Florida Fishing Regions

What's Biting Now


Ding Darling Tarpon

Florida Sportsman member: Tgrass I decide to give Ding Darling a try before the rain came in the afternoon. It was the first morning we had early cloud cover and i was finally able to find a few small tarpon up and feeding.

largo mutton

North Largo Muttons

Florida Sportsman member: fulltime Started the day with the plan to go dolphin fishing, talked with a few charter guys who said it stunk offshore. Switched gears and went bottom fishing, caught seven muttons and called it a day.


River Reds

Florida Sportsman member: Guanagator Fellow forum member and childhood fishing buddy “Flounderpounder” was gracious enough to take me out on his sick ranger whip, and we got a couple nice reds fishing docks with live and cut mullet.


Getting Revenge

Florida Sportsman Member: HammerheadTed It made a loooong run of probably 100 yards and we ran it down. When it came to the net, it was a “slob”, very similar to mine from the other day, in fact we measured it at 39″, same as mine, but a different place.


New Boat Mojo

Florida Sportsman member:Maverick Loaded the well with some stud pogies, milled around on the beach for a little bit to see nothing worth staying so we moved off shore. Hit it hard but never did find a brown fish. Luckily we found seven grouper, but only two were legals. And more snapper than any one person really wants to catch when you can’t keep em’.

Mahi 16lb 4.30.2016 2 - Edit - Web

Hallandale Phin

Florida Sportsman Member:Dude-On-A-Kayak At around 7:30AM I hooked up with a nice bull dolphin or “mahi”. It ate the first ballyhoo I tossed out in 105′ of water. I think that is the shallowest I have ever caught a dolphin. During the battle I buried a treble hook in my leg (like all the way in) and lost my sabiki rod. It was another expensive trip, but it was fun.


SLI Gaffers

Florida Sportsman member:Captain Dave We worked the area for a half hour or so when Pete and I both saw a nice gaffer approaching the starboard rigger bait. Pete hooked her up and fought her like a champ and I put her to sleep with a stroke of the gaff.

st johns bass

New Personal Record

Florida Sportsman member: RealSeabee We had the good fortune of finding out what happens when all the planets are in alignment and all timing in the universe is in sync, with regards to fishing today was more like catching.


Island Hopping

Florida Sportsman Member: dpdash I had the opportunity to go deep into the Bahamas last week on a beautiful boat with great crew. We got all the way as far as San Salvador and had tremendous fishing along the way.


Mangrove Madness

Florida Sportsman Member: Veikx We setup immediately and began catching some quality mangrove snapper. 20 pound flouro on knocker rigs as well as chunking thread-fin and free lining squid worked well for us. The largest Mangrove I pulled up weighed 7 pounds on the scale with the majority in the 4 to 5 pound range with a few smaller.


Jupiter Phins

Florida Sportsman member: SonarSup After that I decided since the bite seemed to be in the 400 to 500 foot range we should stay there. I turned back out to 500 feet. Got to 500 turned around and started heading back to 400 and saw a large green turtle with about four dolphin under him.

28.5 inch LMR red

Prefrontal Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Bassin Assassin Casting with the wind down the side of a mangrove bank and I got a strike/pull-down on my mullet. I casted past the same spot again, reeling it through and nothing. I let the lure fall to the bottom near the boat and it got blasted.


Catching in Rough Seas

Florida Sportsman Member:harbison Last weekend’s weather forecast called for 5 to 6 foot waves Saturday morning, then calming down some later on. Early Saturday saw 6 to 7 footers. Absolutely no danger for a boat as big as the Florida Fisherman ll. I decided to set this one out, but, Thanks to Mr. John Martin & Mr. Dylan Hubbard, we have some excellent pictures to share.


Surprise Visitor

Florida Sportsman member: boackerman Forum member boackerman and friends got into some nice yellowtails and grouper recently. They also got a surpise visit from a cobia, that came home for dinner.


Catching Dinner

Florida Sportsman member: Fowlplay87 I caught some more mullet and it wasn’t long before her rod was bent over, landing her biggest to date and first slot snook followed by a second and a pile of nice jacks. We ended the trip around sunset with the last mullet getting eaten and up comes a 25 inch gator trout, her biggest to date as well.


Shallow Water Trolling

Florida Sportsman member: Ruff One Tuesday I headed out to work on a new technique. With the way cobia and groupers love eel looking plastics, I wanted to be able to put theses plastics in front of them without having to resort to heavy down riggers.


Recent Outings

Florida Sportsman member: Bassin Asassin Cast out my mullet in mullet color and it got crushed at 1:35pm. Set the hook and felt good weight. She stayed down and I knew it was a red. She made a number of drag-screaming runs and used the boat for cover when that didn’t work. Finally got her in the net and she came in at healthy 27 3/4 inches.

seb red

Sebastian Action

Florida Sportsman Member: beachside321 Launched at Wabasso at 6:45 and had a short ride to the first spot. After some prospecting we found some bait that was getting busted. Picked up a decent red that I watched make a wake from 20 feet away to crash my bone super spook.

6 fish

Spring Reds

Florida Sportsman Member: Bonecracker My daughter came down to the coast for her birthday weekend and wanted to go fishing! So dad poled the boat for two days and here are the results from this weekend fishing around Carrabelle, FL. She caught nine over 15 pounds and I actually caught two on fly and one on spin.

Lewis alan Grant 1st redfish_zpsohvcbpos

Glades Backcountry

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami Now for the good news, they called me late yesterday to report that the big tarpon had showed up in good numbers. They also found big trout and snook up to 36 inches while also jumping off a tarpon well over 100 pounds, so maybe my coaching wasn’t for nothing.


Cold Water Lobstering

Florida Sportsman member: latitudeajustment We had fun on a beauty of a day in the lower Florida Keys. I’m glad to get a few bugs once more, not sure if we’ll get back before the end of the season.


10,000 Islands Action

Florida Sportsman Member: Joe Snook Fishing has been good, not great with all this crazy weather but some nice fish have been taken just about every trip along with all the usual cold water suspects sheepies, trout and silver trout.


Mutton Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: nightfly We had a spot far away were this time last year we were catching large mangroves. We had the bait and the weather to do it, so we went for it. We got there and bottom machine looked great. Right away the bite was on, lots of muttons, one after the other.


Destin Red Snapper Adventure

Florida Sportsman member: mahiwahi Several casts in I hooked a fish and it went flying into the air. I thought I had foul hooked a bonita but my friend yelled “it’s a dolphin”. Since it’s January I was in disbelief but as it got closer and I saw yellow I knew he was right.


Big Drum from the Beach

Florida Sportsman Member: Garbo Shannon gets tired after 20 minutes or so, she hands it off to lucky young Angler. Upon being handed the fully loaded rod he looked up to his mother and said “It is so strooong.”


Lower Keys Bonefish

Florida Sportsman Member: torchkey The flats were active with sharks, barracuda, and bonefish. Had some good shots at bones and ended up with a couple of nice fish. Ended the day catching some trout for the dinner table. It was a good day to be on the water!

Kaden Wolfe, 3, caught this nice channel catfish with Grandpa, Jim Whitted. Both are residents of Sanford, FL (Jim is active on the FS Forum as prowlin4reds).

Grins and Whiskers at Sanford Kids Fishing Rodeo

What a day! A kids’ fishing rodeo was held in conjunction with the Crappie Masters Florida State Championship over the weekend (Feb. 2) in Sanford.


Miami Lobster Tournament

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Spearing Hogfish

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