Florida Fishing Regions

What's Biting Now


Short Trip, A lot of Fish

Florida Sportsman member: Panhandler80 We couldn’t soak baits long enough for grouper due to snapper. After boxing about 20 beeliners, we moved offshore another mile. Given the time constraint and no other spots close, I made the decision to anchor on it right off the bat.

tampa tarpon

Tampa Tarpon Action

Florida Sportsman member: CatchDog Forum member CatchDog Put together an awesome video of some adrenaline filled Tampa tarpon. Between the big jumps and aggressive sharks, tarpon are sure to get your blood flowing. Nice Work!

boynton king

Big King off Boynton

Florida Sportsman Member: 1OzLead Early on we trolled to 180 feet and found some scattered weeds and stuff was going on here and there. After some drops we decided to move to 220 feet and Gio calls out fish on! Some time later Gio calls a king and we get together to gaff it and bring the catch in my bag.

biscayne red

Biscayne Reds and More

Florida Sportsman member: flatsstalker Fished the afternoon with my dad and nephew and found massive schools of snappers, snook and sheepshead. Mixed in were plenty of small tarpon which my dad jumped one on a live target sardine.


Ending on a Good Note

Florida Sportsman member: bgood We then headed off 35 miles to our first stop, the bites started off a little slow but it picked up and we caught our limit of snapper. 3 of them measuring out to 30 inches plus, we threw back quite a few 18 inch ones also.

big bass

Taking the Tournament

Florida Sportsman member: capt louie Worked the area and added a 2 pound to the well and I caught a 5 plus pounder to help. Fishing was slow but we were able to cull twice and threw a bunch of 2 pounders back. I lost a big one flipping I never turned but it didn’t matter. Our 21.62 final weight took the win!

hogy snook

Snook and Tarpon Action In July

Florida Sportsman member: Captain Ross Most tarpon have been in the 40 to 80 pound range and we’ve been averaging 2 to 5 tarpon in the air per night for our effort. While it’s not the out of control excitement that late April, May and June offered, one can’t simply give up on tarpon fishing when it gets a bit more difficult.


East Central Tailers

Florida Sportsman Member: cbmdk86 We made the paddle out to the spot and we were greeted by 100 plus over slot reds happily tailing away in the grass, finning out, backs breaking the surface, the whole 9.

sli sail

Saint Lucie Sails

Florida Sportsman member: DropBack The fish tail walked from about 100 feet behind the boat and ended up way out in front when she finally settled back into the water. My girlfriend had no idea what she was in for, she fought it for about an hour like a pro and finally got it boat side.


Dry Tortugas Trip

Florida Sportsman member: Gary M We all agreed the next morning that none of us had ever seen such a long, hot bite of such consistently BIG yellowtails! Even Ed, who fishes for yellowtails a lot in the Bahamas, was having a hard time remembering such great action over in the islands.


Bahamas Bonefish

Florida Sportsman member: Prhea36 Forum member Prhea36 put together a video of some DIY bonefish on fly! Chasing these fish with a fly rod can really get your blood flowing. Nice work!

mg aj

West Central Offshore Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: harbison Our weekend home away from home is Hubbard Marina’s Florida Fisherman ll. We love to catch fish, however, what makes these extended trips really special is the chance to get to really know real sportsmen/women from all over the country.


Wrecking the Reds

Florida Sportsman Member: PONCE We caught Reds up to 32 inches and 13 Reds overall on the outgoing tide, all reds and trout were caught on soft plastic paddle tail on a jig. The big fish came first then as the tide was bottoming out came the four 26 and 27 slots for the cooler.


Red Snapper and More out of Ponce Inlet

Florida Sportsman member : Fool’s Gold Made some stops early Friday way south and shallower to try and get away, we did get away from the crowd but also the snapper. Moved out to around 95 feet and caught our limit rather quickly up to 15 pounds. Picked up a few triggers, sea bass and a cobia both days.

ck spear

Cedar Key Spearfishing

Florida Sportsman member: Big Bend Brian After that we continued offshore starting in 72 feet and working easterly inshore to shallower water as we hit numerous spots, almost all of them small so we did bounce dives. Every drop would end up in a couple of fish, some of which the red groupers were really nice sized fire trucks.

Red grouper

Bay Boat Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: KayakMacgyver Alicia and Tyler were on fire and pulled in some nice fish while I lost a few good ones and followed through with a skunk nasty. We caught 4 grouper on the last spot before running out of live bait and left a bunch of fish in the rocks.


Summer Sails

Florida Sportsman member: snookyj i think we must have seen at least 7 fish freejumping. We set up a drift in 200 feet and almost immediately the mid depth rod gets hammered and we have a sail in the air. Wound up only catching one, but it was one that counted. It was Monica’s first sailfish!


Catching Dinner and a Trophy

Florida Sportsman Member: rgarry Headed further offshore and Philip redeemed himself with a large snook. Headed even further offshore and landed 3 black tips, and 18 snappers. Not getting out there for 6 months, the fishing gods were smiling on me.

VMCTarpon copy2

St. Lucie Beach Tarpon

Florida Sportsman member: snookcook Fishing has been awesome! Tarpon are in, snook are popping, trout are munching, and snapper are snapping! Some reds are around too, just have not been targeting them. I have been getting a good mangrove bite, in the St. Lucie and Indian River on both tides.


Nearshore Mangrove Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: RMD Found a nice little mango spot in 70 feet of water. The fish were pretty selective today. A few mangos were picked up on chicken rigs, but the majority of fish landed were caught on a 3/8 ounce jig head tipped with live shrimp. We also caught a handful of nice lanes, grunts, and porgies

Middle Grounds

Middle Grounds Adventure

Florida Sportsman member: Big Slick We ran a few miles, anchored and immediately started getting freight trained by 12 to 18 pound red snappers. Within a couple of hours we had our limit and we started targeting mangos and beeliners with hopes of some red grouper.


Low Tide Reds

Florida Sportsman member: Maverick Forum member Maverick put together a sweet video of some shallow water redfish action for all to enjoy. Catching fish on about everything thrown at them and being home before 10am. That sounds like a killer morning!


Tarpon Time in the Keys

Florida Sportsman Member: syxx I’ve been fishing tarpon since the first week of February and we’ve had pretty good early season fishing but now the real big schools are showing up. Just a few days ago we had a 5 fish day with most fish in the 60-100 pound range.


Pompano Jigging with a Surprise

Florida Sportsman Member: 85okhai I have never caught a pompano on a jig and don’t even know when the last time I even caught a pompano was. Third or fourth cast in hooked into something nice and what I thought was a pompano ended up being a nice sheepshead.

red groupers

Gulf Grouper Action on the Drift

Florida Sportsman Member: Doc1 A couple of buds and I ran out of Marco about 20 miles this morning. The bite was slow, but steady. We picked up 4 keepers over the 4 hours we fished. The largest was about 24 inches and was caught on a live blue runner.

Kaden Wolfe, 3, caught this nice channel catfish with Grandpa, Jim Whitted. Both are residents of Sanford, FL (Jim is active on the FS Forum as prowlin4reds).

Grins and Whiskers at Sanford Kids Fishing Rodeo

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18th Annual International Marlin Tournament in El Salvador

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