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    Nestle taking our Spring waters - 25 Feb, 2021

    Nestle's at it again...

    On ongoing saga of Nestle having access to take our clean spring waters in addition to taking over so many small bottling companies. They probably dont pay taxes to our state (if I recall correctly they do not, because they provide "jobs"). Loss of mother natures purified water and a net gain of plastic in our waters.  Not sure what Florida gets outta this.  They do it in many other states as well.  

    Removing our spring waters has been a big part of reducing water quality and quantity issues in the Big Bend region and panhandle region.  Apalachicola Bay has a 5 yr moratorium on oysters.  The four major spring fed rivers in the big bend are already at risk.  Water/spring flows have been continuously reduced for the past fifty years, coinciding w growth.  

    This is an issue we all should get behind, maybe a petition to start.