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The Snook

The Common Snook, Centropomus undecimalis

The snook has a most distinctive body shape, featuring a tapered head and snout, underslung lower jaw, large fins and, most distinctive of all, a prominent black stripe running the full length of the lateral line. The stripe is present in all species of snook. Coloration is generally dark gray to black on the dorsal surface, shading to silvery on the sides. The fins are yellowish. With many inshore fish, the coloration may vary with season and habitat. Snook of inside waters usually have darker sides.


Lineside, Robalo, Ravillia


Generally, the size range is from 3 to 15 pounds. Snook weighing 20 to 30 pounds are not unusual on either coast, especially around inlets and passes during the summer, when spawning takes place. A number of snook topping 40 pounds have been caught over the years on both coasts, and the maximum may be 60 or more. World record 53 pounds, 10 ounces; Florida record 44 pounds, 3 ounces


Snook are proportionately very thick through the shoulders, and their fillets represent a higher portion of total weight than most other fish. The fillets are mild yet flavorful and are ranked at the top of nearly everyone’s list of favorite fish.


One of the best for all-around fighting ability. The fight is usually featured by several long runs and a few jumps. Small snook leap high in the manner of ladyfish, while the really big females manage to clear only about half their bodies. Snook also are past masters at utilizing shoreline roots or any other obstructions to their advantage.


Even though spinning and baitcasting tackle are the most used, light saltwater boat rods get plenty of action, particularly when live-baiting in passes and inlets. Even heavier gear often gets the call for fishing from piers and bridges. Surf tackle can be useful at times, although surf snook are usually close to the beach, in easy range of casting gear. Fly fishermen take their snook on large streamers and poppers, for the most part, while hard-lure casters rely heavily on mirror plugs, bucktail and plastic jigs, jerk plugs, spoons and topwater plugs. Any small fish makes good live bait, as do live shrimp and crabs. Schooling baitfish, such as pilchards, work wonders as both live chum and bait. Large dead baits fished on bottom take some very big snook; best are mullet heads and ladyfish heads or halves.


Still Fishing; Casting; Trolling; Drift Fishing.



A tropical species, snook are found on the larger islands of the Caribbean, including Cuba, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.They are absent from the Bahamas, except for an occasional straggler in Bimini. In Florida, they are largely confined to about the lower half of the Peninsula. However, a few successive years without damaging freezes will send them spreading northward, particularly on the Atlantic Coast, where they have been fishable even around Jacksonville at times. On the Gulf side, the Homosassa River seems to be the limit of their range, although wandering individuals are caught in the Panhandle on occasion. Even on the lower Gulf Coast, occasional freezes kill many snook. Serious kills are far less common on the Atlantic side, where deeper, warmer water is closer at hand to provide a haven.


Snook are fished in a variety of settings—mangrove shorelines; grassy flats and potholes; passes and inlets.They love to hang around bridge and pier pilings, or any kind of snag. They also are excellent surf fish in many areas.


St. Lucie Snook

Forum member snookcook with nice night time snook!

Tripled Up

Forum member SouthshoreSlayer and friends tripled up in Tampa Bay on some decent snook.

Big Bridge Snook

Michael Fabrizi caught this big snook while fishing around the Tierra Verde bridge.

Sebastian Slam

Dane Yelencsics displays a snook, redfish and nice tarpon caught in Sebastian inlet at night.

Big Backwater snook

Rosemary White hoists up a christmas bruiser snook from the backwater.

Miami Snook

Miguel Martinez shows off a nice snook caught in Miami on a snook jig.

Mullet Run Snook

Wesley Thomas with a bucket mouth snook, caught in Stuart during the mullet run.

Stuart Bruiser

Daniel Dolan caught this 47 inch snook in Stuart while fishing with livebait.

Kalyn's Snook

Kalyn Cocoran hoists up a nice snook caught in Jupiter.

Skinny Water Snook

Forum member Bassin Assassin with a 36 inch snook caught on a doa cal.

42 incher

Happy woman angler with a beast snook.

Crystal River Snook

Forum member HammerheadTed with a 37 inch Crystal River snook.

Flamingo Snook

Forum member Manbeast with a nice flamingo snook caught on a livebait.

Matt with a Nice Snook

Matt Larsen caught this 27 inch snook while fishing a dock in Sailfish Point in Stuart. This snook fell for a well placed live pinfish.

