Moving up in class to a boat 26 to 27-foot in length, you start to appreciate the benefit of more cockpit area. Several anglers can fish, without being crowded. More family members can come along and divers will like having room for everyone’s gear. Although you can still fish inshore, most of your ventures will most likely be headed to the horizon.

Be prepared, the few feet in length over the smaller class of center console, is not necessarily in direct proportion to the cost of ownership. Twin engines may be a prerequisite as well as a large trailer and tow vehicle, so you will have to shell out a few more bucks. The good thing is you haven’t yet made the leap to a lifestyle change that a center console larger than this would require.

Many different variations of interior layouts can be found. Some boats with flat decks with bareley more than a console, leaner and live baitwells, may be just what a tournament angler is looking for. At the other end of the spectrum you can find configurations that include plush seating forward and aft, helm seats that resemble a luxury RV and consoles with a small berth. Launching, docking and transporting can be a one-man operation but it’s nice to know you have the room for a large crew if need be.

This Cobia 261CC is a perfect combination of an offshore capable center console large enough for blue water fishing that still fits the bill as a trailer friendly package. Twin 150 horse power Yamaha outboards give you a quiet, economical ride and plenty of performance, the 21.5-degree dead rise flattens the seas and the large open cockpit will accommodate several anglers, a group of divers or the neighbors for an afternoon cruise. Split bow seating allows you to walk forward 360 fish-ability as well as access to your anchor locker while still offering comfortable, forward facing seating. The center console has a huge forward-opening door that provides you open access to the head as well as convenient dry storage options. Behind the helm are heavily padded independent seats along with a fold away foot rest to make a long run more comfortable. Maintaining the boats systems is made easier by a large bilge entry door across the transom that tilts out of the way with the push of a button. Access to pumps and wiring can be found and serviced easily in the provided space. In the down position the door has a built-in foldaway stern bench seat.

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