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Ask science fiction to conjure a superhero with otherworldly senses of taste and smell and the resulting futuristic freak would likely resemble a catfish. In space age intelligence and acuity, catfish are off the piscatorial charts—finned freaks of nature that beat bass, eagles and bloodhounds, combined. Indeed, their superior senses of taste, sight and certainly scent read more like science fiction than fact.

“Olfactory folds” are the microscopic sensors that help fish detect ‘stuff that stinks.’ A 2-pound channel catfish has 142; a 7-pound largemouth bass, just 13. When a catfish detects certain succulent amino acid at just one part per 10 billion, a message is broadcast to their not so pea-sized brain: Keep swimming big fella, a tasty treat is near. Once they locate the source, cats use their entire body— which is quite literally one big continuous taste bud—to “sample the menu.”

Working on the scientific precepts of preferred catfish scents and tastes, the whiskery wizards at Rippin Lips formulated Scent Trail™—an advanced, nearly intoxicating bait additive that wafts its way into catfish kitchens near and far. Brewed with that most potent aquatic attractants, omega-3 rich fish oils are as essential to the palettes of catfish as they are to the hearts of humans. Further enhanced and infused with a savory, nutritious amino acid cocktail, catfish feel and answer a primal urge to eat– the same set of powerful aromas used by circumnavigating salmon seeking spawning runs.

Fine and dandy, but the only thing catfish anglers like John Jamison really care about are results. And from what he’s experienced, Scent Trail is the perfect name for the new feeding stimulant. “If you talk to the best trappers,” says cat pro Jamison, “They’ll tell you that the key to attracting and capturing the most elusive furbearers is using a potent, pungent fish oil solution. Mink and catfish each have whiskers for a reason, and they both detect and hone in on fish oil like no other aroma on earth. Spraying and soaking all of my catfish baits with Scent Trail has become a regular practice. It’s like setting up the ultimate trap line for big catfish.”

Picture your bait underwater. Soaked in Scent Trail, the morsel oozes out a wafting cloud of thick oily aroma, drifting downstream like a bleeding baitfish. “Catfish might not ‘see’ the trail,” Jamison says, “but you can bet they can smell and even taste it from a great distance. They follow it like a path to their food, tracking it until the Scent Trail becomes red hot.”

Jamison offers tips on using his special cat tracking elixir: “Spray it directly on baits such as Rippin Lips Leakin Livers, giving it some extra spice. Or apply it to cutbaits, such as shad, suckers or skipjack. You can extend the bait’s effectiveness—re-energizing and activating used baits—with a few squirts. The other thing I like to do is pre-cut a couple dozen baitfish and put them into my Keep Kool bait cooler. Douse the whole works with a good amount of Scent Trail. It’s like marinating your steak before throwing it on the grill.”

Although you won’t find Scent Trail in the BBQ sauce aisle at the grocery store, it is available at select catfishing outlets as well as Packaged in handy 4-ounce spray bottles, Scent Trail is formulated with 100% natural fish oils, amino acids and other intense attractants that incite a primal reaction. Offered in Catfish and Bass flavors. To get a whiff of Rippin Lips’ full line of serious catfish gear, visit

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