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The Dolphin

The Dolphin, Coryphaena Hippurus

A blaze of blue and yellow or deep green and yellow when in the water, and sometimes shows dark vertical stripes as well when excited. Small dark spots on sides. Dorsal fin extends nearly from head to tail. Head is very blunt in males (bulls); rounded in females (cows).The Pompano Dolphin, Coryphaena equisetis, is often mistaken as a female or juvenile male Dolphin. It is found in most of the same waters, grows to about 5 pounds, distinguished by the rounded shape of the underbelly.


Schooling fish run in similar sizes, from around a pound to nearly 20 pounds at times; larger fish are loners, or else pairs—bull and cow. Big bulls often reach 50 pounds in weight and can exceed 80 pounds on rare occasion. Large cows generally top out at 40 pounds or so. World record 88 pounds; Florida record 77 pounds, 12 ounces.


None better.


Top of the heap in any weight class—speedy. Strong and acrobatic.


With the Dolphin, anything goes. Private-boat anglers seek to find a school by trolling or by running and searching for visual signs. Once a school is located, it can usually be kept around the boat by restrained chumming with cut bait and/or by keeping at least one hooked fish in the water at all times. A hot school will eagerly accept jigs and all sorts of casting baits, including flies and popping bugs. If strikes slow down, cut bait often does the trick. Big or wise fish may insist on live baits. Countless Dolphin are also caught, both by design and incidentally, on the entire gamut of rigged trolling baits and artificial trolling lures.


Trolling; Drifting; Casting.



Dorado Mahi Mahi 


All offshore waters of Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.


Dolphin roam the open sea in a continuous hunt for food. Anglers seek them along rafted weedlines and around any sort of large floating object.The location of schools may also be given away by feeding birds, particularly frigate birds.  

Port Canaveral Dolphin

Forum member cflcycleparts got into some nice December dolphin while trolling.

Panhandle Dolphin

Forum member mahiwahi caught this dolphin near shore off of the panhandle, which is a rare occurrence in the winter months.

Keys Trio

Forum member TeamTeke and friends show off the results of a successful day offshore.

Big Phin!

Buddy and Cassie Yarbrough caught this 45 pound bull dolphin off of Lake Worth while trolling.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Father and daughter show off their days catch while fishing out of Stuart.

February Phins

Forum member Bencarr and friend hoist up four nice gaffer dolphin caught off of Stuart.

Bugs and Phins

10 year old Jack Cronin, Chris Cronin, and 8 year old Brendan Cronin, enjoyed an early spring catch of dolphin in the morning, and bugs in the afternoon off of Marathon.

Port Canaveral Phin

Forum member Hotpursuit with a nice dolphin out of Port Canaveral.

Southeast Bull

Forum member Bow Movement and friend with a stud dolphin.

Big Southeast Bull

Forum member Pensacola shows off a 40 pound dolphin he caught on a nice edge.

Dolphin on the Other Side

Forum member e-money and friends made a trip over to the Bahamas recently and caught a mess of fish, including this nice dolphin.

Dolphin for All

Forum member sam50 and crew tore up the dolphin recently, using live goggle eye for bait.

First Phin

8 year old Joseph Hendren shows off his first dolphin!

Dolphin for Two

Tamy Telese's first time trolling resulted in these two nice dolphin. Caught out of the St. Lucie Inlet.

Southeast Bull

Forum member Seamanator561 and friends with a bull dolphin that won them first place in a recent tournament.

Inflatable Phins

Forum member b1gdog83 shows off two nice dolphin he caught, 8 miles offshore on his 15 foot inflatable.

Mahi Girls

Forum member Black Attack and friends recently got into a nice dolphin bite off of Jupiter.

Boynton Bull

Dolphin on the Yak

Forum member kayakfrank hoists up a nice cow dolphin, caught on a live bait off of Dania. Light leader and smaller hook was the ticket to catching the finicky fish.

SLI Phin

Forum member e-money put his clients on some nice fish lately, including this dolphin.

