New blueline tilefish recreational regulations effective Jan. 1 in Atlantic state waters

blueline tilefish regulations

Blueline tilefish get their name from a narrow gold stripe underlined in blue that runs from their snout to the tip of their eye, seen here with Viktor Hluden of the YouTube channel Landshark Outdoors.

Starting Jan. 1, the following regulations will go into effect for recreational harvest of blueline tilefish in Atlantic state waters (including Monroe County):

  • A three blueline tilefish recreational bag limit within the three-fish aggregate bag limit for grouper and tilefish in Atlantic state waters.
  • An Atlantic state waters recreational season for harvest from May 1 through Aug. 31.

These new regulations are consistent with those in Atlantic federal waters and could help prevent both recreational quota overages and overfishing.

Learn more at by clicking on “Recreational Regulations” and “Tilefish,” which is under the “Reef Fish” tab.

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