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Breaking in the New Boat

Sliming up the New Boat

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness The reds were on a rampage! We were hooked up for a good hour straight with one Red after the other. Most fish were right at 26 to 27 inches. There were also a few smaller fish around 22 to 23 inches. We got one over slot around 29 inches as well as a few rats.

Northeast Red Snapper

Fishing with New Friends

Florida Sportsman member: model14 We next moved and found a goldmine of fish. Catch included many black seabass, numerous ringtail porgy, a big bull red, and a nice red snapper. I was really glad to see the boys get on some fish. Bait was squid, sardines, grunt and boston mackerel.



Matanzas Kayak Fishing

Sketchy low tides and a minefield of oyster shell? No problem for these Northeast Florida kayakers. Edward Abbey once said if you want to see the desert, get down on your knees and start crawling. Kayaking is the boating equivalent, with fish and other wildlife only inches away.



Kayak Lights

According to U.S. Coast Guard rules, a vessel “under oars” (a somewhat archaic term which nonetheless applies to modern kayaks) must have an acceptable light between sunset and sunrise and during periods of restricted visibility. Those periods include fog, rain and haze.

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Capt Roger Bump

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Northeast: Tackle Stores

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Cobia Center Console

Center Consoles

Florida Sportsman features the top center consoles for fishing the Sunshine State’s coastal and offshore waters.