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Airing this week on Fox Sports Sun: Episode Fourteen – Old Town Predator XL Minn-Kota, Edgewater 26CC, Belzona 325

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2016 Florida Sportsman Best Boat Line-Up

The Boston Whaler 330 Outrage is a serious blue water battle wagon.

Episode One - Dolphin 16, Scout 231, Boston Whaler 330 Outrage

1/13 9am | 1/14 8am | 1/15 8:30pm

For anglers who want to chase fish in shallow water and retain a dry ride, we’ll be taking a look at the ​Dolphin 16 Super Skiff Pro. Large front deck, light weight construction, and tall poling platform are a dream for the light tackle angler. If you want the best of inshore and offshore fishing with friends, we’ll be looking at the ​Scout 231 XS, a luxurious and comfortable bay boat. If you have caught a case of bluewater fever,but don’t want to leave the family behind, we’ll be taking a look at the ​Boston Whaler 330 Outrage. An open cockpit with mezzanine seating and side door are ideal for chasing pelagic species.

With a 60-hp outboard and a side console, this boat is a blast to drive.

Episode Two - Salt Marsh 1656V, Shearwater 23LTZ, Glasstream 240 CC

Fox Sun

1/20 9am | 1/21 8am | 1/22 8:30pm

​If skinny water fishing for the weariest of fish is the mission, we’ll be looking at the ​Salt Marsh 1656V. Do you want to get to the fish, in a hurry, inshore and offshore? If so, we’ll be looking at the ​Shearwater 23LTZ. For those who want to get a little further offshore, with budget in mind, we’ll be taking a look at ​Glasstream 240 CC


Episode Three - Sea Born LX21, Sea Fox 266 Commander, Contender 35 ST

Fox Sun

1/27 9am | 1/28 8am | 1/29 10:30pm

If you’re finally ready to venture outside of the inlet, we’ll be taking a look at the Sea Born LX21. For those who have decided that most of their adventures will take them offshore, but don’t want to leave the family behind, we’ll be looking at the Sea Fox 266 Commander. If you’re serious about fishing in bluewater and want to be the first at the bait stop, we’ll be taking a look at the Contender 35 ST.


Episode Four - Gheenoe LT 25, Sea Born FX22 Bay, Sea Fox 249 Avenger

Fox Sun

2/3 9am | 2/4 8am | 2/5 8:30pm | 2/6 11:30am | 2/7 6am | 2/8 6am

If you require the versatility of a canoe, but desire the amenities of a flats boat, we’ll be taking a look at the Custom Gheenoe Low Tide 25. For those looking to accommodate multiple anglers, inshore, and occasionally beyond the jetties, we’ll be looking at the Sea Born FX22 Bay. If taking the family is priority, but you don’t want to sacrifice offshore fishing features, we’ll be taking a look at the Sea Fox 249 Avenger.

seafox 32

Episode Five – Contender 25 Bay, NauticStar 28XS, Sea Fox 328 Commander

Fox Sun

2/10 9am | 2/11 8am | 2/12 8:30pm | 2/13 11:30am | 2/14 6am | 2/15 6am

For anglers that are serious about fishing, both inshore and offshore, we’ll be taking a look at the Contender 25 Bay. If you’re finding yourself wanting to venture outside of the inlet, more often than not, we’ll be looking at the NauticStar 28XS. When bluewater is calling, but you need amenities to keep the family happy, we’ll be taking a look at the Sea Fox 328 Commander.

blue wave stl (1 of 1)

Episode Six – Blue Wave 2200 STL, Stuart Boatworks 23, Cobia 261CC

Fox Sun

2/17 9am | 2/18 8am | 2/19 9am | 2/20 8:30pm | 2/21 6am | 2/22 6am

Cross the bays, but still fish skinny water in the Blue Wave 2200 STL. Looking to run the beach for cobia and tarpon? Then the Stuart Boatworks 23 might be for you. High gunnels, sharp entry and a soft ride, the Cobia 261CC is made for offshore.

insetta (1 of 1)

Episode Seven - Release 23, Dusky 252 Open Fisherman, Insetta 45

Fox Sun

1/23 8:30pm | 1/24 6am | 1/25 6am

Inshore and nearshore family fishing in mind? The Release 23 might be the boat for you. Signature flare and open cockpit make the Dusky 252 a good candidate for the offshore fisherman. The Insetta 45 has luxuries and range of a sportfish, with speeds of a center console, if you live a bluewater lifestyle, this may be your boat.

