Overlooking Nantahala, NC

I’ve been away from the saltwater for a few weeks for some off-time that my newly engaged fiance and I took, traveling roughly 1200 miles north, heading up the hills in North Carolina and stopping in the northeast part of Pennsylvania. If you have never had the opportunity to pack up the truck, get on the open road, and fish some new territory, I would highly recommend to GO FOR IT!

Sleeping bags, a tent, hammock, kayaks, food, and fishing gear were the essentials – final destination: wherever we wanted! For the most part, since I use light tackle in the salt water, I was able to use the same gear for freshwater, including the same setup catching a 42″ redfish in Florida to an 8″ rainbow trout in Pennsylvania.

We stayed several days in the hills of Bryson City, North Carolina, fishing in Fontana Lake via kayak and several streams & rivers around the area. After our time in NC we headed north to Uniondale, PA, where my parents lived and my dad showed me several local water holes. We kayaked and fished a quiet little pond one evening and caught several bass and a pickerel, followed up by some rainbow trout fishing the following day as well.

After a few days drive back home we can look back and say the trip was well worth it, creating tons of memories that will be priceless for years to come. Let me have some pictures do most of the talking. Enjoy!

Mark is a competitive kayak tournament fisherman and loves sharing what he’s learned about kayak fishing. To reach him, feel free to e-mail him on his contact page.

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