Vero Topwater Success

Forum member Net 30 and son got out and had success with the snook and redfish along the mangroves with topwater plugs.

Topwater Snookin'

Forum member Hammerhead Ted caught this beautiful snook on topwater while fishing Crystal River.

Big Bend Snook

Forum member HammerheadTed with a solid big bend snook on artificial.

Big ole Snook

Big ole snook caught by FS forum member lemaymiami.

Paddle Craft Snook

Nice size snook caught by an FS member.


FS member Marrio Castello with a big ole snook.

Big Beach Snook!

Mary Burr and Matt Wheeler of Tallahassee, while vacationing in Sanibel Island, FL caught this 37 inch snook, using a chunk of ladyfish as bait.

Pine Island Snook

Forum member CoTroutGuy caught this nice snook while fishing the flats of Pine Island.

Jetty Snook

Forum member SLW UroCane caught this snook at the Fort Pierce Inlet, on a pompano jig.


Forum member KingCatch with this snook on a windy day

Lucky Snook

Julia holding up the snook she accidentally caught while practicing her cast

Snook by Foot

Kendall is proud of her personal best on light tackle caught on foot. She used a Red Head Silver Aquadream to catch this 41" slob.

Personal Best 42

Forum member harrisa2006 showing off his canal snook. "This snook was so BIG, that it did not even look like a snook anymore, it looked like a living dinosaur. She measured to be a thick, super healthy, heavy, 42 inch mega snook."

Jensen Beach Snook Babe

Florida Sportsman Ryan Newman shows off his catch of the day, an adorable Jensen Beach juvenile snook.

Lemon Bay Snook

Taylor Simpson caught this nice snook in Lemon Bay on June 3rd.

Islamorada Snook

Forum member syxx has been having great inshore success. Here's a beautiful Islamorada snook.

Gasparilla Sound Snook

Kayla Mudano showing off a big snook taken in Gasparilla Sound on a crab.


Forum member NickCR holding a slot size snook while fishing with his buddies.

Pinellas Snook

Forum member Tailingreds with a solid snook!

Lake Wales Snook

Florida Sportsman Forum Member Ptsrhenry pulled in this nice Snook while fishing Lake Wales.

Beach Snook

Florida Sportsman Forum Member AmirMettawa caught this Snook off the rocks in Marco Beach near Coral Springs.

Flamingo Snook

Florida Sportsman Forum Member Bonesmuggler caught this nice snook while using his fly rod in Flamingo Island.

Flamingo Snook

Florida Sportsman Forum Member whatzsnooking caught this nice Snook while fishing in Flamingo Island.

36 inch Snook

Florida Sportsman Forum Member flcracker64 had her 9 year old grandson land this over slot beauty. Good job little grom!

Indian River Snook

Greg Husnander holds this monster snook he caught in Stuart while fishing the Indian River Lagoon. Nice work!


Spring snook lurking around structures.

Snook Hidin'

Pictured here are a school of snook hiding under the docks of Anna Maria island.

Crack the Mullet Code=Snook

Eric Lion is featured here with a lunker of a snook which was caught off the seawall in Loxahatchee River.

Drew's Massive Snook

Art director Drew Wickstrom holds a huge 42 inch snook estimated to weigh 30 pounds caught on a buck head jig.

Sebastian inlet night fishing

Florida Sportsman member Final point caught this over slot female snook while night fishing in Sebastian Inlet.

GoPro Snook

Shane Brosche captures this awesome action shot of this Snook he caught while fishing the Oslo Flats in Vero Beach.

Andy's Snook

Capt. Andy Tasker of Southeast Florida holds this monster Snook he caught while night fishing in Stuart.

Lunch break Snook

Here at Florida Sportsman, we tend to enjoy tossing in a line or two during our lunch break to see what species we can pull out of our very own back yard. Here's Trey Wheeler with a over slot Snook that was caught using a pink Vudu mullet and was safely released back into it's environment.

Luis' Snook

Luis Garcia with a nice snook caught off the beach.

33 Inch Freshwater Snook

Nice snook caught in a freshwater river on a worm!

31 Inch Snook

Nice snook!

