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    Ever hunted with these hounds - 09 Oct, 2020

    Ever hunted with these hounds
    As a Florida native who has been hunting our state for well over 1/2 a century I have seen many changes in the Sunshine State.
     60+ years ago Florida was wide open; you could hunt within minutes of your house, and that we did.
    I have always been a dog lover. Hunting with hounds was natural for me. To that extent I have owned and trained many of the finest hunting dogs ever to hunt our forest and swamps.
    Fist up hunting with the dog that was born to hunt rabbits, the Beagle Hound. That was many decades ago, however, to this day I still find it hard to believer that such a mighty ROAR actually comes from such a small dog:

    While rabbit hunting the thousands of completely open scrub-oaks near Weeki Wachee Springs our beagles would often trail the elusive fox.
    Best solution... My Walker Hounds:

    My wife and daughters loved to find a comfortable spot high up on a hill and watch our Walkers go to work.
    You could see for miles around.
    That's our youngest, Betty, with her fox.:

    During my teen years I had found hog hunting.
    My dog of choice was the beautiful Redbone Hound. I found the Redbone to be extremely intelligent, very friendly, and easy to train.

    Sally was simply the best of the best. If I had to pick one dog to hunt with, it would be a Redbone Hound:

    The hogs of Avon Park WMA were plentiful, big, and ever so mean. Our Redbones need help; bring on the Bluetick Hound:

    The muscular, speedy, Bluetick & our extremely intelligent Redbone formed a team that put the big, mean, Avon park boars in their place... Our truck!
    With increased age I can no longer charge through swamps. Regardless, I still love to hunt:

    Our Granddaughter, Danielle, is following in Granddad's foot-steps:

    To see, hear, hounds hot on the trail of a rabbit, fox, hog, is an experience never to be forgotten.

    Ever hunted with these hounds