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Hot Artificial Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Guanagator Fishing all artificial, mostly working the docks on mid tides and natural structure on West side closer to the bridge and just south at high tide to mid low, some nice sized reds, a couple of flounder and a few smaller trout first couple trips then Saturday night my buddy put the first North Florida snook on my boat.


Northeast Dolphin Bite

Florida Sportsman member: flblue We started with just a four line spread but quickly dropped to three, at one point we had a triple hookup. Got them all on board but it was chaotic. The kid with me at one point said “This is a story I’ll be telling my grand kids!”



Where to Fish for Tarpon

Update on where and when to go for silver king action in the Sunshine State. Where do you want to fish for tarpon this year? For Florida boat-owners and even many shore fishermen, the answer may be as simple as, how long do you want to wait for them to arrive?



Catching Mullet on Fly

Solving the jumping enigma with flies. When you think about it, the “game” in gamefish says a lot about a fish. It helps explain why one man’s grunting and sweating aboard a drifting sportfisherman seems so far removed from another’s grilled swordfish in a restaurant.

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Northeast: Guides

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Northeast: Tackle Stores

Consider these tackle shops in the Northeast region the next time you plan a fishing trip.


Cobia Center Console

Center Consoles

Florida Sportsman features the top center consoles for fishing the Sunshine State’s coastal and offshore waters.