41 Inch Snook

41 inch snook caught by forum member OverslotsOnly

Night Snookin'

Intern Blake Bramblett with a nice 31 inch Snook he caught while night fishing the inshore bridges of Stuart.

Kayak fishing

Forum member Pmoconnor89 caught these Snook and Jack on his kayak while throwing a jerkbait on a jig head.

Kayak Snook

Will Blackwell with a solid Snook caught off of his kayak.

Beach Snook

Monte Rann caught this nice Snook in indiatlantic on a spoon

Lighthouse Beach Snook

Joel Arias Jr. 10 years old from Pine Island Florida and his grandfather Raul Hernandez from Florida City Fl caught this snook at Sanibel Lighthouse Beach on Saturday July 6, 2013. That fish put on a great fight and Joel was glad grandpa was close to him.

4th of July Snook

I caught this snook on Marco Island on the 4th of july! It made for great fireworks on a deck boat in the mangroves. He was caught around 2pm


Nice catch in a little snook canal

Flats Snookin

Drew Hughes caught his 36\" snook in the Indian River Lagoon using live pilchards

48in Canal Snook

Shane Laychur of Stuart caught this Monster canal snook on a jig. The snook was revived and safely released. Nice fish Shane

Rainy Day Snook

Drew Hughes struggles to hold up this snook after a grueling battle, the snook was caught on live pilchards while fishing with the \"Reel Trouble' fishing crew

33 inch Snook

Trent Slattery caught this beauty of a snook fishing on his boat \"Reel Trouble\" out of Stuart, Florida

Kalina's First Snook

10 Year old Kalina caught her first Snook on a live shrimp out of Naples fishing off of Wiggins Pass Great Job Kalina

Cobys Snook

9yr old Coby Flannery with Trout & Snook caught last weekend on live pilchards in St Lucie flats Stuart. Both Coby & Tyler guided by Capt. Jon Lulay.

Flamingo Fishing

FS Member USNavy_Angler and his friends had quite the successful trip to Flamingo Island

Flamingo Fishing

FS Member USNavy_Angler and his friends had quite the successful trip to Flamingo Island


Monster Snook caught on a spillway in Port St. Lucie

28 inch Snook

SnookSlayer247 caught this Slot snook on his second outing of the day

30-5 inch Snook

FS Member Bassin Assassin caught this snook in Domino Park

First Snook!

Hi All. I just caught my first Snook tonight right out back on our dock. I was surprised he did not fight much. I just had my pole sitting with frozen squid dropped right below the dock on the rocks in less then 4 feet of water. I had put out a chum bag about an hour prior to get the fish coming around. This was one of my goals to catch a Snook. They are beautiful. He was 17\" inches long.

Big Guy with a big snook

44\" snook it looks small but I am 6'5\" tall and 240lbs. I tried to get my girlfriend to get a picture but it was too heavy for her to hold. Caught on a MirrOlure in Cockroach Bay

Mama Snook on Artificial

Harry Bell caught this big snook on an artificial lure while fishing inside the Sebastian Inlet.

Harry's Snook

Harry Bell caught this snook at Sebastian Inlet, FL using an artificial lure.

Tampa Bay Snook

It was a good October day in Tampa Bay. Uyen Tran with two slot reds and a nice snook.

Flamingo Snook

Flamingo snook caught on light tackle with a live pilchard. Amazing fish and a tremendous fight. Caught by Eric Cili fishing with Captain David Whetstone.


Caught in Apollo Beach in the mouth of a canal on a strong incoming tide. Hooked using a Bomber Badonk-a-Donk Silver Minnow.

Lisa's Fall Snook

Lisa Johnson caught this 44-inch snook at the St. Lucie inlet with a live mullet. The snook was released safely.

JR's Snook

JR Amalfitano caught this 36 inch snook on a Mark Sosin Salt Water Excalibur Spit'n Image at St. Joseph's Sound.

Sundown Snook

Amy Bischof with an Estero snook at sunset.

The Real McCoy Snook

Shawn McCoy caught this snook in the Crystal River.

Sarasota Snook

Nina Hlinka, 21, of Parrish Florida caught this 31 inch snook on a live scaled sardine in Sarasota Bay.

Grey and White Snook

Gary Gleichman caught this 39 inch snook on a 9 wt rod with a grey and white clouser.


