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Despite major water quality issues due to overpopulation and runoff, the Blue Cypress Lakes and St. John’s River watershed offer some of the best freshwater fishing in the State.

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Thursday – 2:30AM, 6:30PM, 10:30PM

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Conservation Front

St. John’s Riverkeeper, Lisa Rinaman, explains the importance of springs along the St. John’s River.

Bonus Tips

Benny Blanco explains why a Power Pole is a necessity in shallow water.

Benny Blanco discusses prop selection for your boat.

In keeping with the magazine’s decades old mix of featuring excellent how-to and where-to fishing sprinkled in with hard-hitting advocacy it was only natural that Florida Sportsman launched its new TV show, Florida Sportsman Watermen.

The southeast and southwest toxic algae blooms, red tide, the seagrass die-offs in Florida Bay and in Titusville, the degradation of many of the state’s springs and the harmful effects of dredging in South Florida are just some of the issues that affect Floridians’ ability to find fishable waters and will be covered in the first season.

Florida’s potential fishing opportunities are unlike any other region or state, seemingly endless in species to target and locations to launch from, but there’s a thread that ties them all together: water—clean, healthy water.

In each episode of the new series, host Benny Blanco and his expert guests will fish Florida’s spectacular back-country, nearshore and offshore waters.

“The clear objective is to feature fantastic fishing throughout the state, but the underlying message that healthy water matters will be a common thread in every episode, from every corner of the state,” commented Florida Sportsman Publisher, Blair Wickstrom.

“I wasn’t interested in hosting just another fishing show,” said host Benny Blanco. “But, when given the opportunity to make a difference, to bring awareness to this critical issue which I’m so passionate about, plus showcase the best fishing in Florida, I had no choice.”

Feel the passion of fishing in Florida through the souls of the people living to protect it. Hosted by Capt. Benny Blanco.

“As soon as Benny told us what he was doing, we were in,” said Chris Peterson, President of Hell’s Bay Boatworks. Hunter Cole, of PENN reels, said, “If Florida Sportsman is behind it, count us in.” Ram trucks and Yamaha outboards also wanted in to help support the effort behind the show and joined in.

“We have to do all we can,” said Blanco. Echoing his sentiment, Wickstrom said, “Now is the time and it’s a logical extension of our advocacy involvement for the past five decades.”

Florida Sportsman Watermen will air on World Fishing Network, Sportsman Channel and Fox Sports, Spring 2019.

FSW Advisory Panel

In an effort to bring in as many experts and opinions as possible, with a goal of fixing the state’s water woes, a group of organizations with a mix of constituencies, priorities and geographies was established. The Advisory Panel for Season One of FSW officially kicked off in early September, 2018, when seven of the groups met in person for two days of meetings at River Palm Cottages in Jensen Beach, FL.

“The primary purpose of the group is to work in conjunction with the magazine editors and the host of the TV show to determine critical and salient issues to cover, help provide access to expert opinions on selected issues and to help give direction on the overall production of the TV show, documentary and town hall meetings,” commented Wickstrom.

The Advisory Panel for Season One of FSW is: Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Bullsugar, Captains for Clean Water, Florida Wildlife Federation, Friends of the Everglades, Apalachicola Riverkeeper, Miami Waterkeeper and St. Johns Riverkeeper.