Monster Momma Snook

Florida Sportsman Member: duckmanJR She lights it up, melting eight pound mono off my 2500 Diawa like butter in a hot skillet. I’m on the troller hard, trying to not get spooled. She is so fat she can only her her head kinda out of the water and flops back in.


Key Largo Patch Reef

Key Largo Patch Reef

Florida Sportsman member: beachsideandy I got out to a patch reef with a nice 16 to 30ft drop. I netted a ton of ballyhoo to take back with me for the dolphin run up in my area. Right when I was finishing up, two cobia appeared behind the boat. One ate a ballyhoo chunk and I put it in the box.

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Sea Born

Sea Born FX22 Bay

Boat manufacturers are getting better and better at fine tuning the features required by their customers these days while simultaneously…»

Paddle Craft

Kayaking Ozello

Ozello Kayaking Slam

Florida Sportsman Member: Reel Teal The day started off poking around islands and cuts and a well placed cast hooked me up with a large snook within ten minutes of launching.


Fly Fishing

crab fly

Tying a Realistic Crab Fly

Crabs can make up as much as 70 percent of a redfish’s diet in many areas along the Florida coast. Shallow grassflats and mangrove prop roots offer ideal habitat for a variety of crabs. Redfish and many other species love to root around for these delicacies.


spicy lobster salad

Spicy Grilled Lobster Salad

Lobster tails freeze well, and can be prepped months later out of the freezer with delicious results. FS managing editor David Conway shares one of his top recipes for frozen lobster tails, a grilled, spicy lobster salad.

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Bird Dog

When you’re bird hunting, nothing beats a good dog at your side. Whether it’s a pointer for quail or a retriever for upland birds and waterfowl, a well-trained dog can make your day afield more productive and more fun.

Fresh Water


Rare Canal Redtail Catfish

Florida Sportsman member: tarponfly49 This redtail catfish bottomed out a 50lb boga grip and taped well over our 36″ ruler! This was one heck of a fight on 15lb spinning gear, but my wife landed her after a 45 minute fight!

Gear & Tackle


Tigress Kite Fishing Products

Tigress Outriggers and Gear has introduced new kite products to cover a wide range of conditions. Both kites have lightweight carbon graphite spars and come with an additional fifth, extra spar.