The 2016 Pursuit OS355 represents a keel-up redesign based on the 345 model introduced in 2008. “We had one goal, which was to maintain tradition but bring new, clean styling and exterior lines,” said Chris Gratz, Pursuit Director of Engineering. The team brought to the OS355 some 80 new design features, which are on display literally from stem to stern.

The foredeck has been cleaned up with a thru-stem anchor system with easy-access windlass; no more pulpit and topside hardware. At the stern, elongated transom platforms improve access from shore or sea. In between, Pursuit raised the splashwell to accommodate 30-inch shafts; tucked away the engine rigging; lifted the batteries out of the bilge; installed aft-facing cockpit seats with insulated storage; and fitted the cabin with maple dovetail woodwork, stainless steel refrigerator and an extra three inches of midberth height. The list goes on.

A pair of 350-horsepower Yamaha outboards is a logical power package. Optimal cruise range and efficiency come at about 4,000 rpm and 28.6 mph, just shy of 1 mile per gallon. With a full fuel load and five men on board, we topped out at around 40 mph on a flat calm Sarasota Bay. What about get-home speed if one engine goes down? The boat wouldn’t plane on a single 350, but with the 15 pitch prop and one engine trimmed all the way up, we made about 7 mph at 3,000 rpm. Steering was secure and, importantly, visibility at the helm was excellent. The one-piece, laminated, optically clear windshield (derived from technology supplying European rail services) offers an unobstructed view forward, and the classic Pursuit “A” tower side windows give good views port and starboard. Pursuit says the windshield is engineered to the same impact resistance as the hull itself, good to know if the ocean decides to lob some green water over your bow.

The OS355 is a sensible, well-conceived express overnighter. Four persons could comfortably stay aboard for a long weekend. With the aft curtain down, the helm station is fully protected from the elements. Turn on the AC for those hot summer days and enjoy the view. For more information, visit

Brief video clip of the new Pursuit OS355 in action, filmed by FS staffer on Sarasota Bay.

2016 Pursuit OS355 Specifications

Overall Length: 37 feet, 11 inches
Beam: 12 feet
Dry Weight (w/twin 350 hp): 16,620 lbs.
Transom Deadrise: 20 degrees
Fuel Capacity: 375 gallons
Fresh Water Capacity: 50 gallons
Sleeping Capacity: 4 persons

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