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After signing the waiver:

1. Mail to Diana Matthews at Florida Sportsman’s office: 2700 S Kanner Hwy, Stuart, FL 34994

2. Email to Diana Matthews at or fax to Diana Matthews at (772) 219-6915


All proceeds this year will be donated to Heroes on the Water!

After such an amazing turnout last year, it is only fitting that we continue the Florida Sportsman Kayak Challenge in 2014. From July 1 to August 31, Florida Sportsman Forum members will have the opportunity to take home over $6000 in weekly and grand prizes. What are you waiting for? Get signed up now! Check out results from the first-ever Kayak Challenge, here.


Florida Sportsman’s Kayak Challenge Rules

DATE: July 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014

PARTICIPATION: Open to all Florida Sportsman Forum members fishing in Florida state waters. Registration cost is $25.


Inshore Species: Redfish, Seatrout, Snook, Flounder
1- Grand first place prize: Longest aggregate measurement of 3 different species
2- Second place prize: Second longest aggregate measurement of 3 different species
3- Third place prize: Third longest aggregate measurement of 3 different species

Offshore Species: Jacks (any), Dolphin, Grouper (excluding Goliath), Snapper, King Mackerel, Tuna, Wahoo
1-Grand first place prize: Longest aggregate measurement of 4 different species
2-Second place prize: Second longest aggregate measurement of 4 different species
3-Third place prize: Third longest aggregate measurement of 4 different species

Notes on scoring:

  • Anglers do not have to catch all included species to win an aggregate category.
  • Anglers cannot win more than one or the Top-3 prizes.


The challenge’s winners are determined by fish length. Fish must be whole, non-mutilated (gaff hole is okay for offshore species). Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rules and regulations are in effect as it pertains to which fish are legally able to be kept. If a fish is illegal to keep or you don’t plan on keeping it, it must be alive and free from any stringer, especially when photographed.

Measurements are made at a granularity of ½ inch. If the fish is larger, but does not make the next ½-inch mark, it will round down. If the fish is larger than the ruler, the maximum length of the ruler will be accepted for the length.

If you use a soft ruler such as a sticker ruler or tape ruler, assure that the ruler is on a flat surface and measure the fish on top of the ruler. Do not place the ruler on top of the fish.

Tie-breakers of fish measuring the same length go to the person that caught the fish first. That’s why it’s vital not to edit the photo in anyway before posting to the forum. IF IT IS EDITED, WE CAN’T ACCEPT IT. Make sure your camera’s time and date are set properly before taking any photos of catches. The photo’s EXIF data will determine when the fish photo was taken.

Length is determined when it’s in a natural lay position. A “natural lay position” is one in which the fish is centrally located on the ruler without any bending or manipulation of the fish to artificially extend its length measurement. Again, a paddle craft must be present somewhere in the photo.


Florida Sportsman will create a printable “token” that will be sent to you via email. Anyone who registers before the July 1 start date will receive their token on June 30. Anyone who registers after July 1 will receive their token immediately upon payment. Print out this sheet of paper before fishing. Be sure to include this “token” in any fish photo submitted.


Each angler in the tournament must be a member of the Florida Sportsman Forums.

When posting a catch, find the thread entitled “Inshore Kayak Challenge” or “Offshore Kayak Challenge.”

We’ll make these threads stickies at the top of the Paddlecraft Kayak Member Catches Forum. Anglers may update and upgrade their fish as they catch better fish throughout the tournament. But to keep the thread from becoming too large, just edit your first post where you posted photos initially. (As an example, you posted a picture of a redfish on July 4, and then on July 10, you catch a bigger redfish. Replace the existing photo with the new redfish catch.) Keep all your catch photos in one post within the thread.)

Up to 2 photos will be allowed for one entry to qualify all rules criteria, but they must be submitted in the same day, (One to verify the catch on the water by kayak and one with an accurate measurement.) The tournament token must be present in both photos.

Anglers may not intentionally hold back catches until the end of a tournament. In good faith, fish should be checked in within a couple days of the catch (72 hours is the max). No comments or replies will be allowed on the photo posts to keep things simple and organized. Please post the date the fish was caught and length of fish next to your photo.


Participants may only use digital cameras for photographing fish. A scoring photo must show the entire fish on the measuring device with the unique Florida Sportsman token present. The measuring device must be in clear view so as to leave no doubt of the fish’s position across all the markings, and that the markings of the device are true. Photographs should be taken from above the center of the fish at maximum resolution. The judging committee will review the photos to verify reported results. The fishing vessel must be shown in the background of the photo.


The angler must register and pay for the tournament before uploading photos of catches to the forum. Registration fee allows anglers to participate in either the inshore OR offshore portion of the tournament. Kayakers are eligible for only one of the top-three prizes, inshore or offshore. The tournament officially begins at 12:01 AM on July 1 and ends at 11:59 PM on August 31. The day before the tournament begins, a “token” will be emailed to all participants. Anglers should print it and take it with them fishing, making sure it shows in all fish photos. Your last fish catches must be posted before September 1.



After signing the waiver: 1) Mail to Diana Matthews at Florida Sportsman’s office: 2700 S Kanner Hwy, Stuart, FL 34994 2) Email to Diana Matthews at, or 3) Fax to Diana Matthews at 772-219-6915


Entry fee is $25. This tournament is not a money-maker. The tournament entry covers the costs of shipping prizes to winners and costs associated with tournament, such as flyers or measuring devices.


The best option is to pay online via PayPal when you submit your Registration Form. A second option is to register online and send a check to Diana Matthews at the Florida Sportsman office (Address: 2700 S. Kanner Highway, Stuart, FL, 34994). On the memo line of your check, write “Kayak Challenge” and the name of the participant.


All fish must be caught via hook and line. Artificial or natural baits are acceptable.


The use of any kayak, canoe or paddleboard is acceptable. Wade fishing, if tethered to a paddle craft, is also acceptable. No motorized vessels may be used, including the use of a motorized vessel to transport (a.k.a. mothership). Using a paddle craft with a trolling motor is not allowed–we want all crafts to be motor-free!


The statewide tournament covers all state waters that are open to fishing. For offshore kayak fishermen, anglers must stay inside of federal waters. This levels the playing field for anglers fishing on the west coast.


Anglers must use a commercial off-the-shelf ruler. Homemade (read that as: hand-drawn) rulers are not allowed.



Prizes will be mailed to the address listed on the tournament entry. A Winner’s Certificate will be mailed along with your prize.

Grand Prizes

“Big Fish” Weekly Winners

Starting on Monday, July 7, the angler with the largest fish caught during that week and posted to the appropriate “Inshore Kayak Challenge” or “Offshore Kayak Challenge” forum thread wins a prize pack! Sixteen winners total will be decided on July 7, 14, 21 and 28, and August 4, 11, 18, and 25. That means one inshore and one offshore angler wins each week. Kayak anglers can only win one prize, even if they catch the largest fish more than one week.


All protests must be made in an email or PM to the Tournament Director:

Bob Bramblet (bonitabob) – Tournament Director

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