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    Preference points? - 22 Jun, 2019

    Keep seeing posts about some of you having 5, 6, 7 preference points for a hunt.  So, are you all applying for the same extremely coveted, extremely limited access hunts, year after year?
    When I first started sorting out quota hunts, I was hearing you could kinda expect getting a permit every other year for any particular quota wma. That you needed 1 or 2 pp's to get a permit.  And it looks like that's how things have panned out for the quota hunts I now apply for.  Nothing last year.  And all of them this year.  I wasn't expecting 3 hunts on the same property but anticipated something since I had 1 pp for each season that I applied for.  Of course, I did get spring turkey both years for the same place..
    Or am I just applying to a place that isn't much better than the nearby r&s I hunt?? lol  Is my success an indicator of quality...
    If I had to wait 5 years for 5 points (at this stage in the game), I'd just forget about quota hunts all together.  I'd at least stop stressing about applying and checking and hoping.  I get it if you have a lease and ok with waiting for an opportunity to hunt a great wma, even if it takes years.