It’s a timeless question: If you had only one rifle, which would it be? This week a Florida Sportsman Member was forced to ask that question under unfortunate circumstances: a burglar made off with the contents of his not-so-sturdy gun locker. (We’re sure to see a thread about gun safes soon!). “Your thoughts, if you could pick just one caliber for deer hunting here in Florida,” asked Buckshot 243.

The discussion highlights some of the important attributes of a Florida rifle: Barrel length to accommodate tree stands; optimal penetration to avoid damaging meat; threshold of recoil tolerance; cost of ammo; likelihood of travel West for elk and other larger game.

Senior Member Panhandler makes a pretty solid case for a .270 WSM round, after hunting for 7 years with a Browning A-Bolt chambered for that powerful short-magnum round. But at least one Member disagrees, suggesting that to achieve the impressive ballistics reports for the .270 WSM demands a heavier, longer rifle and scope package than most Florida hunters might want or need.

Which will it be for Buckshot243? What will it be for you? Drop in on this and other great discussions on our new Firearms Forum.

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