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What is a Florida “Sportsman”?

During a recent contract negotiation for the sale of conservation property, a representative of the organization purchasing the property indicated that he had to leave early to go to a meeting with a bunch of “sportsmen”.

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Recreational Kingfish to Commercial Fisheries

Giving Our Recreational Kingfish to Commercial Fisheries?

An old saying among recreational fishermen, a good one, goes like this: "Let's release this one and let him fight again another day for someone else." But shall we release it only to have the fish taken, frozen and sold on the commercial market for peanuts?

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207 Scientists Petition for Sending Water South

Following is the complete list of independent researchers in the science community who have signed a petition calling for excess Lake Okeechobee water to be stored, treated and sent south. (See September FS Openers column.)

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glades south hires

Stars Aligning for Rivers, Everglades Solution

Senate Bill 10 filed; would authorize funding and directive for southern flow-way. Advocates for clean water and healthy coastal fisheries…»

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This pelican had a spoon hooked to its head and the line was cut right next to it. Mike Conneen was able to catch it, safely remove the spoon and it flew away.

Gone Coastal: Fishing Line and Tackle Disposal

Fishing line and other fishing tackle frequently enter Florida’s aquatic systems as a result of incidental snags or improper disposal. When left in the aquatic environment, fishing line and tackle create potential traps for unsuspecting wildlife that can become entangled and snared, leading to injury and death.

You can make a big difference by joining Florida Sportsman’s continuing conservation fight for the fisheries and ecosystem. FS has been our primary outdoors voice for close to half a century. Good management is ours for the asking–or demanding.

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Make the Call

Here’s Florida Sportsman’s quick reference guide for contacting law enforcement and management agencies.

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Our Fisheries Record is Second to None

Soon after its launch more than 40 years ago, Florida Sportsman became the state’s primary voice for fisheries conservation and wildlife advocacy.