Success on the Hump

Forum member flbluerunner and friends got into some skipjacks and dolphin on the Marathon Hump recently.

Port Canaveral Phin

Forum member tonytali with a 30 pound bull dolphin caught in 400 off of Port Canaveral.

St. Augustine Bull

Forum member Big Bend Brian and son with a 52-pound dolphin.

Ponce Inlet Dolphin Run

Tiffany caught this dolphin about 50 miles offshore while trolling on Captain Hull's Sea Lover

Ft.Pierce Dolphin

This 19-pound dolphin was caught at 125 feet out of Ft.Pierce

Abaco Dolphin

The crew aboard the Fishbone caught this massive 60-pound dolphin while fishing in the Abacos

First Bull

Georgie caught her first bull dolphin off Port Canaveral on a blue/white skirted ballyhoo, weighing in at 26-pounds

Easter Dolphin

These four ladies caught a 25-pound dolphin on Easter Sunday aboard Francing Awesome in Islamorada

CostaRica Dolphin

Clare Redrick with her first dolphin caught off Los Suenos, Costa Rica, aboard the Circle Hook

First Phin

Member Kim Chi's son with his first ever doplin

Offshore Fun

Marc showing off his catches of the day. A 38-pound bull dolphin and a 48-pound cobia

Huge Dolphin

Jordan struggles to hold up this massive dolphin that will be providing him dinner for a while

Tournament Winner

Forum member SmittysTeam with a 20 pound dolphin they caught while trolling, winning them the "Rebuilding Together" charity tournament.


Mahi Mahi caught by forum member the BEAST while fishing with his wife.


Big ole Bull caught by FS member in Ft. Pierce.


FS member with a big ole dolphin.

Mahi Mahi

Another big ole dolphin caught by a FS member.

Little Mahi

A little but still good looking mahi mahi caught by a little FS member.

3 for 3

This FS member 3 for 3 on some mahi mahi

Keys Dolphin

Forum member Sonarsup scored himself his first dolphin in 330 feet of water trolling a skirt.

Mahi Mahi

Nice mahi mahi caught by FS forum member Aggravated-A-Salt.


Forum member KKlimas with a good ole mahi.


Another picture by forum member Fi$hnguyen of his friend with a little dolphin.

Mahi Mahi

Little mahi caught by forum member Fi$hnguyen.

Mahis for All

Forum member AMPED and his friends all catching some mahi while fishing east of BPK and west of Sombrero Light..

Mahi Mahi

Intern Blake Bramblett with a nice Dolphin he caught while fishing with live bait around seagrass beds offshore of Stuart.


Forum member AMPED with an awesome triple header of quality dolphin, while trolling.

Marathon Bull

Forum member CatchDog with a big bull Dolphin caught off of Marathon on a blue and white islander skirt and ballyhoo.

Stuart Dolphin

Florida Sportsman Forum Member cobiaman pulled in this nice Dolphin while trolling offshore with his wife and kids.

Stuart Dolphin

Florida Sportsman Forum Member cobiaman pulls in another Dolphin while trolling with his wife and kids offshore

Travis's Dolphin

Travis Singh, age. 15, caught this Dolphin in Marathon during the 2014 Memorial Day weekend.

Keys Dolphin

Florida Sportsman Forum Member Piner_wahoo pulls in this Mahi Mahi while fishing in Big Pine Key.

Hell-Bent for Dolphin

Captain Sammy Sparks and his wife Patty caught four dolphin including this one here off of Islamorada. They were fishing in 1800 feet of water and caught two trolling and two on pitch baits. Nice work guys!

Veteran's Day Bull

Florida Sportsman member dscherz decided to take his family out fishing for Veteran's weekend out of Palm Beach Inlet and landed some massive cows. Pictured here is Derek and Kyle holding one of the many dolphins they caught in which it was the biggest one Derek has caught to date. Great Job!

Bull Dolphin

53 pound bull dolphin caught out of Sebastian Inlet on Memorial day weekend.

Which ones the better catch?

