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15 Species in Panama

Florida Sportsman member: Pesca Pimp Panama Inshore we had luck with pretty much everything except roosterfish! We got a number of species including blue trevalle, jack crevalle, horse-eye jack, yellow snapper, and cubera snapper. We had one monster cubera of about 60 pounds that we caught and released just a mile from our lodge.



FS Dreamboat Contest Winner Heads to Costa Rica

Capt. Charlie Phillips, winner of the Fishing NoSara Prize Package given away as top prize for the Florida Sportsman Dreamboat Contest earlier this year, returns from his fishing vacation this week.


Dimitris Kollias and John Cooper

The Cat Cay Tuna Tournament 2015

The history of bluefin tuna fishing at Cat Cay goes way back—back to the start of big game fishing in Florida. In fact Cat Cay—a tiny, one-by-two-mile island about 60 miles east of Miami—is closely linked with all American big game fishing, because the pursuit of the giant bluefin there and off Bimini just a few miles to the north in the spring and early summer shaped the early development of big game tackle, boats and angling in the country.

Central & South America


Costa Rican Clash

The mission, put PENN’s new Clash Spinning reels to the test. The location, Crocodile Bay Lodge, Costa Rica. In three days of fishing Blair Wickstrom, Florida Sportsman Publisher, along with several other outdoor writers from around the world fished along the Costa Rican coast, casting Sebile swimbaits for roosterfish and then offshore trolling live yellowfin tuna in hopes of catching blue marlin.

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Consider these top captains in the Tropical regions the next time you plan a fishing trip.


nosara snapper

Tropical: Accommodations

Consider these top accommodations in the Tropical regions the next time you plan a fishing trip.

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Isla Mujeres Trip Video

Hey everyone! Took a while but finally published my final video of the Isla Mujeres Trip to YouTube. The video only does the trip so much justice.


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