has been good most days and we usually find them with small snook. The big surprise has been the number of sawfish we’ve encountered while working bait for those reds.



Slayin’ Them Solo

Florida Sportsman member: TavernierGuy Went solo today looking for a phins and maybe wahoo and the fish were hungry! The bull and the cow crashed the baits at the same time. Cow hit the wire leader and the bull smacked the mono. 20 minutes later put them over the rail, thankfully the seas were flat. Both ate blue and white islanders.

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Florida Sportsman Best Boat – 28’ to 32’ Center Consoles

If you’re wanting to fish comfortably on days when seas are forecasted to be three to four feet, or want to cross to the islands or head out to the middle grounds a center console in the 28’ to 32’ range is what you want like the Contender 28ST, the Century 2901 or the Southport 29FE.

Paddle Craft


Busting Them off Boynton

Florida Sportsman Member: Pottymouth Set up our drift and nothing. Hours went by and not a nibble. So I decided to try an old school trick and 5 minutes, later a fish was on!

Fly Fishing


Blind Casting with a Fly Rod

If conditions aren’t suitable for sight-fishing, you can improve your odds of catching fish by limiting the search area and, like a good chess player, thinking a few moves ahead.



Advice for Jellyfish Stings

There are many types of jellyfish in Florida’s waters, but most assuredly you do not want to get stung by any one of them. In case of a painful jellyfish sting, there are a few different home remedies you can try.

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Daddy & Emma buck 2 small

Youngest’s First Deer

Florida Sportsman member: huntmstr “Emma, get the gun. It’s a buck for sure,” I whispered. I stuck the barrel out the window and Emma laid across my lap as she trained the scope on the deer’s torso.

Fresh Water


Un-Reel, Cane Pole Fishing

Besides that, sometimes it’s just fun to shed the gadgets and drift back to basics. Relax. Kick your shoes off. Set a spell and harken back to a simpler time.

Gear & Tackle


Revo Blue Water Lenses

The REVO Blue Water lens is perfect for cutting glare in bright conditions on the water. They provide maximum glare protection and visible clarity with the classic heritage of the REVO blue water coating.