A Florida Sportsman Panel survey revealed strong support for establishing no-sale status for wild seatrout, tripletail and cobia in the state.

Nearly three out of four respondents (73.31 percent) were in favor of establishing no-sale status for all three species. More than half (50.93 percent) of respondents named cobia the most deserving of no-sale status.

The survey also revealed that almost 60 percent of respondents (59.06 percent) would comment to the FWC in support of a measure to ban sales of these species caught in the wild. That would be an important step to putting the matter on the FWC’s agenda, and it’s exactly what the FWC’s saltwater comments page is designed for—to listen to Florida stakeholders. You can comment at the FWC website: http://myfwc.com/SaltwaterComments. Another effective means to express your concerns on these and other issues is to speak during the open comment sessions at regular FWC meetings around the state.

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