Douglas M. Webb holds his wife Giuliana Davila Webb along side a monster mahi they caught that day in Islamorada. Which ones the better catch? You decide.

Reel Time Mahi

Capt. George Gozdz and the Reel Time crew traveled to the Florida Keys with Britney Novalsky a.k.a "SaltwaterSportswoman" as seen on the FS Forum catch this nice mahi-mahi while fishing the offshore reefs of the Atlantic.

Solid Dolphin

Capt. Jeff Searcy caught this nice dolphin while fishing with his family in the Keys.


Big Phin

Big Bull Dolhin.

Harrison's Dolphin

Harrison Scott, age. 12, caught this Dolphin while trolling a piece of ballyhoo approximately 29 miles out of Cape Canaveral.

Beardmore with a Mahi!

Capt. Doug Beardmore caught this dolphin 40 miles straight out of the Sebastian Inlet with the latest issue of the magazine in his holster. Nice job!

Dolphin Days

Forum member arunram caught this nice phin along with many others trolling skirts in the northeast.

Urban Renewel Dolphin

Forum member Urban Renewel with a nice dolphin.

Tripp's Dolphin

Nine year old Tripp Field caught this awesome dolphin off of St. Augustine on a ballyhoo. Nice one Tripp!

Keys Dolphon

FS forum member NauticalWheeler with a good size mahi.


forum member jokerj280 found this stud bull dolphin out of Boynton Beach.

Cudjoe phin

Forum member Bill Welder caught this nice dolphin out of cudjoe key in 575 feet of water.

Andrews Phin

Andrew Maxey caught this 50 pound dolphin out of Marathon on a dead sardine.

Guys Catch

Graham and Harry caught these dolphin and blackfin tuna out of Islamorada on naked skirts.

Tropical Storm Mahi

Sammy Holmes, 13, trolling off of Duck Key DURING the tropical storm on the Triton

These Girls can fish!!

This pair of dolphin were caught off the coast of Islamorada by myself and my friend Jennifer Rowland. There were actually 3 fish in the set and we let one of the guys on the boat get that one, but we left him out of the picture LOL- Darlene Bertucci

New Smyrna Dolphin

We went out of New Smyrna Florida on the Tripleheader boat about 45 - 50 miles. It was Nick Higgens ,Edgardo Rodruiges ,Tommy Bray , Tom Bray and myself Roger Alvarez (in the middle) . I caught this 48 pound baby on 20 lb. mono ! it took me 45 minutes to bring him in ! ) The fish was actually bigger then I . It was 5.4 inches , I'm 5.2 inches tall ! My buddy Tommy caught one 49 pounder . All together we caught about 15 dolphin about 30 lb.

Robs Dolphin

Excellent dolphin caught by Robert Ferrel

Dolphin Haul

Looks like a good day!

Lunch time Bull

Hooked this big boy up around lunch time on Saturday, June 22, 2013. We were around 13 miles out from the St. Lucie Inlet at Push Button in about 300' of water trolling horse ballyhoo and blue and white islanders. The fish boiled across our spread out of the water and nailed a short line behind our teaser. Measured 47" to the fork and the fight lasted approximately 35 minutes. Biggest fish my dad has ever caught an definitely a trip to remember.

Fort Pierce Dolphin

Robert Walsh with a nice dolphin out of Fort Pierce

Father's Day Dolphin

FS member sebastianshine caught this bull on a cut ballyhoo while fishing for swordfish out of Fort Pierce.

Big Bull

Kyle Steinbacher with a nice bull

Kids Love Fishing

Some nice dolphin!

Nice Schoolies

Big Bull

FS member cckgundogs caught this 75 pound dolphin near Matanilla Reef in the Bahamas.

Mahi Mahi Lakewood Ranch Fishing Club

Sending pic 1492 of Red Baily of the Lakewood Ranch Fishing Club with some of the school of mahi mahi [dolphin] he caught using chunks of sardines in about 150 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. The club also caught large red grouper and mangrove snapper. Fishing with Capt Larry McGuire Show Me The Fish Charters. Operating out of the Bradenton Beach Marin

Kayak Mahi

FS member Nelbag caught this dolphin from a kayak off Palm Beach.

