Sportsman’s Best: Boats

Boat with who you want, when you want. Fish when you want, where you want. Dive, ski or just relax – it’s all up to you once you become the captain of your own boat.


Sportsman’s Best: Surf Fishing

David A. Brown’s Surf Fishing takes you from rocky New England shores, to Florida’s picturesque beaches to the rugged and desolate coastline of the Pacific Northwest. The baits, lures, and rigging may vary regionally, but several key principles remain consistent. Learn the basics and you can catch fish from any shore.

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Sport Fish of Florida

This handy book features 231 species, all illustrated in full color. Also included for each fish are detailed ranges, habitats, game quality, food quality and record sizes.

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Sportsman’s Best: Kayak Fishing

A 234-page tribute to the paddle fishing lifestyle, with expert advice and photographs from around the USA.

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Sportsman’s Best: Sight Fishing

When you add the visual aspect of searching for and finally spotting a fish before you cast, it’s like an infusion of Red Bull into your central nervous system.


The Anglers Cookbook

The Anglers Cookbook brings together Vic Dunaway’s more than 65 years of catching and cooking experience into a colorful, informative volume on cleaning, preparing and enjoying fish and seafood.

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Sportsman’s Best: Inshore Fishing

    Fishing the shallows gets in your blood like few other activities. If you’re interested in skinny water fishing,…»

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Sportsman’s Best: Offshore Fishing

    The beauty and appeal of offshore fishing is that you never know what you might catch. If you…»


Sportsman’s Best: Snapper & Grouper

    The experts at Florida Sportsman bring you the most colorful, in-depth book on snapper and grouper ever written.…»

Sportsman’s Best: Trout

    The perfect inshore fish. Strikes hard, shakes, jumps, and is delicious to eat. Any angler who cares to…»


Sportsman’s Best: Snook

    This is the bible for anglers looking for a wily ambusher that delivers heart-stopping strikes, acrobatic jumps and…»


Sportsman’s Best: Redfish

    Fishing for a 20-pound fish, tail in the air, water too shallow to conceal them- it must be…»


Sportsman’s Best: Dolphin

Sportsman’s Best: Dolphin book and DVD cover every aspect of dolphin fishing you’ll need to know, from your best baits to your best chance of finding both school-size fish as well as slammer–size.


Baits, Rigs & Tackle

    National All-Time Best Seller on Fishing Know-How. Every Anglers’s Favorite How-To-Book. The latest in rods, reels, lines and…»