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    30-50mi Hudson 11-27. HOT BITE! - 28 Nov, 2020

    Decided since they gave us a few more ARS days we'd take the weekend off from chartering and take the boys out. Our plan was to get some gags, red grouper and then look for ARS. We started in 50' at first light with a well full of pigfish, pinfish and sand perch and also frozen boston mac and dines. We hit a couple ledges in that area and picked off a few keeper gag grouper bigest being 31". Decided to plug out a little further and look for some RG and possible ARS. Went to some small rubbles piles and potholes and picked away at RG. We got 7 or 8 within an hr or so but only one nice ARS in the 28 inch range. I had another spot that i've done well on in the past on gags and ARS so o figired i'd try it. It paid off and the fish were hungry. Every species. Big ARS were coming over along with nice gags in the 28-33" range. Also got a 34" red grouper that was a beast! We had to stop and do a fish count and had 11 ARS and 11 RG and 10 gags. As were were counting we one of my buddies get whacked and is moaning and groaning and pulls up the biggest ARS of the day which was 33". The gags were coming up pretty easily but we had one problem...we had NO MORE ROOM IN THE COOOLERS! Filled two 126qt cooolers and a 60" kill bag. We planned on getting after some mangos but with no more room left it was time to head in. Most fish were caught on the live baits with biggest either on sand perch or pigfish. Dead bait worked as well but not as good. Was a great day of gulf of mexico grocery shopping on black friday. Had a blast with the boys and getting back out there tomorrow. Till next time tight lines!