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Fishing Hard Baits Inshore

In this Florida Sportsman seminar, Reel Time Host Capt. George Gozdz discusses his hard bait lure choices while fishing on the Peace River. These tips can be applied to almost anywhere you want to throw hard baits inshore.



Weekend on the Other Side

Florida Sportsman Member: dpdash For those that cancelled this weekend, it wasn’t bad at all. Fished friday afternoon and Saturday, if we wouldn’t have used rubber hooks would have got several, pulled a bunch off for whatever reason. Best bite was up by Isaac’s.

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Everglades 255

A family-friendly fishing boat can be extremely comfortable with plush seating in the bow, behind the helm, on the forward portion of the center console and at the stern. It can be well equipped for fishing but the main emphasis is on including the family on the majority of your outings.

Paddle Craft


West Palm Offshore

Florida Sportsman Member: Pottymouth We got a late start so we purchased bait instead of catching some. Made it out to the grounds tossed out a livie and began jigging. Soon after I hear flip yell out “mahi heading to your gog.”

Fly Fishing


Catching Mullet on Fly

Solving the jumping enigma with flies. When you think about it, the “game” in gamefish says a lot about a fish. It helps explain why one man’s grunting and sweating aboard a drifting sportfisherman seems so far removed from another’s grilled swordfish in a restaurant.



Diving the Ledges

Florida Sportsman member: Veikx Nailed a nice 21 inch mangrove right when I made it to the bottom as he was quite curious to see me. Shortly after this beautiful hog presented himself and landed a good stone shot. Picked up a few more hogs and mangroves through out first and second dives.

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ga buck

Ga Bucks

Florida Sportsman member: etohprn The deer were moving good two weeks ago and then started to shut down again. They were coming out during the daylight following does and the switched right back to coming out just before dark.

Fresh Water


Hot Rods and Reels Fishing Tournament at Miami Speedway

Before Kyle Busch raced his way to the 2015 Sprint Cup Championship fin-ish at the Homestead-Miami Speedway last week, NASCAR Drivers were racing up and down the infield lake for a different championship at the annual Hot Rods and Reels Tournament on November 21st.

Gear & Tackle

mojo cat

St. Croix Mojo Cat

St. Croix has recently released a new line of rods, the Mojo Cat series. Using St. Croix’s specialized S-Glass blanks, these offer a lightweight blank with great performance. “Built on blanks with a dynamic blend of premium SCII graphite and 100-percent linear S-Glass, Mojo Cat rods provide exceptional strength and lifting power, plus enhanced sensitivity and tip flex,” says St. Croix V.P. of Brand Management, Jeff Schluter.