Big Bend Snook

Florida Sportsman Member: HammerheadTed By now I am fishing spots where I’ve never fished before. Paid off with this massive 39 inch snook that was the toughest I’ve ever caught. 3 jumps and 3 long runs and somehow she didn’t wrap herself up in the sargasm. Missed another big one a few casts later and left early with the grandkids visiting at home.



Florida Keys Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: Gary M We also had a pretty good bite with the yellowtail snappers. I tend to fish for them more than the heavy gear on the bottom and on this trip I got nice fish up to 23 1/2 inches. Fat ones too and on my light spinner, it was just a blast.

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Southport 29FE

If fishing is something you like to do but extreme luxury is something you demand you can have a boat with the same amenities such as bow and stern seating, a head in the center console, including plush seats behind the helm but all at a higher level of fit and finish.

Paddle Craft


Banana River Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: AceDawg After messing with them for a bit started heading back south scouting the shoreline and started spotting fins cruising the shore. Reds were scattered throughout along the shore and buried in grass. Caught 7 on my way back down before getting stuck in a storm. Hunkered down in the mangroves and sat it out for an hour.

Fly Fishing


Catching Mullet on Fly

Solving the jumping enigma with flies. When you think about it, the “game” in gamefish says a lot about a fish. It helps explain why one man’s grunting and sweating aboard a drifting sportfisherman seems so far removed from another’s grilled swordfish in a restaurant.


steinhatchee scallops

Steinhatchee Scalloping

Florida Sportsman member: DeHeaven We caught one short redfish and missed a few others. Came back in for lunch and a recharge and picked up a few more people and headed to the scallop spot and were on them almost immediately. I wasn’t keeping track of time but we quickly had our 10 gallon limit and headed home.

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Sighting for Success

Sighting in a deer rifle is simple, if you do it right. The preseason “sight in session” is ritual for many hunters. For some, it’s a quick, simple, and inexpensive affair. For others, it can be a lengthy and frustrating process that burns up a lot of expensive ammunition.

Fresh Water


Take Your Shiner For a Stroll

It’s not the most glamorous bass tactic, and you’re not likely to see it on the cable TV fishing shows. But there’s a reason why slow-trolling live shiners is the bread and butter technique for bass guides from Lake Okeechobee to Talquin–it works.

Gear & Tackle

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Columbia Sportswear: New Releases

Columbia Sportswear has long been an innovator in technological advances in outdoor gear and wear. Their products provide great protection from the elements—whether you’re talking about below-zero temps on mountains or scorching sun on Florida waters.