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    5 for 6 tarpon tonight... and two jumped in the boat - 15 Aug, 2018

    It was looking like tonight wasn't going to happen... there were some big storms in the area but we ended up dodging most of it for an extremely pleasant evening on the water.  We started off in a shallow bay where we saw a few big tarpon spook before we could get casts at them as well as plenty of tailing fish that we couldn't get to eat.  After an hour out there we headed back to see if there were any willing tarpon around, and there were.  We almost immediately jumped one, and he was the only one that didn't come in the boat.  The next 5 each came in the boat for a quick release... two of them wanted in the boat so bad they jumped in.  One broke rod holder later, we're back in business.  The fish were aggressive tonight... no light strikes... all good solid hits.  One fish still had a hole in it's mouth from the last time it was caught... about an inch from the new hole.  I should have taken a close up of it... didn't think about it until just now (I'm dumb).
    Anyway... had a great time tonight with a repeat client Shawn... lots of smiles and high fives around.