St. Marks Trout

St. Marks Trout

Florida Sportsman Member: elawgrad We went out and fished the incoming tide. In addition to the five keeper trout, we also released at least two other small trout, a pretty little red, two cats and a lady fish.


Suwannee Grouper

Suwannee Grouper and More

Florida Sportsman member: Top Contender Finally, around 3:30-4:00, the bite fired off and it was grouper after grouper from 12 to 38 pounds. We stuck it out until sundown, then headed inshore to 200′ to snapper fish. Overall it was a slow bite, but lots of big fish and the box got filled completely.

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Belzona 325

With the vast array of boats on the water these days it would seem like many boats would have to…»

Paddle Craft


Power Plant Paddling Pt.2

Florida Sportsman Member: palmbeachpete Here is a video of the later part of the Boils trip that I made with Danny. We ran into a few sharks on the way in.


Fly Fishing

St. Lucie Snook

St. Lucie Snook on Fly

Florida Sportsman member: snookcook Been catching snook and trout on fly at night. Also, the snook bite in the day has been great. Plenty of snook around eating live mullet, shrimp, and artificials.


Grand Bahama Conch

Grand Bahama Conch

Florida Sportsman member: dzank We ran north and we got into a nice bunch of mangos and muttons. We dove up some conch on the way back to Bootle Bay.

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Turkey Hunt

Turkey Hunt

Florida Sportsman member: shemp He puffed up to strut or gobble again, gave me a shot window, put his head up when I finalized my aim, and he went down stone cold.

Fresh Water

Doctors Lake Bass

Doctors Lake Bass

Florida Sportsman member: Splitshot Syndicate Decided to use artificials on the Northeast side of the lake to get out of the wind and maybe bend a rod. The bait was popping and there were fish around, but only managed one three pound bass on a New Penny Gulp Shrimp on a 1/8 oz jig in one foot of water.

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Sebile Magic Swimmer

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