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West Central Inshore Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Matt822 The big trout bite has really fired up the last couple weeks with fish in the 25-30 inch range holding in deep pot holes on the flats and edges of channels. I have been using all artificials and they have been producing consistently.


NE Hoo

Long Runs and A Lot of Fish

Florida Sportsman member: AUcary As it approached the boat it looked like a huge blackfin 30 feet back, that’s when we saw the stripes! Wahoo! Chris put a nice gaff job on the fish and we had our first hoo of 2015 in the boat! Time for a beer!

Reel Time with Florida Sportsman


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Restoring Fiberglass Color & Shine

In this FS Seminar, FS Boating Forum Moderator Dan McCarthy shows how-to keep your hull in tip-top shape. If your hull is looking dull and faded, you can bring back its original luster and shine with ease. For more information on the products used visit

Paddle Craft

pi red

Pine Island Trout and Reds

Florida Sportsman Member: JoeyHotFizzle Forum member JoeyHotFizzle shared his recent kayak trip, fishing in Pine Island. Throwing a mix of artificials, he was able to fool some nice trout and redfish. Nice work!

Fly Fishing


Stealth, Fly Rods and Reluctant Redfish

Get out of the way and into the fish on the Indian River. I had known that there were schools of redfish on the shallow flats at the southern end of Mosquito Lagoon. Until now, however, I had been unable to catch more than one or two fish a day, no matter what I seemed to do. I was about ready to give up.


Guy Harvey with Lionfish

Report Florida Lionfish App Updated with New Interactive Map

The Report Florida Lionfish app is now more interactive than ever. Not only can you continue reporting your lionfish sightings and catches, your reports and photographs are documented on an interactive map. The map includes your important data such as where you found your catch, the date caught, how many you saw or removed and what type of gear you used.

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hog sem

Hog Hunting in Florida

Great-eating wild hogs are never out of season if you know where to go. Wild hogs, also called wild boars or feral pigs, aren’t native to Florida. They either were introduced by colonists or may even have been brought over by the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto as early as 1539. Either way, they have adapted and prospered in Florida’s mild climate and are plentiful throughout the state, found in all 67 counties.

Fresh Water


Panfish Fun

Florida Sportsman member: Pmoconnor89 I managed a few decent fish on my nymph fly but the real action started as dusk set in and the fish began feeding on the surface. In a matter of 5 minutes I boated two 10″ bluegills on a popping fly and lost another large fish due to a missed hookset.

Gear & Tackle


Hodgman H3 Waders

Hodgman waders have totally revamped their wader lineup for 2015. New models, designs and some very innovative features, that are sure to help you when on the water. They have integrated all these things into their new H3 Waders, and at a price point of $99- $109 it’s hard to beat.