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There’s something to be said about grabbing a handful of lures and hitting your favorite spot, just your two feet and your fishing rod. Covering a lot of ground may be out of the question, but with careful planning you can cover it thoroughly.


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Plan B Pays Off

Florida Sportsman Member: larrywitt Lines were dropped to the bottom and there were instant hits but no fish ever made to the surface. You could get it four to ten feet off the bottom and then the rod was almost ripped from your hands till the line would break. We were using 60 pound main line and 80 to 100 pound leader.

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Blue Wave 2200 Pure Bay

The Blue Wave 2200 Pure Bay has a LOA of 21 feet, 4 inches and an 8 feet, 6 inch beam. The deck layout leans more toward the fisherman but there are some very nice family features as well.

Paddle Craft


Paddle Craft: Bridge Toll

Big rewards lurk under big bridges—if you’re prepared. The same fastidious thought needs to go into a night bridge-fishing expedition as an offshore trip. I admit to being a bit lackadaisical about safety when fishing a foot-deep grassflat far off the beaten-boat path.

Fly Fishing


Add Distance to your Cast

On my beautiful, state-of-the-art “fast-action” graphite Winston $1,000 outfit, I was able to cast the Sharkwave line farther than the $79 Wind River outfit…but only by 6 feet!



Spiny Lobster Season Closing April 1st

The spiny lobster recreational and commercial season closes to harvest in state and federal waters starting April 1 and will reopen Aug. 6. The two-day recreational sport season is the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July, which is July 29 and 30 this year.

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Florida Sportsman member: hoggator I called again, and they answered, but kept walking. Too far for my son to shoot! Some would argue that maybe too far for me as well! I leaned across my son, rested my elbow on his thigh, told him to cover his ears, and let the Mossberg 835 with 3.5” Longbeard XRs sing.

Fresh Water


Lake O’ Largemouths

Florida Sportsman member: Lucky_Lefty Well my brothers were in town and we decided to take my center console over to Lake Okeechobee for the first time and try for bass. We stopped and got 2 dozen shiners. We launched out of the Kissimmee River and headed out to a area that looked good.

Gear & Tackle


Bait Dipper Portable Livewell

Local business Whatz Up Products Inc. released its latest product line of the Bait Dipper kits. Each unique design accommodates fishermen of all types and has been proven to keep bait alive longer and healthier than those in the past.