Alex Dulski spent his college career in Orlando, and when not sitting in a classroom, you would have most likely found him out on his 22 Aquasport Family Fisherman. The boat fit his needs perfect, but as life ran its course, the boat had to go.

Fast forward a couple of decades, Dulski found himself looking for a boat again. He was now looking for a good vessel to introduce his 10-year old son, Sam, to the great outdoors. Thinking back, his old 22 Aquasport would fit the bill perfect. “I wanted something he (Sam) could go out on and eventually use on his own and this boat worked out perfect for that.”

After hunting around the web, Dulski was able to find a 1978 22 Aquasport Family Fisherman and pulled the trigger. “The boat was rough when I got it, but it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted something I could make my own.” After going through the boat, Dulski realized he had lucked out. The boat had no transom rot and was structurally ok.

There were still a few areas that needed some attention, though. As with any aging boat, the fuel tank was in need of replacement. An 86-gallon aluminum tank filled the previous tank’s spot nice. One of the original captain’s chairs made a soft spot in the floor, which was taken care of in unison with the gas tank. “There was not an ounce of copper in this boat when I started,” said Dulski. A complete rewire was overdue.

Now the boat was up to par, it was time for Dulski to make it “his own.” Starting outside of the boat he opted to Awlgrip the hull seafoam green. Jumping inside, the new nonskid mirrored the hull, adding a nice pop to the cockpit when applied over the white cockpit sole. Modern electronics were added and a large 250-quart cooler was added, doubling as storage and a seat.

Dulski picked the Aquasport up for $2,500. Purchasing a new motor and other modifications cost him another $17,000, putting his total at $19,500 for his dreamboat.

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