Frank Hughes caught this monster 42\" snook in Stuart, Florida

Sebastian Inlet Snook

Austin May caught this 38-inch snook while fishing a live croaker in the Sebastian Inlet.

Captiva Island Snook

Cash Collins, age 4 of Ocala, FL and his family fished with Capt Bryan Dollar near Captiva Island; Cash caught his first snook, an 8-pounder.

George's Snook

A great Fathers Day fishing out of Flamingo with Hell's Bay Guide Captain Denkert.

Dead Wood Snook

Florida Sportsman member, JSTickum, caught a few snook while shore fishing; they were mostly found around some dead wood.

Inshore Snook

Florida Sportsman member, Binder077, planned to catch some tarpon but ended up with some snook instead. Here is his buddy Billy with a 34 1/2\" snook.

Southwest Matlacha Snook

Kevin West caught this matlacha snook while fishing in the southwest region of Florida.

Topwater Snook

Cam Simon caught this snook off of a topwater mirror lure around the mouth of a creek.

Shore Fishing Snook

Nick DeSantis caught this snook while shore fishing.

Everglades Snook

FS member, ScottBrown, had spent the last few trips in the Everglades National Park and the action had been incredible as usual. The Snook were in their summer spawning rituals and had been ripping drag off the Shimano's.

Golden Gates Snook

Florida Sportsman member, Tarponfly49, caught this snook while trolling in the Golden Gates Estates, north of Naples, Florida.

Sunday Snookin'

Florida Sportsman member, SnookMagnet, and Capt. Joe Cassaro caught this snook, their biggest of the day at 32 inches.

Apollo Beach Snook

Hector caught this 29\" snook in the Apollo Beach flats area of Tampa Bay.

2nd Place Snook

Lauren Murphy caught this snook with Kevin Baumiller during the Florida Sportsman southeast fishing bash and placed second.

Everglades City Snook

This snook was caught inshore while fishing in Everglades City, it weighed in at 10.5 lbs and 35 inches.

Father-Daughter Fishing

Jeff and daughter Jacie, age 6, spent a Saturday out fishing for snook and reeled in one perfect catch.

Clearwater Snook

Nathan Huegel caught this snook in Clearwater, Florida.

Crescent Beach Snook

Triston Mayes caught & released this snook on Crescent Beach, Siesta Key with baitfish.

Dj Dan's Largest Snook

Florida Sportsman member, Dj Dan Decibel, caught his largest snook to date while fishing in the Evergaldes; the snook was measured at 35 inches.

Snook Fight

FS member, Staz5, started his late night trip with topwater and Sebile Stick Shad around some mangroves, nothing hit for an hour. After a bunch of casts he hooked into something pretty good on the Sebile Stick Shad. After a pretty good fight I pulled in this snook around 37 inches.

Making a Killing for Snook

Ryan Killingsworth from Port St. Lucie, Florida caught this 27 inch snook in Fort Pierce on a split shot with shrimp.

Snook on an Outgoing Tide

Lenny Casimer caught this 39 ', 19 lb snook on an outgoing tide on Caladesi Island in Pinellas County.

Snook in Goodland

FS member, Nightlfy, caught this snook, and a few others, down in Goodland.

Snook Night

This snook was caught in the southeast region of Florida during a nighttime fishing trip.

Fort Lauderdale Snook

Captain Troy Faletra and angler Jamie Long caught this nice Fort Lauderdale snook.

First Time Snook

Vanessa Holly caught her first snook using live shrimp at Rivergate Park on the north fork of the St Lucie River in Port St. Lucie.

Southeast Snook

Great Southeast snook caught near the docks, a favorite spot for snook to hangout

Lake Ingraham Snook

Eddie Valle of Coral Gables with his over slot-sized 12lb snook caught on an artificial shrimp in the opening of Lake Ingraham Canal.

Day with Dad

After persisting her dad to take her fishing, Jacie caught a snook almost instantly

Larry's Stuart Snook

Slob of a Snook caught in Stuart

Canal Snook

Rosemary White's Snook from Clearwater, Fl.

Snook Release

Joni Brightbill's 37\" snook caught near Longbay Key Pass in Sarasota, Fl.

Haley's Snook

Great snook

Snake Bight Snook

Slot sized snook caught on the flats

Surf Snook

Big snook roam the beaches in the summertime.

