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    Looking for Yamaha HPDI mechanic North Port area. - 18 Jan, 2020

    I have a SeaCat SL5 with two Yamaha 150 HPDI's

    I started working on a general tune up on these, cleaning the fuel filters, changing out the plugs and doing the required maintenance.

    Additionally the LCD gauges had faded, so I pulled the gauges and had them sent in for refurbishment of the LCD panels. 

    I have the gauges back, and have just been too busy with work to finish the installation and the motor tune ups.

    So I am looking for a mechanic who can help me finish this motor tuning and gauge refurbishment project.

    I could do the work myself but I keep getting side tracked with work and I am tired of seeing my SL5 sitting.

    So if you know of a good mechanic who knows Yamaha HPDI technology and is not too backed up by snowbird work, can you let me know who that might be?