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double red

Northeast Jetty Report

Florida Sportsman member: zay We found the slot reds schooled up pretty thick and ended up getting our limit and released about 7 more till we decided it was time to move to find the sheeps. As we were leaving,we yelled over to the boat next to us that they could get in the “spot” since we didn’t really see them hooking up.

ne hoo

Northeast Wahoo

Florida Sportsman member: out of the blue We got bit within 30 minutes of trolling and pulled the hook , for a bit I thought, bad sign then Michael got on his first northeast florida hoo, it got interesting because we missed 3 bites in a row. We just couldn’t figure out how they don’t get hooked at 15 knots with 2 mustad 10/0 hooks, then luck changed and we got the next 3 fish and headed for home.


Expect redfish, like this 31-incher from Mark A. Moore, that he caught on a live finger mullet.

Cleaning Up: Escape to the Talbot Islands

Our inventory: one canoe, one 12-foot johnboat, two tents, innummerable rods, three mountain bikes and three surf boards.



FS Seminar – Survival Bag

Florida Sportsman boating editor Dave East reviews the essential items to pack in a survival bag in case of an emergency. Check out Dave East’s boating seminar “Backcountry Ditch Bag” in the April 2013 issue of Florida Sportsman magazine for more information.

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Cobia Center Console

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