The Trout are Chewin'

Florida Sportsman member: Snookslayer772

"September is here and so is the bait! The finger mullet schools throughout the South Indian River are the ticket. Fishing these schools with topwater lures and suspending twitch baits below the schools have been great."

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Watch a How-To Catch Trout Video

Editors Mike Conner and Frank Bolin cover several methods for getting lures below the surface in the shallow water of the Indian River near Fort Pierce.

From the Spillways to the Beaches

Florida Sportsman member: Snookslayer772

"Now's the time to get out there and pull on some bruiser snook! Been catching them in the river all the way to the beach. If you can find clear water on the beach sight fishing these big breeders is a blast (really gets the adrenaline pumping watching one eat)..."

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Watch a How-To Catch Snook Video

When it comes to artificial baits, the plastic shrimp is one of the most versatile baits both inshore and offshore.


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Try out this hot jig and let the snook fall where they may.

St. Lucie Beach Tarpon

Florida Sportsman member: snookcook

"Fishing has been awesome! Tarpon are in, snook are popping, trout are munching, and snapper are snapping! Some reds are around too, just have not been targeting them. I have been getting a good mangrove bite, in the St. Lucie and Indian River on both tides..."

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How-To Catch Tarpon Video

Head inshore at the “magic hour” during dawn on the Keys with Editor Jeff Weakly and Capt. Mark Krowka to battle with tarpon, the king of the flats.


How-To Catch Tarpon Article

Update on where and when to go for silver king action in the Sunshine State.

Mahi and More in the Northeast

Florida Sportsman member: arunram

"We could have stayed north and killed them but we just wanted to see what’s happening south. We released some small ones and kept 12 big mahi with the biggest around 40 pounds. Then we bottom fished for a very little time and caught…"

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Watch a How-To Catch Dolphin Video

Florida Sportsman’s Rick Ryals gives solid advice on using offshore temperature breaks to help locate and catch more dolphin.


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Simple tips for making your first offshore trips relaxing and productive. Join an East Coast crew as they head out for dolphin, tuna, and a whole lot more.

Terrific Tortugas Trip

Florida Sportsman member: Reef Bandit

"We ended up catching over 100 groupers, a dozen muttons and limited out our snapper bag with yellowtails. I’d been down two days before this trip on a big boat and literally had to run away from all the red snappers, they’re everywhere! We even caught 10 of them on fly!

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Watch a How-To Catch Grouper Video

Florida Sportsman editors Jeff Weakley and David Conway venture out of Islamorada in the Florida Keys for an afternoon fishing the ledges


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Persuading a red grouper to bite is usually easy. Prying a big one off the bottom? Not so easy.

Kayakin' for Largemouth

Florida Sportsman member: syd7792

"The bass were on fire last weekend here in Valrico Lake. Bass fishing out of a boat is awesome but nothing compares to fishing out of a kayak. When you hook a bass that gives you the fight and the ride of a lifetime, it is just epic!"

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Watch a How-To Catch Bass Video

FS Member Bass2Bucks made this short video of himself and Capt. Shane flipping and pitching for bass from their summertime outings.


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There’s something to be said for one big hook. Stick a trophy fish, and you can apply the full pressure the tackle will deliver, muscle it out of whatever cover it was hiding in and bring the fish to the boat quickly.

Birds to the Bay

Florida Sportsman member: huntentails

"We hit the water at the crack of noon. It wasn’t long before we had trout on almost every cast. Most were just underslot but we did manage to sort thru them for a nice bunch for dinner along with a nice pompano..."

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Watch a How-To Catch Trout Video

Florida Sportsman’s Mike Conner and others give some sage advice and explanation on how working the entire water column, at the right time, is key to fishing success.


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Grow up, change habits and target trophy seatrout. There’s a point in a spotted seatrout’s life when it reaches about 17 inches and like most teenagers, it gets an attitude.

Wintertime Backyard Bass

Florida Sportsman member: chut03

“The fish have mostly been hitting soft plastics, and the Zoom Trick Worm really is a bass magnet! I landed the largest one, a 5 pound’r, on a black Trick Worm last week. All fish were released safely and will live to fight another day!…"

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Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.18.23 AM

Watch a How-To Catch Bass Video

Catch big largemouths on spinnerbaits! “This weekend we were fishing the St. Johns river again and throwing spinnerbaits through the eel grass.”


Read a How-To Catch Bass Article

The worm turns bass can’t resist. It’s so simple: a plastic worm with the hook set through its center, rather than through the head or tail.

Rough and Tough Sailfish in the South

Florida Sportsman member: The BEAST

"As the day moved along we caught several skipjacks. This seemed to be the predominate catch rolling down the corridor we were fishing. The day dragged on and the seas built up with each minute. As the time was running low we had a taker on the short rigger and here we go, sailfish! The guys were happy to see that fish as it did its acrobatics out of the water..." 

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Watch a How-To Catch Sailfish Video

During this offshore FS Seminar, Florida Sportsman’s Rick Ryals shows you how to troll offshore more efficiently by rigging ballyhoo the right way.


Read a How-To Catch Sailfish Article

You wake up one morning and there’s a cool wind out of the north. Out on the reef, packs of spindlebeaks are heading south, black etchings in vivid sapphire seas. It’s the time of year when acrobatic billfish gyrate against the bluebird skies of our daydreams.


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