Florida Fishing Regions

What's Biting Now

St. Augustine Snapper

St. Augustine Snapper Are Hungry

Florida Sportsman member: capcioffi We went to two different areas out there and caught three triggers, four red eyes, and over 40 snapper. I mean, the things are eating little pieces of squid two-three inches short, that we cut small trying to get trigger and vermilion. The snapper were eating rigs before we could get to bottom and the bigger the bait the bigger the snapper.

Fort Pierce Inlet Wahoo

Fort Pierce Inlet Wahoo and Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member: SonarSup Around 200′ we noticed a decent amount of scattered weeds. We got bit on mid-distance centerline from the boat with a pink and white islander on pre-rigged ballyhoo with wire. We saw a flash of blue, but no acrobatics. We cleared the other lines, and got the fish to the back of the boat and saw the zebra. As soon as he saw the boat, he took a smoking run. We barely got him back up and in the boat.

Sarasota Snapper

Snagging Some Sarasota Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: BlueWater Gear During the day we fished out of Sarasota as deep as 150′ and as shallow as 70′. Most fish were in the two to three pound range with a couple fatty six-seven pounders. Leader size and weight did not seem to matter, because our grouper rod set ups were getting inhaled by snapper! They also seemed to like medium sized squirrel fish.

Matlacha Topwater

South Matlacha Topwater Action

Florida Sportsman member: offshore22 After the tide turned, it was party time. Trout on topwater is truly rewarding. I landed four nice keepers and lost a monster which easily could have been 24-26″. Caught about half a dozen others. My go to lure of choice is the Yo zuri 3db pencil. It casts far, tracks well and catches everything.

Snook in the Canal

42″ Mega Snook in the Canal

Florida Sportsman member: harrisa2006 She put up one incredible fight. I knew this was going to be a good fish, but when she partially surfaced and I saw her tail, I could not believe me eyes. My arms began to shake, I was completely flabbergasted. I have caught big snook before, but this snook was so big, that it did not even look like a snook anymore. It looked like a living dinosaur.

Reef Fishing Miami

Reef Fishing Miami

Florida Sportsman member: miami mutton The yellowtail bite was really good, we were targeting them shallower than usual. We also caught some keeper muttons and a nice grey, all in the same spot. We got there close to 9:am and by 10:30am we had close to a five man snapper limit, which we managed to complete, along with a few macks, bonito and a barracuda.

1,000 Islands Inshore

1,000 Islands Inshore Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: jmsnookman We broke out the light tackle and pitched shrimp and Berkley gulp jigs tight to the mangroves. We had a blast catching and releasing black drum, trout, and redfish. Final tally was seven black drum, four slot trout, and one redfish; pretty good for two hours on the water.

Fort George Inlet Flounder

Fort George Inlet Flounder and Trout

Florida Sportsman member: DinsmoreOutdoors I caught the incoming tide at Fort George Inlet, water temp was around 64. Found some keeper trout and even got some flounder!

Fort Pierce

Tasty Fort Pierce Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman member: SLW UroCane Hugged a few mangrove shorelines and released ten small snook and three reds. Again using live shrimp on 1/8 ounce HookUp jig, but floated it from a popping cork. Then went South along the East side of the river. Water was clear and the pompano were skipping! Caught four fat ones, used Goofy Jig, 3/8 ounce.

Night Redfishing

Night Redfishing

Florida Sportsman Member: grouperdawg Blew all week we were down at the coast, so last day my oldest talked me into taking them redfishing. We caught fifteen in about two hours, two were slots.

Mosquito Lagoon Redfishing

Mosquito Lagoon Redfishing

Florida Sportsman Members: Hobie Angler & hunter27 Despite unfavorable, murky waters, Mosquito Lagoon has been a hot spot for kayakers in search of redfish lately. Check out these video reports for more details.

Lake Ida Peacock

Lake Ida Peacocks

Florida Sportsman member: 23T Almost each cast with a live shiner into the sun got some action. The double header with my dad was the the highlight of the trip. Also had plenty of largemouths as well.

