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    BBI 4/10 - 11 Apr, 2021

    Out at daybreak, SE rollers 4-5, S wind at 20, pretty bump ride... head SE out of cut to the 350'ish line, turn N and just kept the bow above the water for the next 3 hours.. multiple weedlines, 150', 180', 225', 260', etc.. nothing of significance, just thin whispy weedlines that meanders,,, no sign of life below any of them.. drug a small spread - outriggers with Blue white chuger over a hoo, green / yellow of a mullet, black and orange islander over a hoo on the shotgun, and a red/black feather over a strip on a #4 planer.  Spent most of the day clearing lines with all the broken weeds and meandering weedlines.  had 4 short strikes, 3 knockdowns, 1 28" bonito, and by the time we passed Palm Beach inlet we started to head SE..  tons of sport fishers out,, kites were everywhere over the reef (only saw 1 boat hookup to a sail).  Flyers everywhere.. and i mean EVERYWHERE,, i sae no less than 1000 yesterday.. not the usual 2-4 coming up, but massive schools with 50-75 flyers breeching.. not alot of big ones, and most were in the 2"-4" size.. but they were everywhere / in all depths.  Marked several schools in 150 range, looked like kings on the plotter, never hooked any, but again didn't stop and try...  took the ICW in at PBI.  Bottom machine was going nuts inside the cut, N of Peanut island in the 30-45' channel..don't know what was down there,, but there a sheetload of em.  we worked our way back S through the insane boat traffic.  Peanut island and Beercan island were covered up with boats, sheriffs and CG everywhere on the ICW, back at the ramp and on the trailer by 3:30.

    Water looks better this coming week.