Great Way to Spend Your Birthday

Florida Sportsman member: Tfoucher We had caught the last of the outgoing tide and the whole incoming tide. The fish were unbelievably hungry. I told Chad that we had to keep count of all the fish that we caught. I told him that I felt this could be a 100 plus fish day. Boy was I right! To be exact it was 112.



Tavernier Tuna and Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member: TavernierGuy Found dolphin all afternoon and into the evening. Dolphin were on small current rips and slicks. Found a couple on small white birds. Fish were between 270 to 350 feet for me. They were in closer as well, but found the best action in that depth so I stuck with it.

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Everglades 255

A family-friendly fishing boat can be extremely comfortable with plush seating in the bow, behind the helm, on the forward portion of the center console and at the stern. It can be well equipped for fishing but the main emphasis is on including the family on the majority of your outings.

Paddle Craft

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DIY Kayak

Build a wooden boat for fishing. Catching a fish on a homemade lure or rod is a real thrill. How about catching a fish from a boat you’ve built for yourself?

Fly Fishing


How Many Fly Rods Do You Take?

It’s the age-old question that may have no exact answer—how many fly rods do you bring on the boat? Some…»



Scuba Diving Ear Equalization Basics

When it comes to diving, whether tank diving or free diving, one of the first problems new divers run into is ear pressure. Unfamiliar with the process of “equalizing”, this sometimes can come as a surprise.

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Florida Duck Hunting

I knew I was in trouble when I opened my eyes and felt well-rested. No one goes on a serious duck hunt well-rested, do they? As a fabulous sunrise unfolded I felt foolish for nearly calling off the hunt just because there had not been time enough to deploy decoys.

Fresh Water


Take Your Shiner For a Stroll

It’s not the most glamorous bass tactic, and you’re not likely to see it on the cable TV fishing shows. But there’s a reason why slow-trolling live shiners is the bread and butter technique for bass guides from Lake Okeechobee to Talquin–it works.

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Revo Blue Water Lenses

The REVO Blue Water lens is perfect for cutting glare in bright conditions on the water. They provide maximum glare protection and visible clarity with the classic heritage of the REVO blue water coating.