Keys Dolphin

FS member Wahkit caught this 60 pound bull off Marathon.

Abaco Wahoo and Dolphin

FS member venturesome with a solid wahoo and dolphin caught out of lubbers in the Abacos

5th Place Dolphin

FS member Lori Jo Fishing caught this dolphin 21 miles off Palm Beach. It weighed 25 pounds and won 5th place in the Palm Beach County KDW Classic.

Father and Sons Dolphin

26 lbs dolphin, caught at the Islamorada Hump last week, off my 22' Dauntless With my sons Jonathan and Michael, drifting with live bait.-Bruce Levy

Auggie Dolphin

Justin Vietze's first ever dolphin, caught memorial day in 200 feet out of St. Augustine.

Big Pine Key Dolphin Trip

David Schlabach and companies Dolphin trip out of Big Pine Key the week of May 20,2013. We caught a lot of big fish, but had to go 30 plus miles out. Fish weighed in at 10-12lb Schooly's to 20-30lb Bull's and Cows. The Big Bull weighed in at 55lbs and was caught on a spinning outfit while the cow(30lbs) was being brought in

60lb Dolphin

Great fish

Kents Dolphin

Kent Hughes with a big dolphin

Nice catch!

What a dolphin!


Nice dolphin snagged off of Key West

Key West Dolphin

My 8 year old Grandson, Cullen Moore, from Minnesota on spring break. It was his first Dolphin. It was caught off Key West on March 22. Caught on trolled ballyhoo on his Grandpa's boat, 8 is enough. It was a great day. Bill Bissett Fort Myers, Fl

Key's Slammer

Chris Hoffman caught this 48 pound bull Dolphin while trolling 30 miles south of Key Largo.

Erika's Mahi

"I'm female, 33 years old born and raised in South Florida , I grew up fishing in the intracoastal waterways with my family and friends. I love fishing inshore and offshore it is my ultimate passion and hobby." - Sarah Workman

Candice and her Dolphin

Candice caught this dolphin free lining squid in the Gulf Stream off Islamorada.

Father/Daughter Mahi

Some quality father / daughter time off of Ft. Lauderdale during the winter break from school. Haley Gorey (daughter) and Steve Gorey (Dad) Out of Plantation, FL

Big Pine Key Dolphin Trip

David Schlabach and companies dolphin trip out of Big Pine Key the week of May 20,2013. We caught a lot of big fish, but had to go 30 plus miles out. Fish weighed in at 10-12lb Schooly's to 20-30lb Bull's and Cows. The Big Bull weighed in at 55lbs and was caught on a spinning outfit while the cow(30lbs) was being brought in

Big Pine Key Dolphin Trip

David Schlabach and companies Dolphin trip out of Big Pine Key the week of May 20,2013. We caught a lot of big fish, but had to go 30 plus miles out. Fish weighed in at 10-12lb Schooly's to 20-30lb Bull's and Cows. The Big Bull weighed in at 55lbs and was caught on a spinning outfit while the cow(30lbs) was being brought in

Lots of Dolphin

Josh Potler and friends went out in about 500-700 feet of water approx and got some nice catches!


Josh Potler and crew had an awesome two days of Mahi fishing off of Boca and Deerfield Beach, FL!

Jupiter Dolphin

Sammi Voss caught this 16 pound dolphin while fishing out of Jupiter.

Dolphin Days

Taylor Ponsoldt and friend landed this gaffer dolphin off the east coast of Florida.

Family Vacation Catch

Pricilla sent in this pic of a nice dolphin caught off of Marathon Key, FL.

Summer Bull

Stanna Allen of Lake Wales and Key Colony Beach FL. caught this 50lb bull on a Blue and Sliver Billy bait off Marathon in 800 ft of water.

