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Ending on a Good Note

Florida Sportsman member: bgood We then headed off 35 miles to our first stop, the bites started off a little slow but it picked up and we caught our limit of snapper. 3 of them measuring out to 30 inches plus, we threw back quite a few 18 inch ones also.


Low Tide Reds

Florida Sportsman member: Maverick Forum member Maverick put together a sweet video of some shallow water redfish action for all to enjoy. Catching fish on about everything thrown at them and being home before 10am. That sounds like a killer morning!



Matanzas Kayak Fishing

Sketchy low tides and a minefield of oyster shell? No problem for these Northeast Florida kayakers. Edward Abbey once said if you want to see the desert, get down on your knees and start crawling. Kayaking is the boating equivalent, with fish and other wildlife only inches away.



Fly Fishing on Wrecks

Mixed-bag action during the spring migration Wreck fly fishing is fun and rewarding, but purists will need to check their mindset at the dock. For dependable action, chumming is key. Frozen block chum and freshly cast-netted baitfish really get the snappers, jacks and mackerels prowling the upper portion of the water column.

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