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Personal Best for Both

Florida Sportsman member: Cast&Blast Make that two new personal best! 45 inches for mine and my buddy Marks just edging mine out at 46 inches. Caught on live mullet in 39 feet of water. Both took some pretty epic runs, so great hearing the drag scream like that!



SLI Sailfish Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Sea Monkey Too Quickly caught 3 dozen baits and headed out to 270 feet. Wasn’t long before we had a double header sailfish. We got one and mine spit the hook. Soon after that settled down we had yet another double header sailfish hookup. This time we got both to the boat.

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Silver Wave 250 Island SB

The SilverWave 250 Island SB Tri Toon with a big V6 outboard will give you astonishing performance. With this much horsepower and a tow bit at the stern the boat can pull a multi-person tube, wake board or slalom water skier with ease.

Paddle Craft


Fort Pierce Backcountry

Florida Sportsman Member: evergladeskid243 Picked up a redfish as I began to make my exit out of my spot, blind casting every mangrove shoreline with a topwater, hoping to hook a snook as grand as the one who had left me in despair earlier.

Fly Fishing


Maxims for the Flats

Tips for more successful saltwater fly fishing. The old saw, “Ten percent of fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish” might go double for saltwater fly fishers, given the technical nature of fly fishing. Even more so for sight fishing the flats.



First Annual Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day a Success

Florida’s first annual Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day (first Saturday after Mother’s Day) was a success, from statewide lionfish removal efforts to unveiling the new “Reef Rangers” lionfish removal program to educating the public about lionfish.

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Chasing Trophies

Florida Sportsman member: harbison Off at a distance we spot three real trophy boars, but they give us absolutely no chance at a shot; they are on the run. Looks like they did not get that big by mistake, they have us patterned. Finally one monster stops and looks back, big, really big, mistake. The Marlin 45-70 put him down.

Fresh Water


Saddle Creek Bassin’

Florida Sportsman member: Bassin Assassin The heat is oppressive. The bite is tough. Sweating bullets and my back is killing me. I cast out my trick worm on a point. I work it a bit and lean forward to ease the tension in my back. I begin to reel in and my line is coming to me. I set the hook and a big bass has taken my bait.

Gear & Tackle

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Engel Day Tripper

Hauling a load of cold drinks and lunch down the dock or along the beach? The new Engel Soft Sided Day Tripper Cooler has several carrying options—including tote handles, grab handle on the back, and perhaps best of all, comfortable, durable, vented backpack straps.