Outboard industry firsts include four-stroke direct injection and integrated electric steering system

Jeff Weakley sizes up the new 425-hp Yamaha on a 26-foot bay boat. In back is the new Grady White 456 Canyon, with four of the 425s.

Florida Sportsman Editor Jeff Weakley tested the new Yamaha 5.6L V8 XTO engine Wednesday, May 23, on the Tennessee River. Among test platforms was the Sportsman Masters 267 bay boat. Jeff reported 59 MPH at 5900 RPM, burning 1.6 MPG while running upstream with four persons on board.

“There’s more to this story than power and weight,” Jeff reported, “but of course that’s what everyone’s talking about. My take-away is that Yamaha seems to be using this headline-making engine introduction to promote an array of new technologies–major improvements in electric power supply, cavitation-reducing tricks, simplified service and maintenance, and other game-changers we’ll be reporting on in future issues of Florida Sportsman Magazine.”

To view the full press release, click here.

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