Tribute to Captain Andy Tasker

A beloved member of the Southeast Florida fishing community is gone.

The Florida fishing community is grieving the loss of Capt. Andy Tasker. Capt. Andy, 32, died yesterday in Stuart, Florida.

A vibrant and joyous man—and by all accounts a terrific and competitive fisherman with numerous tournament awards to his name—Andy was a professional charter captain in Stuart and a sports photographer with a growing reputation. He was a friend of the Florida Sportsman staff and community as well, familiar to readers both for his work behind the camera and for his appearance in magazine photographs—most recently on the January, 2014 cover—and for his presence at media events across the state in recent years. He will be deeply missed.

“Andy knew how to catch fish better than most and he understood how to inject motion into his photos, whether he was in the picture or taking the photo,” said Blair Wickstrom, publisher of Florida Sportsman. “Fishing with Andy was fun and that’s what you saw in his photos, fun. He knew how to make average catches look above average. We’re going to miss Captain Andy.”

Though successful on many fronts and known to so many as a bright personality, Tasker tragically took his life in connection with personal illness issues.

“Andy’s wishes were to have a big party on his birthday, February 16,” said Drew Wickstrom, Florida Sportsman art director, who worked with Tasker on photographic projects and fished with him often on their home waters of Stuart. “We will have that party, and it will be a memorial for Andy, too.”

The memorial for Andy Tasker is planned for Feb. 16 at River Palms Cottages in Jensen Beach. To attend, come by skiff or by car. Andy’s life on the water will be celebrated with a ceremony on the flats off the beach at River Palms. Details will be posted on the Florida Sportsman Forum and on Facebook.

Below is a photographic tribute to Andy Tasker, angler, photographer and friend.

  • Jason LaCroix

    Everyone who knew him could not recognize the illness that affected him so tremendously. It’s a terrible thing to live with an ailment that is not evident to those around us. Sadly, he dealt with his pain in a way that is all too common, yet it is often disregarded as a cowardly way.

    • Bill

      quite the opposite Jason, anyone that knew him would have thought he was nothing short of courageous. Cowardly did not intermingle with anything about him.

      • Me.

        What he meant is that it is VEIWED in a cowardly way….he means that Andy was suffering beyond comprehension. He wasn’t a coward, he was a man suffering. That is what Jason meant.

  • Bob Freeborn

    Andy was the captain of a most memorable fishing trip I took with my two sons a few summers ago. It was the greatest fishing day we have ever had together. Only a few hours together but really appreciated his work and life and enthusiasm and way with my young fisherman. I am saddened by his passing.