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What's Biting Now

keys mang

Night Time is the Right Time

Florida Sportsman member: PBG POOLGUY The mangrove bite was red hot! Got out a couple hours before dark, had the chum flowing and picked at some smaller snappers and managed a nice rock hind, but when the sun went down it was on! All the big whitebait you wanted in the light all night long, bug a bait, drop it down and bam!

flamingo tout

First Time to Flamingo

Florida Sportsman member: duke6543 Within minutes of dropping the anchor it was one after another. Gulp shrimp was a good producer for trout and mangrove snapper and when the lady fish showed up and sacrificed themselves to allow us to use fresh dead bait the fishing took a turn for raising the excitement level.


Saint John Schoolers

Florida Sportsman member: RealSeebee If someone would’ve told me that I could get out there with Suspending Jerk/Twitch baits and Topwater Sebile Slim Sticks (walk the dog topwater) and catch 25 Largemouth in three hours I’d have thought they were crazy.


Tangling with Triple Tail

Florida Sportsman Member: voltman I got up early today and decided to target some tripletail, I caught one last week so thought I might find one this week ,started off losing a bruiser and snapping a fishing rod in the process, but all in all the wife and I caught 4.

tampa bay tarpon

Tampa Bay Tarpon and More

Florida Sportsman member: Capt. Jared Inshore snook, redfish, mackerel, and snapper have been keeping the lines tight for the anglers that haven’t wanted to tangle with the silver king. Red fishing has seemed to be improving in the areas of the bay that I have been fishing and most of the fish have been over slot, cut bait has been the most effective with the heat.


Silver Kings from the Kayak

Florida Sportsman Member: mjrudd1 During my latest visit to Florida, I went after tarpon mostly. Caught a few and had a great time. I prefer chasing them in shallow water but got to go where they are, not where they aren’t. It gets really crowded out there, over 50 boats fishing the same area and usually I’m the only kayak.

yt bd

Yankeetown Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: Biggary16 My brother was in town so we hit Yankeetown early. Got a nice snook on topwater that started the day out great. Had a couple other snook blow ups. Then went looking for reds.


Stuart Sails and More

Florida Sportsman member: Captain Dave Back out to a different edge in 135, toss one bait out, went to grab the second rod and I look back to see a sail already chasing our first bait in the water. Talk about stopping on top of one!


Back on the Water

Florida Sportsman Member: sagory I haven’t been fishing in several months and was itching to go. The reports have said mangrove snapper fishing has been good so the plan was to try for those. Jim, and Scott and I left my house around 6:30 and made a quick stop at the bait boat for a big scoop of whitebait.


Indian River Bulls

Florida Sportsman Member: RealSeabee Forum member RealSeabee recently got into some bull redfish in the northeast Indian River. These fish can be found in small schools along the shorelines.


Juvies on the Fly

Florida Sportsman member: Snookslayer772 The juvie tarpon fishing around the treasure coast has been the best i’ve seen it in years. With most fish holding in deeper bays and residential canals. I have found a few bigger fish hanging around channel edges though. My go to fly has been a white bunny strip tail with 5 or so wraps of orange palmering chenille up front.

ne trout

Northeast Trout Bite

Florida Sportsman member: PTFBrian Been a ton of fun on the water with decent reds a few dink trout and just a ton of gator trout the past week. Every day out we’ve only got 1-3 fish but at least every trip has resulted in a 22 inch plus trout. I also got my personal best trout so far which went 28 inches and almost 8 pounds.


Homosassa Diving

Florida Sportsman member: butchbal We moved out to 45 feet on another patch reef and Barb and I dropped over. It was covered with nice sized hogs, mangos, and a ton of gags. I got a limit of hogs, two mangos and a fat red grouper that came to watch me put a hog on the stringer.

glades red

Sliming up the New Boat

Florida Sportsman member: jvanpelt I traded in the paddles for an outboard and got myself an Action Craft Flyfisher. Yesterday was the first of many road trips. This was a short one down to Chokoloskee to do some exploring.


Hot Reef Bite

Florida Sportsman member: miami mutton It’s been non stop action on the reef, I’ve been fishing lately out of Miami, but here are some trips out of the upper keys also. The current has been decent moving north, which is my favorite.


Port Canaveral Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: TIGHTLINEZOFFSHORE So then we decided to head through 8a to the buoy trolling and had several short strikes and 3 cuda knock downs. Then in 100 feet we landed our first phin. On the way back line a red and white islander gets smoked then goes slack, finally catch up to the line and reel in a nice wahoo.


Southeast Inshore

Florida Sportsman member: LilJim Last week my buddy and I did a few short trips throughout the week. We had decent luck at the mosquito impoundments for snook and reds. We also picked up a nice flounder and a few black drum as well. Lots of giant croakers out right now as well, some pushing up to 20 inches.


The Bimini Blues

Florida Sportsman Member: Intrepid377 On Thursday morning we raised our first blue which came in hot on the left teaser. We managed to pull him off the teaser and he turned and crushed the left short rigger lure. He was on and angry! Started tearing up the ocean as only a blue can do.


Crystal River Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: Killintime Cobia on the first cast of the day, it ate a large shrimp on a jig head. We caught grouper while trolling and mango’s on the reef, an awesome mixed bag.

nw mangrove

Starting the Season Right

Florida Sportsman Member: KayakMacGyver The next spot had an absolute incredible show of fish on the bottom. As quick as we could get a bait to the bottom, our rods were getting doubled over. HUGE sow snapper, one after the other. In between the snapper, we caught a few red grouper and a healthy stock of sea bass.

choko snook

Summertime Everglades Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: CaptainRapps Redfish are roaming the outside oyster bars looking for little crustaceans on the bottom. Try throwing them a live shrimp on a 4/0 circle hook under a popping cork. Keep ringing that dinner bell by popping that cork about every 5 to 10 seconds.


Northeast Cobia

Florida Sportsman member: OnTop~170 Right before I climb off the tower I decide to pitch one more in and let her sink and bam another hook up. This time I set the hook I don’t know how many times and muscle the fish in. Finally I get one on the gaff and it went 39 pounds.


Big Drum from the Beach

Florida Sportsman Member: Garbo Shannon gets tired after 20 minutes or so, she hands it off to lucky young Angler. Upon being handed the fully loaded rod he looked up to his mother and said “It is so strooong.”

ph phin

Panhandle Offshore With a Surprise

Florida Sportsman member: mahiwahi Several casts in I hooked a fish and it went flying into the air. I thought I had foul hooked a bonita but my friend yelled “it’s a dolphin”. Since it’s January I was in disbelief but as it got closer and I saw yellow I knew he was right.


Lower Keys Bonefish

Florida Sportsman Member: torchkey The flats were active with sharks, barracuda, and bonefish. Had some good shots at bones and ended up with a couple of nice fish. Ended the day catching some trout for the dinner table. It was a good day to be on the water!

red groupers

Gulf Grouper Action on the Drift

Florida Sportsman Member: Doc1 A couple of buds and I ran out of Marco about 20 miles this morning. The bite was slow, but steady. We picked up 4 keepers over the 4 hours we fished. The largest was about 24 inches and was caught on a live blue runner.

Kaden Wolfe, 3, caught this nice channel catfish with Grandpa, Jim Whitted. Both are residents of Sanford, FL (Jim is active on the FS Forum as prowlin4reds).

Grins and Whiskers at Sanford Kids Fishing Rodeo

What a day! A kids’ fishing rodeo was held in conjunction with the Crappie Masters Florida State Championship over the weekend (Feb. 2) in Sanford.


Miami Lobster Tournament

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Spearing Hogfish

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