First Time Around

R. J. Nakashian caught this 20 lb. bull Dolphin; this was the first catch of the day.

Offshore Fishing

Jesse, Cameron and Chris caught these dolphins and wahoo offshore.

Emalee's Dolphin

Emalee Parker and her mahi-mahi caught in the keys

10 lb. Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member, Fi$h2nguyen, and his friend, Maky, caught this 10lb bull dolphin at the beginning of their fishing trip.

Bull Dolphin on a Ballyhoo

Kimberly Suarez caught this 20lb. bull dolphin on a skirted ballyhoo in 700ft. of water off of Cudjoe Key, Florida.

Cudjoe Key Dolphin

Don Carpintier caught this mahi dolphin 20 miles off of Cudjoe Key in 2,000 ft of water.

Team Effort

The Donofrio boys (Joe, Chris, and Michael) teamed up to catch their first dolphin of the year; this 28lb. bull dolphin in Port St. Lucie, FL.

West Palm Bull Dolphin

Mike Burbage caught this 44 lb bull dolphin off the coast of West Palm while fishing off of the 'Knot Yet '.

Southeast Dolphin

Mike's 35lb dolphin caught off Jupiter.

Fathers Day Dolphin

A nice gift to the padre after this son caught a nice size dolphin as a present.

36 Miami Dolphin's

While fishing offshore of Miami, Florida Sportsman member DanManSwag caught a large total of 36 Dolphin.

Shell Shocked Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member, Captain Easy, caught this dolphin on a live Pilchard offshore of the keys.

Massive Bull Dolphin

Colton Brown caught this massive bull dolphin; it weighed 37 lbs and measured 58 inches.

Janet's Dolphin

Janet caught this in 600 feet of water off of Marathon.

Luke's Dolphin

Young Luke Sealey caught his 10lb dolphin off Jensen Beach with his Canadian Mooching Rod.

Keys Dolphin

Josh Eital caught this dolphin offshore in the Keys.

Boynton Beach Dolphin

Alexis Pugh caught this dolphin offshore of Boynton Beach with her family on a 35ft Triton.

Family Catch

Julie Perkins and her son Dylan Perkins with each of their first dolphins.

Key West Dolphin

Brent Dixon, 11 years old, from Merritt Island fought this bull dolphin for at least 30 minutes and caught him off the coast of Key West, Florida.

Baby 'Phin

A few Dolphin including our smallest dolphin ever pulled off a weedline off Islamorada by Angie Brainard.

Towered Bull Dolphin

Florida Sportsman Forum Member Grouper Genius of Zephyrhills shows off his bull dolphin that he spotted out with his new and improved 24 foot Sea Chaser.

Hillborough Dolphin

10 year-old, Sage Brands, caught his first bull dolphin with his father offshore of the Hillsborough Inlet. The dolphin weighed in at 15 lbs, a great catch for the first time.

Brotherly Dolphin

These keys dolphin kept the boys busy on a nice day offshore in the Keys.

Up for the Fight

Don is hooked up big time, maybe with a little more than his light tackle can handle. You never know what keys reefs may have in store.

Keys Dolphin

Check out this nice Keys bull dolphin.

Tastes Like Chicken

Someone can't wait to get home and have a dolphin dinner!

First Dolphin

Claire caught her first dolphin while trolling on a beautiful day offshore in the Florida Keys.

Dolphin and Hog Snapper

Andrea shows off this dolphin and hog snapper combo.

Ft. Pierce Dolphin

Jessica holds up an impressive bull dolphin caught while trolling off the shores of Ft. Pierce.

First Time Dolphin

Jo Lynn Peart caught her first bull dolphin, weighing in at 31 pounds, while vacationing with her husband Bob and friends in Key West trolling 10 miles out.

Bull Dolphin

This big bull dolphin caught by Dodie will make it all the way home for dinner.

Isla Mujeres Dolphin

This pair of dolphin was caught on the distant offshore battle grounds of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Pushy Dolphin

This dolphin was caught while on the troll over push button hill, located offshore of St. Lucie Inlet.

