Florida Fishing Regions

What's Biting Now

Doctors Lake Bass

Doctors Lake Bass

Florida Sportsman member: Splitshot Syndicate Decided to use artificials on the Northeast side of the lake to get out of the wind and maybe bend a rod. The bait was popping and there were fish around, but only managed one three pound bass on a New Penny Gulp Shrimp on a 1/8 oz jig in one foot of water.

St. Lucie Snook

St. Lucie Snook on Fly

Florida Sportsman member: snookcook Been catching snook and trout on fly at night. Also, the snook bite in the day has been great. Plenty of snook around eating live mullet, shrimp, and artificials.

West End Fishing

West End Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: dzank We ran north of Memory Rock and had a great day with various snappers and grouper, as well as the ever present ‘cuda. We actually had one barracuda rocket into the boat chasing a yellowtail, which was a bit scary, to say the least.


Jetty Variety

Florida Sportsman member: Cast&Blast I picked up another sheepshead when I look over to the back and one of the droppers is screaming. Johnny Moon was right next to it and quickly grabbed it and started what would be a lengthy battle. After a couple epic runs, we finally see color… a lot of color.

Grand Bahama Conch

Grand Bahama Conch

Florida Sportsman member: dzank We ran north and we got into a nice bunch of mangos and muttons. We dove up some conch on the way back to Bootle Bay.

Surf Fishing Sharks

Surf Fishing Sharks

Florida Sportsman member: sandwashslugger At times, I could count ten sharks within sight. I was literally sight casting to these guys. It’s a royal pain re-tying these rigs on the beach, but as quickly as I could get another rig ready, I would be hooked up within minutes.

Clearwater Fishing

West Clearwater Fishing Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: releasegear We decided to stay at 45 feet and caught lots of grunts, gags, one goliath and six hogs.


10K Big Redfish and More

Florida Sportsman Member: Joe Snook I was poling around a bay and saw a big fish swimming in circles and zigzags in a small area. Luckily, the fish stayed on course and intersected perfectly with the DOA Cal Paddle Tail and two twitches was all it took to get the bite set the hook and hand the rod back to Jake.

Winter Mixed Bag

Big Bend Winter Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: AZ2FL All fish were caught with either Zoom Super Flukes, Z-man Paddlerz, Strike King Spinnerbait, Slayer Inc. Paddle Tails and Rapala Skitter Walk & X-Rap Twitchin Minnow.

Jacksonville Mahi

Offshore Jacksonville Mahi

Florida Sportsman member: 60/40 Went out of Jacksonville on Friday. We put our lines in at 140 feet and high sped past the ledge. We switched to ballyhoo and caught one dolphin on a cedar plug. We went bottom fishing for the rest of the day.

Black Drum

Schooling Black Drum

Florida Sportsman Member: SpaceCoast Slayer I paddled up to my next area and was greeted by literally hundreds of tails breaking a mirrored, slick, calm surface. Massive school of drum just hoover vacuuming the bottom. Gulp shrimps casted into the school didn’t last long on the bottom before they were inhaled.

Pulley Ridge King

Screamer Pulley Ridge King

Florida Sportsman member: cameron sleep The drag was set light and I had thirty feet of mono, to lessen the sudden impact of a good bite, but as this speedster ran. I increased the drag, trying to slow him down. The fish would not stop!

Sarasota Snooking

Sarasota Snooking

Florida Sportsman member: Jirvin70 The cold fronts definitely slowed down the big snook from moving out of the bay and the water has become very turbid. Plenty of fish out there, just need to adjust tactics.

Offshore Stuart Wahoo

Offshore Stuart Wahoo and More

Florida Sportsman member: e-money Finally we see color and my jaw drops. It is a 73″ 74 pound wahoo hooked on just 40 pound mono and a 5/0 circle!

Reef Fishing

Reef Fishing Variety

Florida Sportsman member: miami mutton The reef bite is growing better each day as summer is approaching. The bait on the reef is abundant, drawing into shallow water the pelagics, including mahi and tuna. As soon as the chum goes in the water, we are having ballyhoo and speedo come up, followed by a big yellow ball of yellowtails.

Panacea Redfish

Panacea Redfish

Florida Sportsman Member: HookemBookem We fished past the light house in St.Marks, in very shallow water near creek mouths and got in some reds. We had noticed bait fish running and figured the reds were near by. We chased them down with the trolling motor and just followed them while throwing jig heads with gulp.

Port Canaveral Trolling

Port Canaveral Trolling and Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: Wavewalker We left early and picked up two mahi right away in about 130′. Later we got a few bonitos and a shark on the troll, that was a first for me.

Power Plant Paddling

Power Plant Paddling

Florida Sportsman Member: palmbeachpete My friend Danny and I fished a warm water discharge area from a nuclear power plant that holds big fish and even bigger sharks. You never know what you will catch when you put your line in.


Offshore Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: Capt Dan Medina We headed out to 90 feet of water and were rewarded with lots of aj’s circling the boat. We dropped down the vertical jig and it was game on.


Slammin’ Snook

Florida Sportsman: capt.nate The bite started slow, but after the first fish ate, it was on like Donkey Kong! That first fish happened to be a 38″ beast of a snook! They caught fish, after fish, after fish for four solid hours.

Mid-Bay Drums

Destin Drums

Florida Sportsman Member: PanhandlePoon We caught two upper slot keepers at the Mid-Bay Bridge this morning and a hand full of rats in the bayous nearby. We also released a pair of over slots and a black drum.

Keys Tarpon

Keys Tarpon

Florida Sportsman Member: kmagnuss In three nights of fishing we jumped 37 tarpon, 14 were landed. Out of the 37, all but two were over 50 pounds. I would estimate that at least 25 of them were over 80 pounds.


Birthday Amberjack and Snapper

Florida Sportsman member: butchbal We moved to a spot over a wreck and it was on! We caught ten or so amberjack, all in the 30″ to 33″ range. We finally got a keeper at 35.5″ and decided to head in, tired, sore and happy. We had some of the flattest seas I have seen and perfect weather all day.

Everglades Inshore Slam

Everglades Inshore Slam

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami That day we were working mostly small artificials on light spinning gear. Out near the coast, Randy tossed a 1/8 oz lure up against a downed tree and we were off to the races with a nice slot snook that fought all the way until I was able to grab it for a quick photo. It measured right at 30″ and was Randy’s first snook ever.

Deep Dropping Pensacola

Deep Dropping Pensacola

Florida Sportsman member: BillMe Got out of Pensacola last week during the weather break. It was gorgeous out! Did some deep dropping and got some nice ones.


Everglades City: Calm Weather, Slow Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: sololobo30 I went offshore to get a late-day bite on the last part of the outgoing tide while the moon was rising. I caught some nice gag grouper and after sundown limited out on mangrove snapper.

Kaden Wolfe, 3, caught this nice channel catfish with Grandpa, Jim Whitted. Both are residents of Sanford, FL (Jim is active on the FS Forum as prowlin4reds).

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