Florida Fishing Regions

What's Biting Now

Hernando Lake Bass

Hernando Lake Bass

Florida Sportsman member: capt louie Great weather and although the bites were slow we found some decent bass and had a good midday bite on topwater and plastics.

Fly Fishing Redfish

Fly Fishing Redfish

Florida Sportsman member: RG Air I saw six fish that day. Good shots at three of them in heavy winds. Had two eats. Landed one of them which was a 25.6 inch red with eight spots. Ended the day with a beatiful sunset. Good stuff.

Paddling Vero

Paddling Vero

Florida Sportsman Member: palmbeachpete Even with all this wind you can find a place to paddle and fish. All you have to do is do a little homework and have a little luck.


Mayport Madness

Florida Sportsman member: benchmark With renewed enthusiasm, we freshened the baits and picked at them for the next three hours. The kids worked the fish hard and had to team up on a few. Multiple hook ups, a sail and lots of mahi hounding from all points.


Grouper, Snapper, Porgies and Dolphin

Florida Sportsman Member: Capt Dan Medina Our furthest point of the day was around 60 miles out in 140+ feet of water. Porgies, lane snapper, vermillion snapper and red grouper were all welcomed home for dinner.

Hillsboro Tuna

Hillsboro Tuna and Sailfish

Florida Sportsman member: JVL We saw an explosion on the long bait and it was game on. After 30 minutes of googan avoidance, digging, head shakes and death circles, the silhouette of a trophy blackfin tuna appeared.

Venice Pompano

Venice Pompano Saves the Day

Florida Sportsman member: rhymechizel I was trolling back to the launch spot with a jerk bait and hooked up with this pompano. One fish can change the day.

Crystal River Cobia

Crystal River Cobia

Florida Sportsman Member: Alex from GA I anchored where he said the redfish were and threw a DOA CAL a few times and caught a lizard fish, threw it some more and got a big bite. It was my first cobia.

Ponce Inlet

Ponce Inlet Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman member: reeladdiction Trolled east until about 210′ and picked up a nice dolphin, followed by a thirteen pound blackfin, both into the ice box. We continued east into the bumpy seas until about 240′ where we picked up another dolphin. He had some company.


Tuna on the Edge

Florida Sportsman member: BillMe We did get a nice little open water yellowfin. It committed suicide on a cable rigged bonito lure.

Key Largo Patch Reef

Key Largo Patch Reef

Florida Sportsman member: beachsideandy I got out to a patch reef with a nice 16 to 30ft drop. I netted a ton of ballyhoo to take back with me for the dolphin run up in my area. Right when I was finishing up, two cobia appeared behind the boat. One ate a ballyhoo chunk and I put it in the box.


15 Species in Panama

Florida Sportsman member: Pesca Pimp Panama Inshore we had luck with pretty much everything except roosterfish! We got a number of species including blue trevalle, jack crevalle, horse-eye jack, yellow snapper, and cubera snapper. We had one monster cubera of about 60 pounds that we caught and released just a mile from our lodge.


Monster Momma Snook

Florida Sportsman Member: duckmanJR She lights it up, melting eight pound mono off my 2500 Diawa like butter in a hot skillet. I’m on the troller hard, trying to not get spooled. She is so fat she can only her her head kinda out of the water and flops back in.

Boca Raton Dolphin

Boca Raton Dolphin, Kings and Bonito

Florida Sportsman member: landshark We deiced to make the run north. We found a crazy edge in 300-350ft of water, with a smoking north current. It went from being 2-4 to 4-6 real quick out there. The mahi were stacked up on that edge.

Full Day Fishin'

Full Day Fishin’

Florida Sportsman member: ALV The temperature inshore was 77 and offshore was 75 degrees. Seas were three to four feet. Winds ten to fifteen. We drifted several interesting areas and loaded up with some pretty big bass and a kingfish.


Finding Fish in Vero

Florida Sportsman member: palmbeachpete Even with all this wind you can find a place to paddle and fish. All you have to do is do a little homework and have a little luck.

Wreck Fishing Snapper

Wreck Fishing Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: clarosa While anchored on a wreck in 100′ of water, we chummed heavily and caught a lot of big yellowtails with a lot of them in the 20-23″ range. Also caught a huge mango in the 9lb range that was 27″.

Big Pine Key

Big Pine Key Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: Viking On a recent trip to Bahia Honda State Park, I was able to find plenty of areas to catch tarpon, bonefish and plenty of other varieties of fish. This video covers how to identify productive areas and the baits used to catch fish.

Mixed Bag

Well Earned Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman: Bassin Assassin I worked mangroves lining the pond and came to a crab pot out in the middle. I casted past it. Just past the pot, my lure got blasted so hard the rod almost came out of my hand.

Redtail Catfish

Rare Canal Redtail Catfish

Florida Sportsman Member: tarponfly49 This redtail catfish bottomed out a 50lb boga grip and taped well over our 36″ ruler! This was one heck of a fight on 15lb spinning gear, but my wife landed her after a 45 minute fight!

Vilano Surf Fishing

Amelia and Vilano Surf Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: creekgeek One of the boys was struggling to get the pole out of the holder and I looked out to see our big toothy customer come out of the water three times in succession. I knew it was a big one and thought, “Well this won’t last long. It’s just a bit too big with this tackle and this surf.” I was wrong.

Dog Island

Dog Island Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: BUBBAsmalls05 Five o’clock came around and we caught fire, limiting on gags in 30 minutes. The water temperature was about 70 to 72 degrees. We had some time to kill so we started slow trolling. Not five minutes in, the line was screaming off the reel.

Fishing for Cobia

Fishing for Cobia with Eels

Florida Sportsman Member: PanhandlePoon With the fish still down and out of sight, Jonathan dropped the eel over the side and the big one ate it, pulled drag for about five seconds and spit the hook. Jonathan free spooled his bait, and she ate a second time. 25 minutes later, she’s in the boat.

Grand Bahama Conch

Grand Bahama Conch

Florida Sportsman member: dzank We ran north and we got into a nice bunch of mangos and muttons. We dove up some conch on the way back to Bootle Bay.

Everglades Inshore Slam

Everglades Inshore Slam

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami That day we were working mostly small artificials on light spinning gear. Out near the coast, Randy tossed a 1/8 oz lure up against a downed tree and we were off to the races with a nice slot snook that fought all the way until I was able to grab it for a quick photo. It measured right at 30″ and was Randy’s first snook ever.


Everglades City: Calm Weather, Slow Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: sololobo30 I went offshore to get a late-day bite on the last part of the outgoing tide while the moon was rising. I caught some nice gag grouper and after sundown limited out on mangrove snapper.

Kaden Wolfe, 3, caught this nice channel catfish with Grandpa, Jim Whitted. Both are residents of Sanford, FL (Jim is active on the FS Forum as prowlin4reds).

Grins and Whiskers at Sanford Kids Fishing Rodeo

What a day! A kids’ fishing rodeo was held in conjunction with the Crappie Masters Florida State Championship over the weekend (Feb. 2) in Sanford.


Miami Lobster Tournament

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Where to spear and how to fillet the lionfish, tips from your friends.


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