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Bull Reds 101

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness Mullet don’t start showing up thick in the river channels until early Fall so it makes sense that mullet are off the menu. The blue crab are often either in shallow water or on the surface making their way to the ocean. Based on that, it also makes sense that the Blue Crab aren’t getting a lot of love either.

ne kings

Northeast Kings

Florida Sportsman member: zay After that we decided to stop and drop the sabikis down for some live bait and filled the livewell with some nice cigar minnows then started trolling again. Not 5 minutes in we get a double with two nice kings that my brother in law and dad both caught.



Where to Fish for Tarpon

Update on where and when to go for silver king action in the Sunshine State. Where do you want to fish for tarpon this year? For Florida boat-owners and even many shore fishermen, the answer may be as simple as, how long do you want to wait for them to arrive?



Screen Care and Feeding

Glass or plastic? Touchscreen or traditional? Secrets to keeping them clean and bright. Saltwater and sunshine are not kind to marine electronics. One especially sensitive area of any plotter or fishfinder is the display screen.

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Capt Roger Bump

Northeast: Guides

Consider these top captains in the Northeast region the next time you plan a fishing trip.

Tackle Shops

cast & Cruise

Northeast: Tackle Stores

Consider these tackle shops in the Northeast region the next time you plan a fishing trip.


Cobia Center Console

Center Consoles

Florida Sportsman features the top center consoles for fishing the Sunshine State’s coastal and offshore waters.