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Making the Run

Florida Sportsman Member: Strippedmyclutch! Headed to a grouper spot we found last year and it was pretty steady. We drifted with two-speed conventionals with 60 pound braid to a 150 pound swivel to 80 pound flouro, 10 ounce weight and a 10/0 circle hook. The current and wind were great and made the drifts slow and easy. Caught four cookie cutter gags at 33 inches, as well as scamps 23 to 29 inches.

Offshore How-To


Wind-on Swivels

There is one time where we always include a swivel in our wind-on leader system: when we are chunking dead bait for yellowfin tuna. Unlike all of the other wind-on leader applications such as trolling and live baiting, retrieving chunked dead bait can cause severe twist in your main line and leader. To help reduce line twist, we connect the wind-on leader to the main line with a high quality barrel swivel.

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Sleepless in the Abacos

I consider it a great blessing that after 50 years on the ocean I still don’t sleep worth a darn the night before a blue water fishing trip, but last Saturday night was one of the worst.



Kite Fishing for Kingfish

Florida anglers have access to a year-round fishery for these speedy predators. While there are many techniques for landing a big kingfish, one that you’ll want to have in your bag of tricks is kite fishing live baits. This method is especially productive along the edge of the reef while drifting or anchored over a wreck.

Offshore Gear


Luna Sea Leader-Mate

Just wrap your rigs — monofilament, fluorocarbon, even wire — around LEADER-MATE, then store your sinkers,divers/planners,hooks or other terminal tackle in LEADER-MATE’s innovative and patented pockets, and you’re ready to go.

Offshore Boats


Seafox 186 Commander

Many of the luxurious features of a larger center console in a smaller package. Perfect for a limited size tow vehicle.