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    What reels to recommend - 17 Mar, 2018

    I have a friend who is getting back into fishing and wants to buy a couple new reels. He asked me for advice on what reels to buy. I don't really keep up with new reels and new models until I'm ready to buy then I do a lot of research to decide what I want to get. Currently I use a couple Saltiga Star drag reels and an Okuma Makaira 15 II sea 2 speed.   I would like to give him several options similar to my reels rather then just telling him to get what I have. He will mainly be fishing for snapper and grouper, using both dead and live bait and occasionally jigging, with 40 - 80 lb line. 

    So my question boils down to what other reels would you recommend that are comparable in price and quality to the Saltiga Star drags and the Makaira 2 speed?

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    Fly Fishing Guanacaste Costa Rica - 18 Feb, 2018

    I am taking the family to Costa Rica on Mar 1 for a vaca. I want to bring the 8 WT rod while I am there to see if I can nab anything.
    I have tried looking for tips online but I keep getting rabbit trailed.

    Anyone been?
    I will probably do one day charter but the rest of the time, just casting from the beach and river banks.
    I was going to bring 20 and 40 pound tippets, but have no idea what flies work best.

    Thank you all. Not expecting much from the trip as far as fishing goes, but hoping to at least have a chance at something.