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What is a Florida “Sportsman”?

During a recent contract negotiation for the sale of conservation property, a representative of the organization purchasing the property indicated that he had to leave early to go to a meeting with a bunch of “sportsmen”.

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Do Your Part to Protect Our Waters

We must keep up the pressure to stop the discharges from inland or have to swallow more of the pollution that poisons our estuaries in wet times.

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Stars Aligning for Rivers, Everglades Solution

Senate Bill 10 filed; would authorize funding and directive for southern flow-way. Advocates for clean water and healthy coastal fisheries…»

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Public Input Wanted at Atlantic Council Meetings in Florida

Join local representatives from the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and Council staff as public hearing and scoping meetings continue this week along Florida’s east coast.

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Greater Amberjack Recreational Fishing Will Close on March 24 in Gulf

Recreational harvest of greater amberjack in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico will close at 12:01 a.m., local time, on March 24, 2017, and will remain closed until January 1, 2018.

You can make a big difference by joining Florida Sportsman’s continuing conservation fight for the fisheries and ecosystem. FS has been our primary outdoors voice for close to half a century. Good management is ours for the asking–or demanding.

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Make the Call

Here’s Florida Sportsman’s quick reference guide for contacting law enforcement and management agencies.

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Our Fisheries Record is Second to None

Soon after its launch more than 40 years ago, Florida Sportsman became the state’s primary voice for fisheries conservation and wildlife advocacy.