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What is a Florida “Sportsman”?

During a recent contract negotiation for the sale of conservation property, a representative of the organization purchasing the property indicated that he had to leave early to go to a meeting with a bunch of “sportsmen”.

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More Bull Sugar Ahead?

I really hope I’m dead wrong on this. It would be so much more fun for the communities to keep pretending that great things are coming for the estuaries and Everglades. But the sad truth, I’m afraid, is that we’re going to get much more of the pollution and killing waters from inland that have devastated us over a half century. Some call it Bull Sugar.

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A Christmas Coral

Hundreds of volunteers—including combat-wounded veterans, students and the families of fallen soldiers—are helping Mote Marine Lab and the Coral Restoration Foundation grow reef-building corals on “trees” made of PVC and fiberglass that look something like old-fashioned TV antennas.

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Strategies to Help Support State Game Wardens

By James Swan Each state has its own natural resources agency that includes law enforcement officers who have different names…»

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Get Outdoorsy with the New Guy Harvey Hard-Card License

From Press Release – “Gone Coastal” column – By Amanda Nalley There’s something wonderful about having a shiny new card…»

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