Florida Sportsman Magazine is the source for the best where-to and how-to fishing information in the state. Published continuously since 1969, each issue showcases the insights and guidance of leading experts, packaged with the work of award winning journalists, photographers and designers


Florida’s outdoorsmen turn to Florida Sportsman at different times, for different things. The “in print” component of FSCN, Florida Sportsman magazine is where people find out things they didn’t already know. Since 1969 FS has been bringing monthly well thought out how-to and where-to features to the homes of Florida’s most engaged outdoor audience

Conservation Record

Soon after its launch nearly 50 years ago, Florida Sportsman became the state’s primary voice for fisheries conservation and wildlife advocacy

Magazine Timeline: 1969-2004

The following timeline was originally published in the October 2004 print edition of Florida Sportsman Magazine, in conjunction with our 35th Anniversary

I’m a Florida Sportsman

Are you a Florida Sportsman? Are you someone likely to be found casting inshore, poling a flat, fishing offshore, climbing a tree stand or diving a coral ledge? Is this you? Do you care about the resource? Do you teach others to cherish the outdoors? Do you dream of new adventures on the water or in the field?