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The Southern Kingfish (Whiting), Menticirrhus americanus

Large head with one barbel at tip of lower jaw. Flattened belly. Overall silvery color, tan- nish on top. Indistinct dark blotches on side.

SIZE: Usually less than a pound. Sometimes 2 pounds. World record 2 pounds, 13 ounces.

FOOD VALUE: Bland but good.

GAME QUALITIES: Runs well against very light tackle.

TACKLE AND BAITS: Light spinning, casting and surf tackle. Best baits are sand fleas and pieces of shrimp or squid. Readily hits small jigs and flies. On bright, calm days,Whiting can be sight-fished at the very edge of the surf along many beaches.

FISHING SYSTEMS: Still Fishing; Casting.


Southern Kingfish

Southern Whiting

King Whiting 

RANGE: All Florida coasts; more common in Atlantic.

HABITAT: Roams sandy bottom. Abundant surf fish.