It’s the age-old question that may have no exact answer—how many fly rods do you bring on the boat? Some anglers are dedicated fly fishermen and only bring fly gear aboard. Other saltwater anglers mix a collection of spinning, conventional and fly setups amongst their rod holders.

But no matter what your “quiver” entails, the answer never seems to be just one. Most anglers tend to vary their setups based on line size, rod/reel weight, and style of fishing. Plus, how much room is available in the boat, kayak or on foot is an important consideration.

FS member Hobematt rigs up with 6- and 8-weight rods matched to floating line when fishing the shallow waters of the Indian River Lagoon. He regulates the depth of his presentation by fly selection rather than flyline type.

For larger nearshore and offshore species, 10 and 12 weights have to be in the arsenal. FS member Capt. Scott likes to bring along a whole gamut of setups. He has room for 14 rods on the boat and makes the most of his space. Sizes range from 5 up to 15 weights. Lines are a combination of full-floaters, clear intermediates, and full, fast sinkers.

Now, is this all too excessive? Can one rod get the job done on normal fishing trip? Or are 3 or 4 rods necessary throughout the day? Include your thoughts in this active fly fishing forum thread.

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