Let’s take a closer look at the Dusky 33T in this Florida Sportsman boat review.

The raised sheer line forward as seen here keeps the weather out of the boat while the lower gunwale aft facilitates easy access to the water.

The 33 Tournament we ran today was a model built specifically for legendary Miami guide Bouncer Smith so naturally it was a serious fishing specific version. For this model, Dusky started by removing the customary forward seating to create more space to fish around in the bow. Dusky opted to use the forward area, ahead of the console- to add a lounge type seat while also creating a large dry storage compartment in the process.
Another equally large storage compartment below deck forward along with the interior space of the console would easily handle all of the gear you’d need for any day on the water.

In the cockpit below deck is a large insulated fish hold with a gulper type macerator pump out. Behind this, an access point into the bilge was plenty roomy for you to access to perform maintenance. At the transom is a massive 100-gallon live well complete with a Hooker pump system.

One thing the 33 is always going to deliver is a solid and authoritative ride. These boats are built to punish waves not passengers and they will hold up their end of the bargain in some pretty extreme conditions.

The signature good looks of the 33 Dusky are easy to spot and she’s built the way she is for a reason. In the bow, the high sheer line and wide gunwale cap are designed to offer security and keep the water out of the boat in heavy weather while the broken sheer line moving aft, drops to a manageable height in the cockpit for fishing. Bringing the gunwale height lower in the cockpit makes reaching the water with your hands to revive a billfish- or to reach the water with a gaff to stroke a trophy meat fish overboard and into the fish box a much simpler proposition.

From an aesthetic standpoint, Dusky is onto something that works well on their target audience’s behalf. They’ve found a middle ground that leaves the buyer with a boat finished nicely enough to take pride in, but not so delicately that a sinker dropped on the deck leaves you in tears. The net result is a solid dependable boat priced below the competition that is built to last a lifetime.

Dusky 33 Tournament

    Length: 33-0
    Beam: 10-10
    Draft: 18”
    Deadrise: 20-degree Transom (20/25/35 variable)
    Weight: 6700 dry
    Max HP: 900
    Base price: 161,900-


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