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Similar in color to the Blue Marlin but proportionately lighter in body; Whites can be distinguished from small Blues by the rounded tips of dorsal, anal and pectoral fins.

SIZE: Averages 40-70 pounds; 100-pounders not too uncommon; maximum less than 200. World record 181 pounds, 14 ounces; Florida record 161 pounds.

FOOD VALUE: Good but commercially protected and seldom eaten by sportsmen.

GAME QUALITIES: Probably the most aerial-minded of our Billfishes, but with plenty of stamina as well.

TACKLE AND BAITS: Light ocean trolling or heavy spinning outfits with lines up to 30-pound test; 12- and 20-pound lines are tops for sport. Anglers tar- geting White Marlin usually choose rigged trolling baits, such as Ballyhoo, strips or squid. They will, of course, eagerly strike live Blue Runners, Goggle-eyes and similar baitfish that are considered standard Sailfish baits. Artificial trolling lures also take many Whites.

FISHING SYSTEMS: Trolling; sometimes Drifting.



Aguja Blanco

RANGE: Blue ocean water off all Florida coasts and through- out the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

HABITAT: Like the Blue Marlin, a roamer of the open sea, and sought by anglers wherever feeding conditions or tempera- tures are most favorable.