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Applying Non-Skid

As I get the opportunity to test many boats throughout the year, one thing I see all too often is manufacturers that don’t spend enough time on the water using their own products. If they did, switches would be easier to see and systems would have better access. Along these same lines some boat builders use anti-skid as more of a design pattern instead of its intended use of a secure place to step.

Boating Gear


FWC Recommends Lifesaving Gifts for Boaters

Are you struggling to pick out the right gift for the boater in your life? The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has an idea for that last-minute present under the tree: boating safety equipment. It may be the best gift you ever give – the gift of life!

Flats Boats

With a 60-hp outboard and a side console, this boat is a blast to drive.

Salt Marsh 1656V

From the coastal marshes of the Carolinas to the Gulf of Mexico, this model from Salt Marsh is really catching on. The concept of taking a Jon Boat/Mud Boat hull style which are very popular for fresh water fishing and marsh sports such as duck hunting or gator hunting, and building it out of Kevlar reinforced glass is an obvious winner.

Bay Boats

Sea Born

Sea Born FX22 Bay

Boat manufacturers are getting better and better at fine tuning the features required by their customers these days while simultaneously…»

Center Consoles

Sea Fox

Sea Fox 266 Commander

For the boater in search of a true multi-purpose offshore center console, the Sea Fox 266 delivers plenty of options. Many boating families divide their time between different activities to suit the needs of every family member and the 266 Commander stands up to this requirement nicely.

Express / Cuddy

World Cat

World Cat 320 DC

Whether you like to fish, dive, cruise or camp on a boat, it’s difficult to find a boat that does all of these jobs without some tradeoffs. If one were looking for a boat that wore many hats and did so without many sacrifices, the World Cat 320 DC is worth serious consideration.

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Dream Boats


FS Dreamboat Contest Winner Heads to Costa Rica

Capt. Charlie Phillips, winner of the Fishing NoSara Prize Package given away as top prize for the Florida Sportsman Dreamboat Contest earlier this year, returns from his fishing vacation this week.