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    Freshwater/Palm Beach it’s all about the shad - 09 Apr, 2021

    We have water quality problems that have immensely hindered our sporting opportunity both on the east and west coast of Okeechobee. My grass has died on the flats in the northern part of Fort Pierce. The redfish and even the shrimping in the mosquito lagoon area has taken a major hit with the grass reduction. And the water in Florida Bay seems to be getting better there is a rebounding  population of reds in the 10,000 Islands to Key Largo. So let me get to my point. We have so many different types of fishing opportunities in Florida and if you truly love fishing you can acclimate when times are tough or in transition. There’s a sprawling freshwater canal/lake system that has many access points. The key is to catch the shad. It’s a fishery that seems to get better and better especially in the last few years. Look into it yourself and get a good cast net and Salt And Bluewater. Good luck