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Cold Weather Convicts

Florida Sportsman member:fsu11 We managed nine keepers the majority were 2 to 4 pounds again. We didn’t go through half a pint both days. The key was moving water, we fished the exact same spot both days and when the tide was moving we caught fish and when it stopped, so did the bites.


St. Augustine Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: Chilly This spot looked better so we dropped the hook to focus on cobia for a bit. We sent down live mullet and starting catching fish! Several big snappers came up on the first drop. We decided to use some chicken rigs to get fish moving up and down in the column. Before long, the big bait on the back got slammed and up comes a cobia with a golden ticket for the fish box.



Wintertime Trout Fishing

Winter is a great time to target trout, but the setting and methods may differ sharply around the state. According to our updated Florida climate data in the 2015 Fishing Planner, average low temps for the month of December differ greatly from one end of the Florida peninsula to the other.



Removing Hull Stains

If you leave your boat in the water for extended periods of time, or even just run in dirty waters, you’ll find yourself dealing with a stubborn yellowish stain from the waterline down. Freshwater and soap won’t even make a dent in removing this discoloration. Having the right cleaner will make the job painless.

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Cobia Center Console

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