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Florida Sportsman Member:Joe Snook The sight fishing along the beaches has been incredible with keys clear water and pods of 10 plus fish passing through willing to eat small baits and particularly small flies. Tried getting permit offshore on fly one day but they were very spooky.


sli cobe

SLI Cobia

Florida Sportsman member: LET’S GO We then headed East to deeper water and found some promising changes in the surface and we deployed our live bait, we did some chumming and quickly gathered some large sharks behind the boat with a few good size cobia.

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Sharp entry of this deep V hull design allows this boat to track well in a turn and ride smooth in a chop.

Right Tool for the Job

Identify optimal hull design for the waters you plan to fish. What separates similar boats more than anything is the design of the hull, or more importantly the running surface. Know going in when you start your search for that perfect boat, you may have to give up a shallow draft to get a softer ride.

Paddle Craft

Having a large enough rubber mesh net helps land large fish easier, especially when using treble hooks.

3 Essential Quick Grabs When Kayak Fishing

In the heat of battle it’s easy to get flustered and not know what to do next in order to…»

Fly Fishing

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Controversial Changes to Bahamian Flats Fishing Being Discussed

Potential changes to Bahamian flats fishing regulations, which some U.S.-based experts say could deal a blow to fishing tourism to those islands, are now being discussed by Bahamian officials.



Good Scallop Year Forecast for Florida’s West Coast

Each summer, biologists assess bay scallop populations along the Gulf coast of Florida, located in open and closed recreational harvest areas. Surveys are usually initiated in June and completed in July. Scientists look at long-term trends in the abundance of scallops in both the open and closed areas and present those findings to the Division of Marine Fisheries Management.

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An Adventure to Canada

Florida Sportsman member:Big Bend Brian After a bit it stands and turns to sniff Kaitlyn’s bolt in the ground and gives me a broadside shot. The shot looks good and about ten seconds later and real close, it gives a death moan, followed by 2 others.

Fresh Water


A Miami Adventure

Florida Sportsman member: Spicyswamprabbit This past weekend my brother, a friend and I took a guys’ trip to Miami to fish for exotics. We took our kayaks with us so we could explore some of the canals. We managed to catch quite a few peacock bass as well as Mayan cichlids and oscars on artificial baits, shiners and even a few on fly.

Gear & Tackle

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Columbia Sportswear: New Releases

Columbia Sportswear has long been an innovator in technological advances in outdoor gear and wear. Their products provide great protection from the elements—whether you’re talking about below-zero temps on mountains or scorching sun on Florida waters.