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25.5 inch red

Catching on the Drift

Florida Sportsman member: Bassin Assassin The water was very skinny and we kept targeting the 1 1/2 to 3 foot zone. We drifted north and Stormy caught a 20 inch snook on the Bait Buster just a few minutes later.



Jupiter Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: RockNReeler Becky wanted to catch some tuna, so we headed northeast of the inlet and started trolling tuna lures and a cedar plug. I had been successful here about two weeks ago, and wasn’t disappointed today. 10 minutes into the troll in 250 feet of water one, then two, rods start screaming, fish on!

Reel Time with Florida Sportsman


Cobia dash

Touch Screen Electronics

Manufacturers of marine electronics were quick to embrace glass touchscreen technology, giving anglers touch-reactive control over sonar, chartplotters and radar. Now, segments of the boating industry are poised to bring the same kind of control to nearly every aspect of the ship’s systems, from battery switches, to nav lights, to bilge pumps.

Paddle Craft


Kayak Fishing Yankeetown

Florida Sportsman Member: TideUp I ended up finding a beautiful shell flat that produced big time. There were small schools of black drum and sheepshead everywhere just waving their tails at me asking for a precise cast!

Fly Fishing



It pays to become a proficient caster with either hand, but until then, here’s a shortcut. The redfish materialized at 2 o’clock. I told my fisherman where they were and started turning the boat. He couldn’t wait.



Cold Water Wetsuit Advice

A bit of advice on buying a wetsuit in Florida. As we get in to our colder seasons here in Florida, wearing a wetsuit while diving is necessary as water temperatures drop about 10 to 15 degrees. There are many different factors that go into buying a wetsuit including the style of suit, the thickness, and color.

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big 8

Big Eight Down

Florida Sportsman member: dilligaf84 This buck had been cruising roughly 700 acres based on trail pics so it was anyone’s guess where he would show up. He came in checking for does at last light. Haven’t put a tape on him yet but looks like he may break 100 inches.

Fresh Water

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.57.38 AM

Flippin’ Freshwater Baits

n this Florida Sportsman seminar, Reel Time Host Capt. George Gozdz demonstrates a common freshwater technique of flipping in heavy structure.

Gear & Tackle

Top-end personal flotation devices like Mustang's Automatic Deluxe Inflatable Collar are available at outdoor retailers such as West Marine.

Inflatable Life Jacket Myths

Personal flotation devices automatically or manually inflate with the tug of a pull cord. There are still quite a few misperceptions about how these life saving devices work.