Captain Sam Atwell joins Jake Bates and Gabe Lefebvre in Jacksonville to see what the Northeast Florida fisheries have to offer.

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Bonus Tip

Captain Sam Atwell discusses some of the necessary things you need to know when boating in Florida during the Summer months.

In keeping with the magazine’s decades old mix of featuring excellent how-to and where-to fishing sprinkled in with hard-hitting advocacy it was only natural that Florida Sportsman launched Florida Sportsman Watermen.

Florida’s potential fishing opportunities are unlike any other region or state, seemingly endless in species to target and locations to launch from, but there’s a thread that ties them all together: water—clean, healthy water.

In each episode of this series, host Sam Atwell and his expert guests will fish Florida’s spectacular back-country, nearshore and offshore waters.

“The clear objective is to feature fantastic fishing throughout the state, but the underlying message that healthy water matters will be a common thread in every episode, from every corner of the state,” commented Florida Sportsman Publisher, Blair Wickstrom.