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pbi sail

PBI Sailfish Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Capt Tommy A little while later another fish came up on the same short kite. Also aggressive he ate in one bite and headed for the long bait. This one I was ready for and came tight quickly. He didn’t even skip a beat. Despite me pulling on him he took drag right to the long kite bait. I tried winding it out of the way but he inhaled it. Holy cow!

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Kite Fishing Tips

With winter winds right around the corner, now is a good time to refresh your kite-fishing supplies. Let’s look at a few accessories that enable us to maximize kite fishing success in varying conditions.

Rick's Blog


Sleepless in the Abacos

I consider it a great blessing that after 50 years on the ocean I still don’t sleep worth a darn the night before a blue water fishing trip, but last Saturday night was one of the worst.



Florida Daytime Swordfish

We tell you exactly how to catch a huge Florida swordfish during the day. “There was talk the only way to catch them was to do it at night when thefish were closer to the surface feeding,” said Taute, smiling. “That’s not true any longer.”

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Luna Sea Leader-Mate

Just wrap your rigs — monofilament, fluorocarbon, even wire — around LEADER-MATE, then store your sinkers,divers/planners,hooks or other terminal tackle in LEADER-MATE’s innovative and patented pockets, and you’re ready to go.

Offshore Boats

World Cat 32CC Running

World Cat 320CC

Few boats are capable of combining extreme passenger comfort with tournament winning fishablity, this is one that does. Anglers will appreciate a leaner rigging station with built-in tackle storage, live baitwell and in-deck insulated fish boxes