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    Targeting sharks - 10 Jul, 2020

    I have spent the last 2 weeks fishing, Ether venice or stumps pass. out to 65 ft.  Fishing was ok. Caught a couple of good mangroves.
    My kids really like sharks. We caught plenty of smaller sharks on pin fish and 1 big **** nurse on cut bait.  Every time I would put a bigger cut bait or live bait. I would get a goliath. I love goliaths, I built a rod just so I could **** em. But you can only catch so many before you are tired. I would like  target bigger sharks. I have the equipment but in several years I have only caught 5 big sharks. 
    I tried to go to boca grand pass, but the only spot I know is the phosphate docks. Caught another goliath there. and a baby hammer. 
    But no luck for sharks. 

    Question is if I am out on the reefs how would you target larger sharks.