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Fort Pierce Canoe Snook

Florida Sportsman Member: Captain_Snook On a late night canoe fishing excursion, forum member Captain_Snook had a great fight with 2 beautiful slot snook. Looks like he won the battle!


Jigging for Bass

Florida Sportsman member: Livinwide Since my Tortugas trip this summer I’ve been trying a 3/4 ounce pink and white BPS Freestyle jig every once in awhile in the backyard lake. I finally connected two weekends ago while fishing with my nephew.


Sebastian Inshore Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: duckmanJR Senior forum member and avid angler duckmanJR has been having great success lately. Despite murky waters, he has been reeling in massive numbers of redfish, snook, trout, jacks and more! He celebrated his one hundredth day fishing with a gorgeous 32″ snook! Keep it up!


Jupiter Snook Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: timswriter Sunday morning we arrived at Dubois Park by 6:15 am and the moon was absolutely incredible. We immediately started to hear the water crashing and looked into the lagoon area – the mullet were so thick that you could have walked across them!


Yankeetown Redfish

Florida Sportsman Member: gators7233 After a slow start while trolling some new spots in Yankeetown, forum member gators7233 stumbled upon a couple of big Reds. Nice catch!


Success in the Everglades

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami As we poled along we began seeing a few reds and snook along a very shallow shoreline – Eric pitched his jig ahead of us and hooked up a big redfish and we were off to the races. It took us almost 15 minutes to beat the fish to where I could get a Boga Grip on it.


Bridge Fishing with the Mayor

Florida Sportsman member: Sea Snake The one thing that I took off of that trip, was that it is way more to fishing that bridge, than just wheeling out a cart and tossing shrimp over. It takes patience, preparation, and timing to be successful. Knowing what the fish want and how to present it, are crucial.


Southeast Offshore: Epic Catch

Florida Sportsman member: dcheek2112 While fishing in the Southeast, Forum member dcheek2112 snags an epic assortment of wahoo, grouper, snapper, tiles and porgies. He caught a limit of grouper: gag, scamp, snowy, kitty and yellowedge. Nice!


Southwest Offshore: Pulley Ridge Trip

Florida Sportsman Member: NaplesSnapper While running we marked a ton of spots, the bottom out there is just stupid good. Each spot produced a few fish, however we hit the motherland after going over a spot we randomly found. First drift, my buddy on the bow throws a 20 pound scamp over, another guy in the back throws a 12 pound mutton in, and another guy in the middle throws a 33 inch red grouper on the deck.


10K Islands: Inshore Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: snookerf150 Fished out of the port Thursday through Saturday last week for the romp in the swamp. We caught lots of fish and some quality fish we just couldn’t get all three to cooperate on tournament day. We had a blast though and love staying down there even if it is only 15 minutes from the house, it is a great staycation for sure.

cudjoe permit

Cudjoe Key Permit

Florida Sportsman Member: Bonecracker After three solid days of poling her around all over the Keys from Marathon to Cudjoe all we had to show for our efforts but a sunburn and some empty beer bottles. Well all the stars lined up on Wednesday and we finally had a permit actually eat a live crab! The fish fought hard for 15 to 20 minutes and finally it turned over on its side near the boat and finally gave up!


Ponce Inlet Offshore Bite

Florida Sportsman member: fishesman After a quick stop for bait we headed offshore and spent the day bottom fishing and trolling. My main goal was to catch a good sized red snapper and that I did! Over on the west coast I catch plenty of trophy gags, but big red snapper are usually further out than I typically venture.

tb red (1 of 1)

Tampa Bay Redfish Bite

Florida Sportsman member: gettinwet We started in the backwaters focusing around mangrove points and cuts between islands as well as schools of large black mullet. After a lot of short strikes on topwater plugs we did manage to hook up a couple of nice reds.


10K Islands Nearshore

Florida Sportsman Member: blewitupsir Now that the winds laying down more days than not been really spending more time offshore. Tripletail fishing has been good lately, with free swimmers being found all through the region as well as the typical fish hanging around the floats and crab traps. Live shrimp as well as artificial lures will get the job done.


