Florida Fishing Regions

What's Biting Now


Bahamas Wahoo

Florida Sportsman member: e-money Forum member e-money and friends got into a hot wahoo bite off of west end. Six bites in an hour, with four coming to the boat. Nice!


Mill Cove Kayaking

Florida Sportsman Member: jacqueo I must have hit the red on the head as I threw it because within seconds my line was screaming. 20 inch red into the cooler! Yes!


Summer Fishing Fun

Florida Sportsman member: MattBudd The snook fishing has been as good as it gets in the inlet and my charter customers have been taking full advantage of that. As you will see from the pictures I have attached. We caught and released a 51 inch slob in July which is still the big fish of the season but many others in the upper 40 inch range.


South Florida Freshwater

Florida Sportsman member: chut03 Forum member chut03 and friends have been catching a nice variety of fish in the South Florida Freshwater systems, including, bass, carp, snakeheads and even snook.


Southwest Redfish Bite

Florida Sportsman member: GatorInPISound The rain slowed things up just a little and changed the bite from actively aggressive to timid and lethargic but the fish did cooperate. I thank the lord for enabling us to catch fish and have safe passage on the water, it was a great three weeks of fishing.

panama tuna

Pounding Them in Panama

Florida Sportsman Member: Pesca Pimp Panama The Yellowfin Tunas were still around in big numbers but unlike first week of June the Tunas were not up in feeding frenzies and eating everything we pitched at them. The bite slowed down a bit and the weather got a bit sloppy. We had to work for our fish as the Porpoises were keen to the boat traffic and were a bit shy.


A Great Start to the Season

Florida Sportsman member: 23T Forum member 23T and friends got out right at the opening of season, 12am, for some night time bug hunting. focusing on spots outside of Port Everglades in 10 to 20 feet of water, success was had, with 22 keepers. Nice work!


Florida Keys Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: Gary M We also had a pretty good bite with the yellowtail snappers. I tend to fish for them more than the heavy gear on the bottom and on this trip I got nice fish up to 23 1/2 inches. Fat ones too and on my light spinner, it was just a blast.


Big Bend Snook

Florida Sportsman Member: HammerheadTed By now I am fishing spots where I’ve never fished before. Paid off with this massive 39 inch snook that was the toughest I’ve ever caught. 3 jumps and 3 long runs and somehow she didn’t wrap herself up in the sargasm. Missed another big one a few casts later and left early with the grandkids visiting at home.

pe dolphin

Find the Birds, Find the Fish

Florida Sportsman member: SmittysTeam Cleared the inlet around 8 and Sabiki’d about 2-3 dozen pilchards in the morning. Ran out to about 13 to 15 miles and found two frigates working hard. We slow trolled live pilchards into them and got into a huge school.


Bull Reds 101

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness Mullet don’t start showing up thick in the river channels until early Fall so it makes sense that mullet are off the menu. The blue crab are often either in shallow water or on the surface making their way to the ocean. Based on that, it also makes sense that the Blue Crab aren’t getting a lot of love either.


Southwest Bottom Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: Angler22 Once we had our fill of that we headed back west and settle in 125 or so feet. We worked around but never really found anything much. After a few stops I did boat a nice 31 inch red grouper. We worked the area some more and picked up another red at 21 inches, a stout 28 inch red, and a few shorts.


Tampa Bay Bruiser

Florida Sportsman member: SnookStack My rod doubles over and I’m set for an 8 minute battle with a 40 inch snook on 20 pound test. Every head shake my heart dropped. I thought for sure this fish was going to own me. I played the fish with a real light drag she made multiple big runs with a few violent head shakes.

Baby Marlin

A Trip to Mexico

Florida Sportsman member: Carl Blackledge he next day we maybe got a dozen each, the second to the last day we landed over 25, and the last day we only landed eight. The best trick was to spot or hook a dorado, get a sardine in front of the new group and your fly at the same time, and when everything lined up, you caught lots of dorado.

ne kings

Northeast Kings

Florida Sportsman member: zay After that we decided to stop and drop the sabikis down for some live bait and filled the livewell with some nice cigar minnows then started trolling again. Not 5 minutes in we get a double with two nice kings that my brother in law and dad both caught.


Catching in the Backwater

Florida Sportsman Member: cbmdk86 Hit it a couple days ago looking for the snook, they were nowhere to be found but these reds were happy to oblige on the same shorelines. I’ve only caught under slot reds back here so it was quite a surprise to put a 29″ and 26″ on deck in two back to back casts.


West Central Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: harbison Forum member harbison and the whole crew aboard the Florida Fisherman II got into a mess of fish recently. Including big groupers, snappers, and more!


New Personal Best

Florida Sportsman Member:Joe Snook This trip was extra special because I was able to be part of watching this avid and great angler catch the biggest snook of his life. The tide was a nice outgoing and the beaches were looking good with small baits around and moving water with easy access to deep water.


Sebastian Bull

Florida Sportsman member: TeamReelShady We left the inlet at 5:30am and went out to 130 feet, with signs of life we put out lines trolled all the way to 240 feet, when we saw a massive weed line, dragged baits all over with no takers.


Destin Red Snapper Adventure

Florida Sportsman member: mahiwahi Several casts in I hooked a fish and it went flying into the air. I thought I had foul hooked a bonita but my friend yelled “it’s a dolphin”. Since it’s January I was in disbelief but as it got closer and I saw yellow I knew he was right.

flamingo tout

First Time to Flamingo

Florida Sportsman member: duke6543 Within minutes of dropping the anchor it was one after another. Gulp shrimp was a good producer for trout and mangrove snapper and when the lady fish showed up and sacrificed themselves to allow us to use fresh dead bait the fishing took a turn for raising the excitement level.


Crystal River Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: Killintime Cobia on the first cast of the day, it ate a large shrimp on a jig head. We caught grouper while trolling and mango’s on the reef, an awesome mixed bag.

nw mangrove

Starting the Season Right

Florida Sportsman Member: KayakMacGyver The next spot had an absolute incredible show of fish on the bottom. As quick as we could get a bait to the bottom, our rods were getting doubled over. HUGE sow snapper, one after the other. In between the snapper, we caught a few red grouper and a healthy stock of sea bass.


Big Drum from the Beach

Florida Sportsman Member: Garbo Shannon gets tired after 20 minutes or so, she hands it off to lucky young Angler. Upon being handed the fully loaded rod he looked up to his mother and said “It is so strooong.”


Lower Keys Bonefish

Florida Sportsman Member: torchkey The flats were active with sharks, barracuda, and bonefish. Had some good shots at bones and ended up with a couple of nice fish. Ended the day catching some trout for the dinner table. It was a good day to be on the water!

red groupers

Gulf Grouper Action on the Drift

Florida Sportsman Member: Doc1 A couple of buds and I ran out of Marco about 20 miles this morning. The bite was slow, but steady. We picked up 4 keepers over the 4 hours we fished. The largest was about 24 inches and was caught on a live blue runner.

Kaden Wolfe, 3, caught this nice channel catfish with Grandpa, Jim Whitted. Both are residents of Sanford, FL (Jim is active on the FS Forum as prowlin4reds).

Grins and Whiskers at Sanford Kids Fishing Rodeo

What a day! A kids’ fishing rodeo was held in conjunction with the Crappie Masters Florida State Championship over the weekend (Feb. 2) in Sanford.


Miami Lobster Tournament

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Spear Lionfish In Palm Beach County

Where to spear and how to fillet the lionfish, tips from your friends.


Spearing Hogfish

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