Wonder what a set of the new 600 hp Mercury Verados looks like behind a 46 Valhalla? Here’s a quick video from FS Editor Jeff Weakley, who got a sneak peek at the new engines earlier this week at the Merc test lake in Central Florida.

On Thursday, Mercury formally unveiled the new 600 hp 7.6 liter V12 Verado, 5 years in development. Displacement and power aren’t the only unique attributes—the ultra-advanced outboard engine features a two-speed transmission which optimizes torque for planing, then downshifts for cruise efficiency.

It also features a steerable gearcase—the powerhead never moves—and a duo-prop for maximum bite and great maneuverability. The Valhalla topped out at almost 75 mph, and Ryan Higgins says the boat will likely see comparable figures with a triple-engine installation.

The engines weigh just over 1,200 pounds and are available in shaft lengths of 20 to 35 inches, and install on 27-inch minimum centers. Starting price comes in around $77K.

A Closer Look

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