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What is a Florida “Sportsman”?

During a recent contract negotiation for the sale of conservation property, a representative of the organization purchasing the property indicated that he had to leave early to go to a meeting with a bunch of “sportsmen”.

FS Openers

New exchanges of tidal flows could liven up many inshore waters such as at Little Mud Creek north of Jensen Beach.

Let the Waters In

Leadeth me, please, not to the still waters of Psalms fame but to moving waters, where fish usually hang out. Most of us, I’m afraid, tend to seek out flat calm areas and shiny shorelines because they just look fishy, and it’s good to get out of whatever wind may be huffing.

Conservation Front

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How Fishing Licenses Help Catching—and Much More

Fund resource enhancement, stewardship. It’s like a license to, not steal, but catch. Get your ante up and be a player. Stand tall as a stakeholder, if you’re not already a card-carrying fishing license holder.

Fishery News


Net Ban Upheld–Again

The First District Court of Appeal has upheld Florida’s Net Ban, reversing a local judge’s ruling that attempted to undo the prohibition of gill nets. Appellant judges opined that Circuit Court Judge Jackie Fulford had erred on numerous levels and had improperly overturned another same-level judge’s finding.

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Florida East Coast Anglers Encouraged to Help FWC Collect Red Snapper Data

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is asking anglers to help gather important information about the Atlantic red snapper fishery. The recreational red snapper season in Atlantic federal waters (beyond 3 nautical miles in the Atlantic) is open for 8 days this year.

You can make a big difference by joining Florida Sportsman’s continuing conservation fight for the fisheries and ecosystem. FS has been our primary outdoors voice for close to half a century. Good management is ours for the asking–or demanding.

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Make the Call

Here’s Florida Sportsman’s quick reference guide for contacting law enforcement and management agencies.

FS' Fisheries Record


Our Fisheries Record is Second to None

Soon after its launch more than 40 years ago, Florida Sportsman became the state’s primary voice for fisheries conservation and wildlife advocacy.