Skyway Mixed Bag

Skyway Mixed Bag in Rough Seas

Florida Sportsman Member: john martin The weatherman might be right, as it was raining and the wind had picked up to 20 knots. Still fishable, so what was the big deal? Mangos bit from the start so conditions were easy to ignore. The big goozers were chewing on live pinfish.

Flamingo Redfish

Big Flamingo Redfish

Florida Sportsman Member: urbanamazon I found some massive fish poling around Whitewater Bay this morning before the front, all on topwater plugs.

Bimini Wahoo

Bimini Wahoo and Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: Barracuda We took a quick trip to Bimini on Wednesday the 28th and struck out that afternoon, but got four wahoo on Thursday the 29th. 58″, 36″, 29″ and 27″. The weather was awesome.


Lobster in the Keys

Florida Sportsman member: latitudeajustment I made a late run yesterday and thankfully scored two for my wife’s birthday. We got out today and found a few more. Great times and great eats!

Deep Dropping Pensacola

Deep Dropping Pensacola

Florida Sportsman member: BillMe Got out of Pensacola last week during the weather break. It was gorgeous out! Did some deep dropping and got some nice ones.


Lobster in the Keys

Florida Sportsman Member: latitudeajustment I made a late run yesterday and thankfully scored two for my wife’s birthday. We got out today and found a few more. Great times and great eats!

Mason Creek Inshore Slam

Mason Creek Inshore Slam

Florida Sportsman Member: floridafan I headed out of Mason Creek with my daughter, son-in-law and son to try a spot that usually holds a lot of slot redfish this time of year and they were not home! There were nice sized trout in the hole and we managed two nice snook as well as a 33″ redfish! A great day for three hours of fishing.

wreck vertical jigging

Lower Keys Wreck Vertical Jigging

Florida Sportsman member: kayakerinkeywest A guide boat showed up and started with the pilchards, so we tucked right behind them and drifted along. Blackfins were popping and we were able to capitalize on their chumming. We caught the mutton on the bottom and the kings and tuna towards the top.

Homosassa Grouper

Homosassa Grouper Season Finale

Florida Sportsman member: Ruff One Just as the GPS alarm goes off telling us we are there, my rod bends over, way over. This fish is pulling major drag with the reel locked down! Really nice fight. I was seriously not sure we would get him in. Finally Gary hooks him with the grouper pick and gets him in the boat! Nice shallow water beast at a little over 33 inches and 18.1 lbs.


Everglades City: Calm Weather, Slow Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: sololobo30 I went offshore to get a late-day bite on the last part of the outgoing tide while the moon was rising. I caught some nice gag grouper and after sundown limited out on mangrove snapper.

Port Canaveral Offshore

Port Canaveral Offshore Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman member: tonytali The weather was perfect with nice temperatures, light winds and flat seas all day. We left Bluepoints at 7:30 and went to the edge of the gulfstream about 40 miles out at 350 ft. We picked up a 10 lb Mahi at about 320 ft and another pushing 20 lbs at about 145 ft. Worked into Pelican Flats and picked up four King Mackerel and a Bonito.

Panama City Beach Surf Fishing

Panama City Beach Surf Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: creekgeek As I was setting up in the good area, my dad’s rod doubled over and he was into a big fish, another 38″+ red. Not long after that, his rod bent over double and line was going south and he was into a second bull that was just over 39″.

Freshwater Fishing

Family Freshwater Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: T – L U V We haven’t been able to get out much offshore, which doesn’t mean we haven’t been keeping the lines tight. My son and I have been hitting the sunrise canals around the house for bass and snakeheads and also a couple docklight snook in Fort Lauderdale at the end of the season.

Intracoastal Mixed Bag

Intracoastal Mixed Bag on Fly

Florida Sportsman member: Guanagator I sight fished for reds, caught a few crawlers on a 1/16oz sureset jig zman paddlerz combo and the mirrodine. Biggest red was on the mirrodine. Most of the reds were in less than a foot of water and chasing the remaining mullet in the creeks or around the oysters chasing mud minnows.

Kaden Wolfe, 3, caught this nice channel catfish with Grandpa, Jim Whitted. Both are residents of Sanford, FL (Jim is active on the FS Forum as prowlin4reds).

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