Sebastian Super Slam

Sebastian Super Slam

Florida Sportsman Member: Flec We got a few trout early along with some jacks and ladies. Once the cool water rose a few degrees, the small snook started hitting. We tried a new area in the afternoon and it paid off.


Port Everglades Tuna

Port Everglades Tuna

Florida Sportsman member: T – L U V We put out a spread that consisted of one ballyhoo, one squid, and a black and purple islander with a bonito strip. The first fish hit around 3pm in 680′, just north of Dania pier. Got him in the boat and set back up. We made another pass in the same area and got the second fish.

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Regulator 34

The Regulator Marine folks have done a nice job of building a boat in the 34’ class that packs a ton of features into a boat her size while not cluttering up the usable working space to do so with this model. The 34CC offers comforts you might expect from a boat much larger than this.

Paddle Craft


Learn to Kayak Fish Like a Pro

Kayak Fishing with the Pro’s is an annual event with a mission to teach ethical, effective techniques for catching more fish. You can learn more here in a day than would take a year to learn on your own.


Fly Fishing

Simple loop knot with light cable tightens unevenly but holds well.

Prevent Breakoffs with Wire Tippet

You can get away with heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon for smaller toothy fish, such as Spanish macks and little blues (not ‘cudas!) but if the macks are “max” or you’re on some kingfish, wire is a must. When a sizeable toothy fish clenches its teeth, your fly is gone. Now I make it habit to carry both singlestrand and braided wire leader, and there are new products that make it easier to rig up for flies.



Scuba Diving Ear Equalization Basics

When it comes to diving, whether tank diving or free diving, one of the first problems new divers run into is ear pressure. Unfamiliar with the process of “equalizing”, this sometimes can come as a surprise.

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Report Panther Sightings to FWC

With cooler temperatures throughout the Sunshine State, more people are likely to head to the woods to enjoy hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is asking the public to assist with Florida panther research and management by reporting sightings of the large feline to the agency’s panther sightings webpage.

Fresh Water

St. Mary's Bass

Beast St. Mary’s Bass

Florida Sportsman member: Sea Snake My nephew caught this 10.7 pound largemouth while fishing a local bass club tournament. Now for those of you not familiar with St Mary’s, it is not known for producing giants like this very often. Usually two to five pounders are the norm. So this one was the trophy of a lifetime!

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Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing

This Month, Sky Pony Press is pleased to release a revised and updated version of Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing, by Tyler Befus.