Best Boat

Episode Eight - Blue Wave 22 RS1, Ranger 23 Bay, Stuart Boatworks 27

Fox Sun

1/31 6am, 8:30pm | 2/1 6am

Performance and efficiency, both can be found from the stepped hull of the Blue Wave 22 RS1. The Ranger 23 Bay is a hardcore fishing boat, but with the amenities for a day at the sandbar with the family. When it comes to offshore, sleek lines and classy look compliment the Stuart Boatworks 27 fishability.

worldcat (1 of 1)

Episode Nine – Sea Born LX24, World Cat 320, Regulator 34

Fox Sun

2/24 9am | 2/25 8am | 2/26 8:30pm | 2/27 8:30pm | 2/28 6am | 3/1 6am

The Seaborn LX24 offers a double stepped hull and large casting deck, making it ideal for many applications. Checking out the World Cat 320, it has many luxury options for the whole family. A serious fishing boat for the serious angler, the Regulator 34 is sure to not disappoint.

fiesta (1 of 1)

Episode Ten – Fiesta 24, Sea Born FX25, Release 301 RX

Fox Sun

1/17 6am | 1/18 6am

Want to take out the friends and family, but still want to fish in stye, check out the Fiesta 24. The Seaborn FX25 offers is a great hybrid boat, for both inshore and offshore. When the sailfish and tuna are on the hit list, the Release 301 RX is sure to get you there.

action craft (1 of 1)

Episode Eleven – ActionCraft 24 ACE, Sea Chaser 26LX, Glasstream 280 Pro-XS

Fox Sun

3/3 9am | 3/4 8am | 3/5 8:30pm | 3/6 11:30am | 3/7 6am | 3/8 6am

Shallow draft, and ability to handle rough water, the ActionCraft 24 ACE is capable of both. The length and beam of the Sea Chaser 26LX allows for nearshore and light offshore fishing. Light weight construction allows the Glasstream 280 Pro-X to be powered light, but perform excellent.

sea hunt 30 (1 of 1)

Episode Twelve – Shearwater 220XS, Triton 24 LTS, Sea Hunt Gamefish 30

Fox Sun

3/20 8:30pm | 3/21 6am | 3/22 6am | 3/22 9:30pm

A wide open casting deck, and superior performance make the Shearwater 220XS a great boat for inshore waters. The bass boat style pad, and numerous options outfit the Triton 24 LTS perfect for nearshore fishing. Pushing out past the sight of land, the Sea Hunt Gamefish 30 is ready to tackle any pelagic species.

spyder (1 of 1)

Episode Thirteen – Spyder FX-17 Flicker, Robalo 226 Cayman Bay, Sea Fox 288

Fox Sun

3/10 9am | 3/11 8am | 3/12 8:30pm | 3/14 6am

Shallow water sight fishing on your mind? Take a look at the Spyder FX-17 Flicker. If you’re looking for a boat with multiple deck layouts, that can be changed in minutes, check out the Robalo 226 Cayman Bay. Fill the seats of the Sea Fox 288 with friends and family and enjoy a day on the water.

Old Town

Episode Fourteen - Old Town Predator XL Minn-Kota, Edgewater 26CC, Belzona 325

Fox Sun

3/24 9am | 3/25 8am | 3/26 8:30pm | 3/27 11:30am | 3/27 8:30pm | 3/28 6am

When stealth is a necessity, don’t look past the Old Town Predator XL Minn-Kota. If you are wanting to fish, but make sure everyone on board is comfortable, the Edgewater 26CC may be the way to go. With the perfect blend of fishability and luxury, the Belzona 325 is sure to impress.

yamaha 350

Episode Fifteen - Choosing the Right Outboard

Fox Sun

3/15 11:30am | 3/17 9am | 3/18 8am | 3/19 8:30pm

You have the perfect boat to fit your needs, but what about a motor? Companies such as Evinrude, Tohatsu, Yamaha, and Suzuki have you covered.

carolina skiff 24 (1 of 1)

Episode Sixteen - Carolina Skiff 24, Skeeter 23 Bay, Blue Wave 2400 Bay

Fox Sun
1/6 9am | 1/7 8am | 1/8 8:30pm | 1/9 8:30pm | 1/10 6am | 1/11 6am | 1/12 8:30pm

With the trusted name, fishing and family features, the Carolina Skiff 24 can accommodate many needs from a boater. Fishability, there’s a reason why many tournament anglers prefer the Skeeter 23 Bay. A comfortable ride, ergonomic seating and great performance are all features on the Blue Wave 2400 Bay.

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