Jacksonville Dolphin

This dolphin caught of Jacksonville poses for a picture along with its captor.

Cooper's Dolphin

Very nice bull dolphin back at the dock after a day fishing.

Big Bull Dolphin

This bull has brawn!

Best Catch

While vacationing in the Keys, Ohio native Amy Kroen caught this 51lb mahi dolphin while trolling south of Marathon.

Stuart Dolphin

Tammy caught this hungry cow dolphin while trolling on a calm day off Stuart.

Cinco de Mayo Dolphin

Jacob of Sunrise caught these dolphin in Fort Lauderdale on Cinco de Mayo!

Little Man, Big Dolphin


Christina's Dolphin

Christina, 15, caught this dolphin in Key West.

St. Lucie Dolphin

A big cow dolphin for the lady and a big bull dolphin for the gent.

Hollywood Dolphin

Caught while fishing off of Hollywood, this big bull dolphin is the star of the day.

Islamorada Dolphin

Green in a sea of blue.

Donna's Port Canaveral Dolphin

Donna holds up a cow dolphin that displays some crazy colors.

11 Dolphin in Islamorada

From big to small these anglers caught the whole school.

Alexis's First Dolphin

Back at the docks, Alexis holds up her first dolphin for a quick picture.

Stuart Dolphin

Captain Dave Gates and Ben Dickmann caught this 42.6 pound bull in 600 feet off Stuart.

Terri's Jupiter Dolphin

Terri isn't shy when it comes to fishing.This little dolphin gets a kiss before heading to the fishbox.

Miranda Egan's Dolphin Catches

Lynn's First Dolphin!

Lynn Davidsen's first dolphin! Caught trolling off Elliot Key

Dom Scala's Dolphin

Quite the impressive gaff shot on a lit-up dolphin.

Jupiter Dolphin

Nicole of West Virginia and family gather around for a picture with this stud of a bull dolphin.

Dolphin Day

What a tasty sight, dolphin and yellowtail snapper. Looks like a successful day offshore.

Member Ripnlips with a Dolphin

Scott Waldren with a 55-pound dolphin caught 22 miles south of Marathon

Fishing with Friends

Florida Sportsman member, George M. caught these fish offshore with his buddies.

Mackenzie's Dolphin

Mackenzie White out of Ft. Pierce Fl, landed her first spring dolphin

Islamorada Dolphin


Sebastian Dolphin Bag

FS Member Reel Thing posted this nice bag of dolphin from off Sebastian.

Haley's Dolphin

FS Member Blue Thunder posted this photo of a large dolphin caught by Haley.

Dolphin and King Combo

FS Member ACME Ventures Fishing posted this kingfish/dolphin batch from off PC.

St. Augustine Dolphin

FS Member CEE-STUD posted this dolphin and wahoo combo off St. Augustine.

Dolphin on the Fly

Big dolphin on the fly, Andros, Bahamas.

Palm Beach Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member Boo's Cruise caught this dolphin off Palm Beach Inlet.

First Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member LivinTDream posted this photo of a friend with a dolphin, her first saltwater catch.

Boynton Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member schmittyfish561 posted this gaffed dolphin from off Boynton.

Wahoo, Dolphin, Tuna

FS Member Hooked Up Key West posted this mixed bag catch of wahoo, dolphin and tuna.

Key West 50-pound Cow Dolphin

Ronnie and Freddy with a 50-pound cow dolphin, caught off Key West with FS Member Got TA Go.

Summerland Key Dolphin

FS Member rapchizzle posted this dolphin photo, from off Summerland Key.

Tuna, Dolphin and Kingfish

FS Member JimboT posted this mixed bag of tuna, dolphin and kingfish, caught off Key West.

Key West Dolphin

FS Member Got TA Go posted this dolphin photo from off Key West.

Dolphin Delight

This lit up dolphin became a mahi sandwich.

A Boat Load

A mix of offshore and bottom fishing, these anglers caught mackerel, dolphin and sea bass.

