Family Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: creekgeek We finished the day in the same spot my dad landed his big fish and my 11 year old, Marina, connected with her best red ever. She wanted to give the rod up as the big fish made several long runs on light tackle and with the help of a strong outgoing tide.



Shallow Water Grouper

Florida Sportsman member: Ruff One Headed straight to a rock in 15 feet and deployed the plugs, Carolyn’s rod goes off and she’s into one of the beast that makes this area home. I look out back and there’s a grouper herd following the boat. I pitch a jig and another beast inhales the jig.

Reel Time with Florida Sportsman



G3 Bay 18 DLX

G3 is no new comer to the boating industry so when they launched the G3 Bay 18 it was engineered to be used in saltwater. They incorporated a baked-on two part urethane hull finish and a Tuff Coat spray in interior liner.

Paddle Craft


Great Day of Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: harrisa2006 Not 20 minutes later I am working a nice choke point and I get crushed again! This time this fish knew instantly something wasn’t right, and ran straight towards the mangroves went way back in there.

Fly Fishing


FS Classics: Fly Fishing For Tarpon

The idea of catching a 100-pound tarpon on “regula¬≠tion” tackle was looked upon by most fly fishermen as not merely a dream, but a fantasy as far-fetched as interstellar travel.



Diving the Ledges

Florida Sportsman member: Veikx Nailed a nice 21 inch mangrove right when I made it to the bottom as he was quite curious to see me. Shortly after this beautiful hog presented himself and landed a good stone shot. Picked up a few more hogs and mangroves through out first and second dives.

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Solo Hunt Success

Florida Sportsman member: micci_man Five minutes later I get home and before I pulled in the drive the front door was opening. She was ready to look for her deer. We go to the plot and she shows me where he exited the plot. We take up the blood trail that she showed me and 45 yards later we found her deer.

Fresh Water

Marble-size balls are perfect for bullhead and channel catfish. Next step is a one-minute boil to firm up the baits.

Make Your Own Dough Balls

Doughballs are time-honored baits for sunfish, catfish and even some saltwater panfish.

Gear & Tackle

2000RGB_Cydro GRP

Cheeky Cydro Spinning Reel

Cheeky reels are known for making a quality fly reel that can handle big fish and withstand the saltwater. Breaking into the spinning reel market, Cheeky recently launched the Cydro line.