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Sportsman’s Best: Boats

Boat with who you want, when you want. Fish when you want, where you want. Dive, ski or just relax – it’s all up to you once you become the captain of your own boat.


Sportsman’s Best: Surf Fishing

David A. Brown’s Surf Fishing takes you from rocky New England shores, to Florida’s picturesque beaches to the rugged and desolate coastline of the Pacific Northwest. The baits, lures, and rigging may vary regionally, but several key principles remain consistent. Learn the basics and you can catch fish from any shore.

Charts / GPS Chips

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The Florida Sportsman Fish Chip

Make your GPS a Fish Finder…instantly with the Florida Sportsman Fish Chip. The Chips fit most major brands and are easy to install.


Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts

Catch more fish with the Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts. A Florida Sportsman Fishing Chart will surely become one of your most valuable fishing tools in your tackle box for years to come.


2014 FS Planner Cover

2014 Florida Sportsman Fishing Planner

Catch more fish with your 2013 Fishing Planner. Over 190 pages of month-by-month action predictions for all six Florida tide stations, handy fishing regulations guide [...]

Fish ID & Lawsticks

Slider On The Water Guide

On The Water Guide

The 50 most popular species in Florida. Keep the waterproof, tear-proof guide on you at all times to help you I.D. what you catch.



Florida Sportsman 2014 Calendars

Don’t miss out! Florida Sportsman is offering two great calendars for 2014.



FS Shirts & Hats

Show off the Florida Sportsman Fish-Logo while you fish or go out.



Sportsman’s Best: Snook

Warning, this DVD is for anglers looking for a wily ambusher that delivers heart-stopping strikes, acrobatic jumps and searing runs. …»