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Drummin’ in Yankeetown

Florida Sportsman Member: anglerbros 7286 Got bored and went looking for drum, saw them everywhere, only got one to eat though. Jake had a nice fight from the powerful but slow and long fight with the drum.



Summer Recap

Florida Sportsman member: AFT561 Been quite busy with work and tournaments this season so I haven’t had much time, but I was finally able to put together a few videos of what we were up to this summer. Big tuna, sails, mahi, kingfish, big wahoo, the whole summer shindig wrapped up into 2 videos.

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Everglades 243 CC

Everglades is known for yacht-quality fit and finish. The Everglades 243cc has that, plus innovative features like patented sliding center console windshields and unsinkable RAMCAP construction that fills the hull with high density closed cell, structural foam flotation.

Paddle Craft


South Florida Sail

Florida Sportsman Member: bluewateryak13 What an awesome day on the water. It’s been a while since having a nice calm sunny day of fishing. Relatively quiet, but definitely a memorable day as this is a first for me.

Fly Fishing


Live Chum for Offshore Flyfishing

The first time I live chummed offshore I had my angler standing beside me with a fly in the water waiting for a fish to cast at, only to have a 15-pound bonito make an arrival that just about ripped the rod out of his hand. There was no need to set the hook, as all his concentration and strength went into retaining possession of the rod as the fish dumped the 8-weight well into the backing.



Scalloping Fun

Florida Sportsman member: Big Bend Brian Finally found a spot with turtle and manatee grass and enough scallops to work. We didn’t tear them up but it was a fun family outing!

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Buck Down

Florida Sportsman member: FloridaBoy Had deer out all day in the fields Saturday, Sunday morning I had a buck walk by my stand before shooting light. About 8am I saw this buck out in the field and grunted him in to 30 yards.

Fresh Water

Lowrance SpotlightScan Slice

Bow Mount Sonar

Now, every boat has sonar, and a lot of flats and bass rigs have sonar at both ends. In fact, for those who fish with a trolling motor, a sonar system up front has become pretty much standard equipment—and some of the bass guys even have a couple of big-screens mounted on the front deck.

Gear & Tackle


Trailer Smarter: Check Those Codes!

When it comes to trailering your boat, besides keeping your trailer in tip-top shape, keeping the vehicle you tow with up-to-spec is just as crucial. If you are throwing a check engine light (CEL), the odds are you’re losing precious towing power and eating up unnecessary dollars at the gas pump.