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Tearing Up the Tripletails

Florida Sportsman Member: Scott Crown The fishing was hard due to waves coming over the bow and only being able to see down 3 to 4 inches but we made the most of it and put 5 in the box and called it after about 4 hours.



South Florida Spearfish

Florida Sportsman member: Poseidon10/31 Today I put my hands on my first shortbill spearfish, which is super rare for these waters. I fish on the Miss Britt out of Coconut Grove with the legendary Ray Rosher. In his decades of commercial and charter fishing this is only the second one he’s landed.

Reel Time with Florida Sportsman



Boat Loading with a Winch

Make easy work of boat loading with a push of the button. No one wants to hand-crank a ton of fiberglass while a Saturday crowd looks on, and the fact is, you shouldn’t need to.

Paddle Craft


Kayak Transportation-On a Roll

Ease your way to the water. Rather than deal with slippery concrete boat ramps, many kayak fishermen prefer launching in a crevice in the mangroves or spartina grass.

Fly Fishing


Triple Trouble

Tripletail offer a curious challenge to the fly angler, and they are available around the state. Days and nights of stiff northeasterly winds had hampered our attempts to venture into the windblown Atlantic for more than a week. But now the long wait had ended with the arrival of calm winds and moderate ground swells.



Lionfish Reporting App Successful

See or catch a lionfish? Report it. That’s what many lionfish hunters have been doing, thanks to the new Report Florida Lionfish app. Released to the public May 28, the app has been downloaded by more than 2,500 people.

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Filling Tags

Florida Sportsman member: Big Bend Brian Unlike my gator hunting where I’ve baited gators using “well-fermented” (rancid) sheep lungs we would be using rod and reels and snatch hooks adorned with a small cyalume chemlight so you can see where you’re casting.

Fresh Water

FWRI researcher measuring a largemouth bass collected during a routine electrofishing trip.

Working Over Time

The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute’s Freshwater Fisheries Research section began a Long-Term Monitoring Project for Florida’s lakes in 2006. Our primary objective is to track freshwater fisheries trends over time, using standardized methods that ensure the integrity of the data collected across the state.

Gear & Tackle


Motorguide xi5

Dallas Hodges of Motorguide introduces the Motorguide xi5 at ICAST 2014 in Orlando, FL. The Xi5 is designed to exceed the expectations of today’s discriminating customer. It’s engineered to be reliable every day – and durable over the long haul.