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    They ARE moving cougars north - 08 Aug, 2018

    THIS, is worthy of it's own thread
    gladesman said:
    Many here between the Glades and Orlando better wake up quick because while everyone spends hours here discussing this tag/report annual/limitTR/AL trick with no FWC concern as to total deer population IMO in order to reduce take and save it for panthers - the planning is well on it's way to move panthers NORTH of the Caloosahatchee as you all type. Hunters/customers better learn to juggle more than one ball at a time. We could all be being set up for another lag screw being put in in a big way but it will be inserted over years so U don't feel it until it's way too late. Check out the attached document (NOTES
    Florida Panther Recovery Implementation Team Meeting
    Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
    St. Petersburg, FL
    April 19-20, 2018)  and map  and correlate these meeting notes in your brain with ARs, TR, AL with no concern for knowing total deer population.

    Source for notes and map -  also use screen shot attached below titled "panther notes north JPG" to see what to clik on -

    To aid y'all a bit with who's who in the PRIT meeting notes - Kipp Frolich is with FWC, Larry Williams is with USFWS, Elizabeth Fleming is with Defenders of Wildlife (DOW), Todd Holloman is with FSCA Fla Sportsmens Conservation Association, Kevin Godsea is with USFWS (manages panther refuge down south)

    Within the notes mention is made to provide outreach (merely a CYA chore IMO so agencies and panther lovers like DOW et al can say we did ask your opinion)  to livestock producers and sportsmen but shortly after mention of them a clarification is made that where a panther is relocated to is for the panthers benefit and agencies will  defend their decisions since seldom will all who are impacted be satisfied.

    This is coming for sure and these panther restoration concepts will negatively impact hunting elsewhere as it has down south or else they know it's a total waste of time.

    Think about it (Fl Bullfrog will like this) down south we probably have over 200 panthers working 7/24/365 and that scenario is in development for central Fl as U read this - anyone that believes all this regulatory stuff isn't linked to panthers, needs to go buy that bridge in Brooklyn.

    Many reasons to think so hard one gets a headache before supporting any of these rules whether advocated for by hunters/customers who have been swooned by their own selfish interests or not - IMO there may be more permanent loss in the end (over a decade or 2) rather than any short term selfish gain (over 3-5 years).

    OBTW the cattle inventory map was a shocker to me - WOW we got a lot of cattle - I wonder how cattle/cows would vote on panthers being delivered to their pastures - hunters better start thinking like cattle and cows instead of being so self centered.

    Be ready hunters since strategies are in development (as per these notes) for leaders of hunting organizations involved in panther relocation PRIT group to come to you and explain why y'all need to support moving panthers in to eat your deer and cause more limit of your success to help the cats - U kNOw just like the AR quality deer herd thing.