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    Dove Hunting - 16 Jul, 2019

    I was a 100% deer hunter but got sort of burned out with the pre-dawn hiking into tree stands, etc.  I still deer hunt but I also got into doves a few years back.  It is a lot of fun, plenty of shooting, etc.  What surprised me is you need a group of shooters, they move the doves around- if you are by yourself you don't do that good.  You also need a mowed field for the shot doves to drop on to, or a dog to find the downed birds.
    The first few years I usually got about 6-8 doves per afternoon. Some guys got 15 and some only one or two.  I also found out doves taste great and only take a minute to clean.
    SO.......okay. shooting doves is fun.
    It seems FWC might be slacking off on their dove program. I live near Orlando and years ago there  were a lot of private clubs around Zellwood, annual dues about $150 but they don't seem to be around any more.  In any event, I'd like to start up some "dove talk", hopefully with anyone around Orlando.