Lunkerdog's Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member lunkerdog posted this dolphin photo.

South Dade Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member BEAST posted this dolphin catch from south Dade.

Fowey Rock Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member Diamonp posted this photo of his 2-year old son from his first fishing trip, near Fowey Rock.

Blackfins and Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member dale4fishin posted this nice blackfin tuna and a bunch of dolphin, caught off Boynton.

Nasty Weather Dolphin

Nasty clouds and weather couldn't keep this angler from landing a gaffer dolphin.

Father & Son Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member Lori Jo fishing posted this nice father-son dolphin photo from Palm Beach.

Hollywood Dolphin

December 6, 2011. Bill Feureman and Paul Lachance caught this 50 pound dolphin while fishing 12 miles off Hollywood.

Fort Lauderdale Dolphin

Emily had a great day on the water out of Fort Lauderdale catching 23 dolphin in all and she caught the biggest two!

Keys Dolphin

Top notch dolphin catches happen year-long in the Keys.

Juno Beach Dolphin

These lady anglers landed this dolphin off Juno Beach.

Jupiter Dolphin

This dolphin was caught within sight of Jupiter, Florida on a sweltering summer day.

Keys Dolphin

Prop up that dorsal fin, this bull dolphin is famous.

Stuart Dolphin

Calm days allow anglers to target dolphin in flats boats.

Bull Dolphin

Pedro Gonzalez landed this dolphin after a day offshore.

Panama City Dolphin

It took all this angler's heart to hold up a fun-size dolphin.

Jumping Dolphin

This jumping dolphin was captured out of Tavernier.

Dolphin Gaff

Top gaff shot landed this dolphin. Don't hit the meat!

Dolphins Galore

Dolphin at the docks make for three happy anglers.

Dolphin Delight

Chris and John's dolphin was the talk of the docks after their day of fishing.

Dolphin Digging

\"This dolphin never had a chance,\" said the angler holding an impressive specimen.

Dolphin Dash

Florida Sportsman member dolphinlatitude caught this big mahi.

Beautiful Dolphin

This dolphin lit up just for the camera.

A Dolphin at Last

Anglers worked hard to land this dolphin.

Stuart Dolphin

Bud O' Donnell and Parke Cooper with nice Stuart dolphin at sunset.


A Boy and his Dolphin

There ain't nothing better than a boy and his dolphin

Ft. Pierce Bull

This bull dolphin was so big it knocked over a fellow angler.

Dolphin Trifecta

Just caught, the dolphin trifecta: a schoolie, a slinger and a slammer. Nice work boys!

Duck Key Dolphin

Trolling for Dolphin

Spring Dolphin

Annual Keys Trip

Mix of small blackfin tuna and gaffer dolphin for this happy crew visiting the Florida Keys.

Islamorada Dolphin

Dolphin for Dinner

Jackson Gable fought this bull dolphin off of Islamorada before bringing it home for dinner.

Mathew's Dolphin

Bill Taley and Gang

What a bluewater adventure for Bill Taley and his crew, fishing off Big Pine Key! Shown in the picture are several big dolphin, a couple of muttons, two tripletail and a wahoo.

Will Fey's Dolphin

Boynton Inlet in approximately 750 feet of water. We were trolling rigged, skirted fresh squid rigs that I made using small Yozuri squid skirts of various colors (blue/white and glow were the hit), 3Ž4 oz egg weights, 80 lb fluorocarbon, 7/0 Mustad 3407 O'shaughnessy hooks and fresh, whole squid. Will Fey, age 7, is the angler and he can reel them in all by himself and help me put lines out!! The bull weighed 14 lbs and the cow weighed 7 lbs using the Palm Beach Yacht Center fish scale.


Boca Dolphin

Tom Egelhoff caught this dolphin offshore of Boca Raton, FL.

Leader of the Pack

Day with Dad



Big Bull

37 pound mahi - caught by my boyfriend, Lt Col Tom White, owner of Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa.- Cricket Larsen

Carlie's Tampa Dolphin

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