Breaking in the New Boat

Sliming up the New Boat

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness The reds were on a rampage! We were hooked up for a good hour straight with one Red after the other. Most fish were right at 26 to 27 inches. There were also a few smaller fish around 22 to 23 inches. We got one over slot around 29 inches as well as a few rats.


West Central Gag

West Central Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: releasegear We went out friday and saturday afternoon to 70 feet of water. It was non stop gag action with some amberjacks, scamp, and mangroves mixed in. All were caught on live bait. Spotted most of the bait in 50 to 60 feet.

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Florida Sportsman Best Boat – 20′ to 23′ Center Consoles

If you’re looking for higher gunnels the a bay boat, single power, and light enough to pull with an SUV, then consider a Center Console in the 20’ to 23’ size range including the Release 208 RX, the Dusky 227 or the Sea Born SX 239. For more information, including a full episode guide, visit

Paddle Craft

Trout Mout

Bradenton Trout Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: rkotinsky I tossed my RipTide mullet with 1/4 oz jig head into a channel chokepoint and out of the depths only a few feet from my yak a large trout inhaled the lure. It was an awesome sight to behold given it’s above average size and the visual provided after hours of fruitless fishing.

Fly Fishing


Live Chum for Offshore Flyfishing

The first time I live chummed offshore I had my angler standing beside me with a fly in the water waiting for a fish to cast at, only to have a 15-pound bonito make an arrival that just about ripped the rod out of his hand. There was no need to set the hook, as all his concentration and strength went into retaining possession of the rod as the fish dumped the 8-weight well into the backing.


Guy Harvey with Lionfish

Report Florida Lionfish App Updated with New Interactive Map

The Report Florida Lionfish app is now more interactive than ever. Not only can you continue reporting your lionfish sightings and catches, your reports and photographs are documented on an interactive map. The map includes your important data such as where you found your catch, the date caught, how many you saw or removed and what type of gear you used.

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Weekend of Ducks

Florida Sportsman member: micci_man Sunday afternoon was a different story. Pretty steady action from the git go. We knocked down 12 but lost 2 that dove and never came back up.

Fresh Water

Bass Release

South Florida Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman member: chut03 Forum member chut03 has been fishing south Florida canals and lakes, and has been catching an awesome variety of fish. Nice work!

Gear & Tackle


Revo Blue Water Lenses

The REVO Blue Water lens is perfect for cutting glare in bright conditions on the water. They provide maximum glare protection and visible clarity with the classic heritage of the REVO blue water coating.