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Mayport Madness

Florida Sportsman member: benchmark With renewed enthusiasm, we freshened the baits and picked at them for the next three hours. The kids worked the fish hard and had to team up on a few. Multiple hook ups, a sail and lots of mahi hounding from all points.

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Eels for Cobia

The eel harvest season is usually March till the water warms up in early summer. Short and sweet, catch them when you can, and right on time for the Panhandle cobia to migrate on through!

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Sleepless in the Abacos

I consider it a great blessing that after 50 years on the ocean I still don’t sleep worth a darn the night before a blue water fishing trip, but last Saturday night was one of the worst.



Spring Dolphin Fishing Tips

Keep in mind that a fish may weigh 40 pounds or more but it still has a brain the size of a pea and is driven by three basic concepts: food, comfort and reproduction, in that order.

Offshore Gear


Luna Sea Leader-Mate

Just wrap your rigs β€” monofilament, fluorocarbon, even wire β€” around LEADER-MATE, then store your sinkers,divers/planners,hooks or other terminal tackle in LEADER-MATE’s innovative and patented pockets, and you’re ready to go.

Offshore Boats

Sea Fox

Sea Fox 328 Commander

Sea Fox Boats has proven that it’s possible to enjoy luxuries normally associated with a larger Sportfish boat while fishing aboard a 32’ center console. The 328 Commander stands up to the task well, offering some sexy creature comforts wrapped around a serious offshore fishing platform.