Episode One

Captain Benny Blanco travels to the Space Coast of Florida to fish the famed waters of Mosquito Lagoon. He is joined by Flip Pallot as the pair target redfish and spotted seatrout. The waters and fishery of Mosquito Lagoon and the Northern Indian River Lagoon are suffering from loss of habitat, as well as other historically great fishing destinations around the state are.

On the Conservation Front

Restore Coastal Fish Habitat

Explore a unique project with Aaron Adams of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. For more information, visit http://www.floridasportsman.com/2019/01/29/bee-gum-habitat-project/.

Bonus Tips

Captain Benny discusses his perfect light tackle setup to handle a variety of inshore species.

Captain Benny explains what he prefers to wear for maximum comfort on the water.

Episode Two

Florida Bay is the backbone of the Florida Keys economy and home to five of the most sought after gamefish on the planet. Captain Rob Fordyce joins Benny Blanco for a day fishing the backcountry and discusses the importance of this ecosystem.

On the Conservation Front

Florida Bay, Pass the Salt

Jennifer Rehage, Associate Professor at Florida International University, explains sources, and consequences, of hypersalinity.

Bonus Tips

Captain Benny Blanco explains why he prefers Yamaha as his choice of outboard when guiding.

Captain Benny Blanco touches on the reasons why SeaDek is essential when on the water.

Episode Three

The Stuart Crossroads is ground zero for Lake Okeechobee discharges on the East Coast and easily one of the most dynamic fisheries in the State.

Conservation Front

Low-down on Lake Okeechobee

Mike Conner meets with Alex Gillen of Bullsugar.org and Congressman Brian Mast to discuss lake discharges and an operational change that could stop them.

Bonus Tips

Captain Benny Blanco goes over his choices when it comes to hard baits.

Captain Benny Blanco discusses your options when it comes to choosing a boat.

Episode Four

Charlotte Harbor is ground zero for Lake Okeechobee discharges on the West Coast. This amazing fishery has a rich history and is thriving despite major water issues.

Conservation Front

Toxic Threats

Lake discharges present major health risks to those exposed to blue-green algae. Join Zack Jud, Florida Oceanographic Society, and Daniel Andrews, Captains for Clean Water, to learn about the issues. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Charlotte Harbor Slam with Chris Wittman.

Bonus Tips

Captain Benny Blanco explains how a shallow water anchor can improve your fishing.

Captain Benny Blanco discusses why he prefers Engel when choosing a cooler.

Episode Five

The West Coast of Florida experienced the worst supercharged Red tide in recorded history during the summer of 2018. Tampa Bay provides hope with restored grass flats and increased awareness of human impact.

Conservation Front

Deadly Blooms

Aaron Adams of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and other leading scientists discuss effects of red tide and how human activities may be worsening the blooms. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Tampa Bay Trout with C.A. Richardson.

Bonus Tips

Captain Benny Blanco explains why he chooses Frogg Toggs when it comes to staying dry.

Captain Benny Blanco discusses rigging soft plastics for working the water column.

Episode Six

Key West offers some of the best light tackle fishing on the planet. But the area has suffered habitat loss and pollution that needs to be combatted before it’s too late.

Conservation Front

Plastic Sea

Florida’s Alex Schulze, cofounder of 4Ocean, presents solutions to a problem of global significance. Filmed in connection with FSW episode Key West Flats with Brandon Cyr & Bear Holeman.

Bonus Tips

Captain Benny talks about the light tackle combos he prefers when targeting bonefish and permit.

Captain Benny explains why he chooses Ram as his tow vehicle of choice.