Regulator Marine makes waves with the 28 Forward Seating (FS).

Florida Sportsman staff met with Joan Maxwell, President of Regulator Marine, at the  Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to check out the 28-footer. Recognized for its popular 26-footer, the  Regulator 28 Forward Seating (FS) may become the new favorite.

With its sharp bow entry and deep-vee hull (24 degrees of transom deadrise), expect a soft ride on the 28 FS. A transom bracket handles dual Yamaha F300 Yahama motors, pushing the top-end past 60 mph. The 28 FS features a flush deck throughout the cockpit and plenty of storage, including a 272-quart transom fishbox, 456 quarts of in-deck fishbox space or rod storage, and two forward-seat 140-quart storage compartments. Molded non-skid exterior covers all horizontal surfaces inside the boat.

Inside the console there’s an electric marine head, access to batteries and electronics, plus headroom up to 6 ½ feet. At the bow, there’s cushioned seating for sunbathers, while the loaded console features a tempered glass windshield and optional fiberglass T-top to block sun.

Regulator Marine
187 Peanut Drive
Edenton, North Carolina 27932


Length: 27 feet, 7.5 inches

Beam: 9 feet, 5 inches

Dry weight (with engines): 8,260 pounds

Max horsepower: 600 hp

Fuel capacity: 235 gallons

Freshwater: 33 gallons

Base Price: $159, 995

Forward section of the 28-footer. The horseshoe-shaped seating is ideal for relaxing, plus there’s a wraparound recessed handrail for bouncy seas.


At the bow is an anchor locker with room for chain and rode.


A forward dry storage compartment hides underneath the center cushion. Note deep gutters, gasket and durable piano-style hinges.


Joan Maxwell, President of Regulator Marine, opens one of two forward-seat dry storage areas which double as insulated fish boxes. Each one measures 140 quarts.


Down the centerline runs a foward in-deck fishbox measuring 456 quarts. Alternately, six or more rods can be stored in this compartment.


Plenty of seating space at the bow plus drink holders. Regulator Marine engineers designed the forward seating to be lower in height and incorporated handrails for safety.


A shot of the center console, which features a frameless tempered glass windshield and electric head with 6 feet, 6 inches of headroom. Notice the coaming pad that covers 360 degrees around the inside of the boat.


The forward console seat opens to a 72-quart insulated cooler.


A window and vent adds light to the head compartment inside the console.


Fiberglass console door opens to an electric head. Included is a 6-gallon holding tank.


Open the head compartment panel to access the breakered electrical system and batteries.


At the console, there’s Teleflex hydraulic steering, room for a full array of electronics and a recessed footrest which doubles as storage. In this photo, the foot storage compartment is open.


Above the console is a glovebox with fiberglass lid for a VHF radio or more storage.


Upholstered console seating for two with flip-up front bolsters. Fold-down footrests and handrails standard hardware, too.


Each side of the bolster seat holds more storage.


At the back of the console seat, four rocket launchers, drink holders (or loose hook and lure holders) and tackle trays, below. Various leaning post, livewell or tackle center configurations are available.


At the transom, Joan Maxwell opens in-deck hatch to access the bilge.


Plenty of room to access the bilge. Notice that all boat hatches are assisted to stay open.


The flush transom seat folds open for seating for two. Top left, the transom door is open.


Beside the transom seat, stainless steel cleat, scupper holes and removable dive ladder.


At the rear, a fourth fishbox that measures 272 quarts. This boat-wide box will get the most use if anchored up and bottom fishing.


Twin 300-hp Yamaha four-strokes are strapped to the Armstrong dual engine bracket and platform.


Regulator’s 28 FS logo, located on the side on the center console. Billfish better watch their backs.

FS Classics, January 2011 WebXtra

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