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    Report, 80 feet out of St. Pete - 23 Feb, 2019

    Made an early day of it and ran out to 80-90 feet from St. Pete. A little bumpy on the way out, but flat on the way back. 

    In 90 feet, found a floating log with very large tripletail on it. They seemed to have lockjaw today, but could have been the 30lb fluoro leader (Typically I use 10lb with them, but didn't bring that setup). I looked at the bottom machine and very good bottom with 10' relief and a great show above. Two 25+ inch gag grouper and a ludicrous amount of vermillion snapper to 13" later we called it at this spot. 

    Ran to another location a few miles away to give it a try. Swiss cheese type bottom with a couple larger rocks throughout. Picked up 4 mangrove snapper between 18 and 22" here as well as a 23" red grouper. The red snapper moved in at that point, and we brought in about a dozen of them before leaving this spot. The snapper would not touch the large shrimp (I bring them for hogs to this spot), but wanted cut sardines or live pinfish. 

    Headed to a shallower spot in about 70'. More red snapper, large porgy, and a bit smaller mangrove snapper (~12-16 inch, didn't keep). 

    All in all, a decent day. Not the most productive I've had, but good to get out there. The good news is the water temps I saw were about 68-69 degrees and saw numerous large bait pods on the surface starting at 25 miles.