Florida Fishing Regions

What's Biting Now

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Fishing the Patches

Florida Sportsman member: Captain Easy We had a great day patch fishing today. Fishing the patches about a half mile inside the edge of the reef. The water was completely mudded over with the strong southwest wind we had last night. That and a moderate northeast current made for some great patch fishing conditions.

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North Brevard Wading

Florida Sportsman Member: IRJ Forum member IRJ caught some nice fish wade fishing in North Brevard. Fishing soft-plastic paddle tails were the key to success.


Brother’s First

Florida Sportsman Member: Produkt Forum member frankthetank got out with his brother recently and caught some fish. Fishing off of Boynton, not only did his brother catch his first sailfish, they caught 6 blackfin tunas as well. Nice!

tc red

Treasure Coast Reds

Florida Sportsman member: summer daze We did manage 4 slot redfish, one 25 inch trout and a snook. We released everything to fight another day, We were throwing vudu shrimp and sebile soft mullet.

glades poon

Fly Fishing the Glades

Florida Sportsman member: Native21 I was anticipating light winds in the morning so I took my light 6 weight out for some sporty action in the backcountry. I had some nice shots and landed quite a few before the winds picked up in the afternoon.

Golden Tilefish

Jupiter Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: Roc N Rol We headed out to the bait grounds and managed to get a couple dozen goggle eyes. After the sun came up we headed south to the kingfish fleet in 70 feet off of Juno pier and joined the masses. We got our limit of Kings from 30 to 36 inches and then headed out to try our luck deep dropping for golden tilefish.


Catching Dinner

Florida Sportsman member: freshfromthesalt The day was cold but the bite was hot and by the time we brought up our last line we had 42 keeper sheepshead in the box, mixed in with a couple chunky key west grunts and black sea bass. Another 20 or more short sheeps were released.

dt sword

Haulover Swords

Florida Sportsman member: farinco We made it to the grounds and within 1 hour we had our first bite. Fought the fish for about 15 minutes and got the harpoon in her. We dropped again and pulled a fish off down deep. Dropped again and hooked into a monster shark, probably a thresher, for about 25 minutes before he ate the hook.

wc hogs

West Central Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: sagory We moved out to 115 feet and this is where we did the best. We weren’t too far from a wreck so we decided to try for yellowtails. We saw someone was on it so we changed plans and ran 13 miles back in to try for hogfish on a ledge in just under 60 feet.


South Florida Urban Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: chut03 Forum member chut03 has been tearin’ up the South Florida residential ponds and canals. Catching largemouth bass, peacock bass, crappie and more. Nice!

bb sheeps

Sheepshead, Snook and Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: ripnlips Sheepshead Snapper and Snook have been the targeted species lately. Seems like the sheeps are finally spawning out on the rocks reefs and ledges just offshore. They are willing to bite if you get good enough weather to get out there. When the weather gets bad we have been getting snapper and snook in the river. Live shrimp has been the bait of choice.


Making the Best of It

Florida Sportsman Member: larrywitt The bottom looked good, but drifting was out of the question seas were 2 to 4, then the anchor would not bite into the hard bottom so we kept drifting off of our marker. We did manage to box some nice reds to 25 inches.


Palm Beach Spearfishing

Florida Sportsman member: nutsmagoo Headed out of LWI sunday morning for some spearfishing with our crew. Rough and nasty on the surface but the visibility was great and we had lots of action! We did several drifts between 100′ and 180′ Ended up with 3 nice cobias and a mahi.


High Tide in the Marsh

Florida Sportsman member: Spongking Forum member Spongking made his way deep into the marshes of the northeast and got onto some nice fish!

east wall red

East Wall Redfish

Florida Sportsman member: Ryanlee I waited until the tide wasn’t negative to go out and saw a lot of reds on the east wall. Water temps were around 74 degrees. Got a nice 30 inch fish on a zman shrimp. I’m able to cover a lot of ground with my trolling motor looking for them.

ne cobes

Crazy Cobia Action

Florida Sportsman member: Boattronics I deployed the Ipilot, and within only a couple minutes, I was bent over the gunnel with a good fish! The next hour and a half of fishing was absolute mayhem! In less than two hours, I boated 10 cobia!

ph phin

Panhandle Offshore With a Surprise

Florida Sportsman member: mahiwahi Several casts in I hooked a fish and it went flying into the air. I thought I had foul hooked a bonita but my friend yelled “it’s a dolphin”. Since it’s January I was in disbelief but as it got closer and I saw yellow I knew he was right.

10k Trout

Trout Fishing with the Kids

Florida Sportsman Member: Charlemagne The first spot we stayed at for about two hours, turned into a trout fishing competition between the two. I believe final count after two hours was Anna Maria with 45 and Paul with 31 (Just trout), she kicked his butt! There was tons of bait all around us and she caught a few macks mixed in with her trout as well.

Port Canaveral Dolphin

December Dolphin Bite

Florida Sportsman member: cflcycleparts The water temp was a bleak 70 degrees, our only hope was to make it into the warmer waters of the stream. We make our way out to the cones about 30 miles out and find 74.99 degree water. It’ll do. We happen to run by some debris including a floating log with weeds around it, and then pandemonium.


Hitting the Deeper Water

Florida Sportsman member: Doc Stressor The trick to finding the gags was to check out a lot of different areas with good relief and only fish the ones with bait showing. Wherever we saw bait stacked off the bottom we caught gags.


Lower Keys Bonefish

Florida Sportsman Member: torchkey The flats were active with sharks, barracuda, and bonefish. Had some good shots at bones and ended up with a couple of nice fish. Ended the day catching some trout for the dinner table. It was a good day to be on the water!

pc red

Pensacola Bulls

Florida Sportsman Member: pcola-reds The bull reds have made it into the bay and are everywhere. We went out for a couple hours on 11/19 and found the reds running in the bay. Finally total was 11 with the smallest being 30 inches.

fly red

October in the ‘Glades

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami Redfishing has been good most days and we usually find them with small snook. The big surprise has been the number of sawfish we’ve encountered while working bait for those reds.


Kingfish Fun

Florida Sportsman Member: Bonecracker My daughter came home last week after doing a 3 month internship in New York City and she needed some boat and beach time badly before heading back to UGA. Trout and redfishing has it moments in August (mostly bad) so I decided to load up on some tasty bait fish and head offshore for some action.

red groupers

Gulf Grouper Action on the Drift

Florida Sportsman Member: Doc1 A couple of buds and I ran out of Marco about 20 miles this morning. The bite was slow, but steady. We picked up 4 keepers over the 4 hours we fished. The largest was about 24 inches and was caught on a live blue runner.

Kaden Wolfe, 3, caught this nice channel catfish with Grandpa, Jim Whitted. Both are residents of Sanford, FL (Jim is active on the FS Forum as prowlin4reds).

Grins and Whiskers at Sanford Kids Fishing Rodeo

What a day! A kids’ fishing rodeo was held in conjunction with the Crappie Masters Florida State Championship over the weekend (Feb. 2) in Sanford.


18th Annual International Marlin Tournament in El Salvador

Well once again I got the invite to join Paco Saca and his sons in the 18th International Marlin Tournament in El Salvador! Bart and I made are way down to Bahia Del Sol Marina and Hotel [...]


Miami Lobster Tournament

FS member SpinyMike (Mike Maler) put on another good lobster-gettin’ show in Miami this year, The Miami Spiny Lobster Tournament.…»


Spear Lionfish In Palm Beach County

Where to spear and how to fillet the lionfish, tips from your friends.


Spearing Hogfish

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