Lure Organizer – Bump Pro Series

Hard plastic baits are a important part of a any sports fish angler’s box. There are tons of models: Floating, sinking, suspending, and when you add a variety of colors, room for storing a bulk of these lures can be a issue. On top of that, hard baits don’t come cheap. When leaving these baits in the traditional clear plastic box, hot sunlight and salt water intrusion can cause color fade, rusty hooks and even the dreaded hard plastic bloating/cracking, all of which results in money down the drain.

The Bump Pro Series Lure Organizer designed by Capt. Roger Bump, Inshore Saltwater Fishing Guide and Northeast 4Caster for Florida Sportsman, is manufactured right here in the states by Raw Accessories USA and is the answer to the woes of storing hard plastic baits.

Made of a heat reflective outside shell that will not wear off and designed to keep lures in stored inside 15 to 20 degree’s cooler, it will keep baits looking and preforming new, longer. The organizer will not hold water, which means rinsing lures with fresh water to detour rust right can be done while they are in the organizer. Tournament anglers will love how baits are individually secured, ending tangle ups in plastic boxes. The organizers also breath adding to more protection from heat bloating lures. It’s the new way to store tackle!

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  • Keeps hard baits in a separate, secure manner
  • Allows you to make quick choices on the water
  • Solar reflective material protects lures from heat, preventing color fading and disfiguring
  • Does NOT hold water (which prevents lures from rusting)
  • Floats (even when filled with lures)
  • Great when space is limited (ie. kayak)
  • Large pouch inside to hold terminal tackle or soft plastic bags
  • Holds up to 15 lures
  • Made in America (U.S.A.)


  • Color – Silver & Black
  • Width – 14 in
  • Height – 12 in
  • Depth -1 in
  • Weight – 10.2 oz