Capt. Ray Markham

Florida Sportsman's field editor Capt Ray Markham knows most of the snook in his area by name.

Woah! Snook!

Nice clean water snook!

Troutman Snook

Florida Sportsman member troutman can also put his guests on some quality snook.

Snook and Seatrout Kiss

Estero Bay Snook


Matlacha Snook

Dock Light Snook

Florida Sportsman member linesider41 caught this big dock light snook in the south region.

Little Manatee River Snook

FS Member Bassin Assassin caught this snook on the Little Manatee River.

Manatee River Snook

FS Member brettfox27 caught this small snook in the Manatee River.

Docklight Snook

Estero Bay Baby Snook

FS Member dtobias posted this baby snook from Estero Bay.

Estero Bay Snook

FS Member dtobias posted this snook from Estero Bay.

SE Canals Snook

FS Member CaptCapeCoral caught this big snook in the SE Canals.

Ft. Pierce

Florida Sportsman member FISHHUNTR poses with an elusive \"turning basin\" snook from Ft. Pierce.

Stuart Snook with Son

Florida Sportsman member Tipbone shows off a nice Stuart snook with his son.

Weedon Island Snook

FS Member flaswimbaiter caught this snook from his canoe near Weedon Island.

Flamingo Snookin'

Florida Sportsman member RDO 70 caught this snook off Flamingo.

Flamingo Snook

Florida Sportsman member Sierra Bravo posted this snook caught near Flamingo.

Tampa Bay Snook

FS Member flaswimbaiter caught this 32-inch snook off Tampa Bay.

Ft. Lauderdale Slot Snook

Florida Sportsman member Linesider41 caught this slot snook near Ft. Lauderdale.

Chokoloskee Snook

FS Member Dj Dan Decibel posted this snook catch from the Chokoloskee area.

Flamingo Snook

Florida Sportsman member paint it black posted this Flamingo snook.

Fort Myers Snook

Kurt DeChristopher caught this 33 inch snook on live shrimp while fishing in Ft. Myers.

Big Everglades Snook

FS Member Mangroovin posted this photo of his friend John with a big Everglades snook.

Flamingo Snook

Florida Sportsman member COBRA caught this snook near Flamingo

Pirate Harbor Snook

April Davis takes control of an overslot snook while fishing with boyfriend Neil Persohn. April and Neil were fishing near Charlotte Harbor.

Chokoloskee Snook

FS Member Dj Dan Decibel posted this snook catch from the Choko area.

Flamingo Snook

Florida Sportsman member HialeahAngler caught this snook out of Flamingo.

Flamingo Snook

Florida Sportsman member Capt. Darren Williams caught this snook off Flamingo

Bonita Springs Snook

November 10, 2011. Corey Kalisik, 7, fooled this snook with a Yo-Zuri while night fishing with his father and grandfather in Estero Bay.


St. Lucie Snook

December 8, 2011. Dakota Cooper shows off this 29 inch snook he caught while fishing on the St. Lucie River in Stuart.

Jared with Flamingo Snook

Florida Sportsman member lemaymiami posted this snook caught by his 14-year old son Jared, near Flamingo.


Summer Snook

Gigantic summer snook taken by a sight-fishing angler in Southeast Florida.

Sanibel Snook


Snook Surf Fishing

The 'other side ' of Florida snook surf fishing: A breezy day and a spawning-size fish on Jupiter Island.

Estero Bay Snook

39 inch Jenson Beach Snook

Florida Sportsman Forum Member surfman showing off his over slot snook.

Catch and Release

12 yr. old Luke Duwa from New Port Richey caught and released his first Snook at Anclote key. Luke caught the snook using a tail hooked live shrimp with a 2/0 Owner circle hook.

Punta Gorda Snook



Monster Snook

That's a big snook!

Family Snook


Charlotte Harbor Snook

Cameron's Snook

Crystal River Snook

Boca Snook


West Central Snook

Landon caught his own snook.



Yankeetown Snook

You don't find snook much further north on the Gulf Coast than Yankeetown, FL, but with increasingly warmer winters we may see Yankeetown snook more and more frequently.

Yankeetown Snook

FS Member capt louie caught this snook near Yankeetown.

Caloosahatchee Snook

Fort Myers Snook

Bob's Snook

40.5 inch Snook by Bob Bowman.

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