Flood Tide Fun

Florida Sportsman member: Black Clouser We had some pretty high flood tides and calm conditions today and it was a perfect time to get out in the grass. The highs for this morning was the great surface slurpee bite on gurglers just awesome takes.

jump sail

Port Everglades Sails

Florida Sportsman member: Ghostrider Motored out through a sloppy inlet and headed south to do some slow trolling. Setup in 150 feet off of Hollywood. Within the first 10 minutes, we were 1 for 2 on sails and had a cutoff from a king.


double red

Reds, Snook and More

Florida Sportsman member: Binder We dropped the powerpole and “fired out” some baits. Within minutes we had a double hookup on a redfish and a snook. We re-baited and casted in the same spot, another red.


Tournament Winner

Florida Sportsman member: 85okhai By sunrise we were anchored up with baits all over the place, fishing was slower than anticipated. Sat there for a couple hours with one short strike to show for. About 8:00am we got the bite we were looking for, stripping nearly 500 yards of line we were able to stay tight and get the fish next to the boat.

wc wahoo

Taking the Kids Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member:releasegear By the time I got the wire rod down and blue runner on he was out of site so I tossed him straight off the back, 5/0 circle hook, 12 inches of 90 pound wire , 50 pound flouro leader and 50 pound braid on a Shimano Baitrunner. Thirty seconds later the wahoo explodes on the runner, shooting out of the water like a missile.

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Fishing the Middle Grounds

Florida Sportsman member: minnowsnmonsters The run out to our first stop was a 96 mile stretch that we made quick work of by taking turns at the wheel, and before we knew it we were in 130 feet of water at our destination. The current wasn’t bad at all so we started drifting this area of structure, dropping a combo of live baits and Boston mackerel.


St. Marks Redfishing

Florida Sportsman Member: tailwaters Sunday we did a little better, landing 22 fish (give or take). Most measured in the mid 20’s with one going over slot. It was top water early, then spoons and plastic twitch baits as the tide rose. Around 10am we switched over to pinfish. Had to get off the water by noon both days due to the heat.

mia grouper

Miami Spearfishing

Florida Sportsman member: boneheadhunting Long story short it took almost 30 minutes to get that black out of that cave. Once we got it out I went back down to see it again and was amazed with how far back it went. After that we made some short work out of some muttons and decided to head in.


Bimini Yellowfins

Florida Sportsman Member: HurricaneBK A couple scoops of live pilchards and they were around us and I was hooked up. Never had time to get the rod out of the rod holder as my bent butt 50 wide made short work of a nice 60 pound class yellowfin and our target species was in the boat.

ne red snapper

Northeast Offshore

Florida Sportsman member:Cast&Blast On Stef’s first drop, she was locked into something huge. Hunter and I were both doing our part to keep her from being pulled overboard. This fish took a couple great runs with the drag locked down pretty good.


Islamorada Action

Florida Sportsman member: Captain Easy Even with the tough fishing we've managed to put a lot of nice catches together. We haven’t had many easy days though, but the last two days out this week saw a huge improvement and I’m hoping it’s the beginning of some red hot fishing. We got in on several large schools of mahi of mixed sizes from schoolies to some fish up to 30 pounds the last two days.


Big Drum from the Beach

Florida Sportsman Member: Garbo Shannon gets tired after 20 minutes or so, she hands it off to lucky young Angler. Upon being handed the fully loaded rod he looked up to his mother and said “It is so strooong.”

Kaden Wolfe, 3, caught this nice channel catfish with Grandpa, Jim Whitted. Both are residents of Sanford, FL (Jim is active on the FS Forum as prowlin4reds).

Grins and Whiskers at Sanford Kids Fishing Rodeo

What a day! A kids’ fishing rodeo was held in conjunction with the Crappie Masters Florida State Championship over the weekend (Feb. 2) in Sanford.


Miami Lobster Tournament

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Spear Lionfish In Palm Beach County

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Spearing Hogfish

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