Matlacha Topwater

South Matlacha Topwater Action

Florida Sportsman member: offshore22 After the tide turned, it was party time. Trout on topwater is truly rewarding. I landed four nice keepers and lost a monster which easily could have been 24-26″. Caught about half a dozen others. My go to lure of choice is the Yo zuri 3db pencil. It casts far, tracks well and catches everything.


St. Augustine Snapper

St. Augustine Snapper Are Hungry

Florida Sportsman member: capcioffi We went to two different areas out there and caught three triggers, four red eyes, and over 40 snapper. I mean, the things are eating little pieces of squid two-three inches short, that we cut small trying to get trigger and vermilion. The snapper were eating rigs before we could get to bottom and the bigger the bait the bigger the snapper.

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Dolphin Super Skiff

Dolphin Super Skiff Pro 16

The Dolphin Super Skiff is a great little boat with a lot of history that crosses the bridge between a…»

Paddle Craft

Mosquito Lagoon Redfishing

Mosquito Lagoon Redfishing

Florida Sportsman Members: Hobie Angler & hunter27 Despite unfavorable, murky waters, Mosquito Lagoon has been a hot spot for kayakers in search of redfish lately. Check out these video reports for more details.


Fly Fishing

A tarpon on fly can be a long, grueling battle.

Winter Fly Fishing Florida

Head for cover when it’s whistling. Stalk the flats when it’s not. Saltwater fly fishing isn’t always about sun-baked flats kissed by light winds, and bathed by sparkling warm water and battalions of tailing fish.



Lobster in the Keys

Florida Sportsman member: latitudeajustment I made a late run yesterday and thankfully scored two for my wife’s birthday. We got out today and found a few more. Great times and great eats!

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Ducks for Days

Ducks for Days

Florida Sportsman member: Cast&Blast I have been logging some miles the last few weeks and have been able to have a couple really good hunts with some new friends. My freezer is looking great at this point.

Fresh Water

Lake Ida Peacock

Lake Ida Peacocks

Florida Sportsman member: 23T Almost each cast with a live shiner into the sun got some action. The double header with my dad was the the highlight of the trip. Also had plenty of largemouths as well.

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Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing

This Month, Sky Pony Press is pleased to release a revised and updated version of Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing, by Tyler Befus.