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    Cabo trip Dec 2018 - 06 Jan, 2019

    I flew into Cabo on Christmas , and headed to the boat in Puerto Los Cabos . Got a few things ready and relaxed at the marina . Chris came in the next day and we moved the boat down to Cabo marina . Was a little bumpy , but not too bad , until we got closer to Cabo . The wind was blowing really hard outside the entrance to Cabo marina . It was like riding a motorcycle with no helmet at 70-80 mph . I have never seen anything like that before . Got the same slip as last month , and went and got something to eat . The original plan was to spend a couple nights out on the Finger Bank , but the weather wasn't cooperating .


    Wind died down some , so we headed to Golden Gate bank . The marina was the usual chaotic mess , saw lots of charters that probably had no idea what they were headed out in to lol . Seas were pretty sloppy , so we got bumped around a bit . Fishing was slow , saw some Humpbacks , which is always cool . Went 1/5 on striped marlin . Headed back a little earlier than usual , and the wind was letting up a little .


    Well , the winds died down some more , so we headed out to Finger Bank . Got our baits out , and got a triple first thing , only 2 anglers so put it in the rod holder for the time being . Chris got his in first so he took the rod on the 3rd . Was pretty much non-stop action , lots of doubles . Not as crazy as last trip , but there were only two of us this time . The bite seemed to slow down around 1pm , I was a few shy of a personal best so we kept at it . Took a little while but we got another double , decided to head in after that and get the boat ready for the trip to Guatemala . We ended up releasing 29 striped marlin out of maybe 50 or so bites .

    Was another awesome trip , and a great way to end 2018 and our last trip in Cabo . Really looking forward to fishing Guatemala , will be a first for all of us .