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    Archery Practice - 25 May, 2018

    On the deer hunting from the ground thread, Cyclist pointed out something I hadn't thought of.  For my purposes, my question is about the reverse.

    It's been years since I shot archery.  I was naturally good at it and I'm really excited to go out for archery for the first time this coming season.  I'm still deciding on a setup, which I hope to have soon.  I'm confident by season, I'll be dialed in.

    It hadn't occurred to me however, that I might want to practice shooting from a tree stand, while I'm polishing back up.  I'm betting going from ground to tree doesn't throw you off as much (I'm thinking the angle of attack is to your advantage in the tree?), but I can still see where it makes sense to practice from a tree stand, if nothing more than to get comfortable with it. I agree it might affect your shooting style as well.

    Problem is, I don' have a tree in my yard suitable for climbing.  Are there any laws in florida restricting archery?  Anyone see a problem with finding a little secluded spot on public land close to my house to practice?

    I place safety at the forefront of everything I do, so I don't need advice on that.  It is understood, no matter where I am, I need to take certain precautions to ensure someone doesn't get hurt.  I'm more concerned about breaking a law.