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    Late Report FP 5/18 and 20 - 23 May, 2018

    I managed to get out twice this weekend between storms and had a great time exploring a new area. My boat is in the shop so I took the kayak out and hit some shallow grass flats. Not much happening there but about 30 min before sunset I started seeing mullet getting crashed up by the mangroves. I paddled over that way and started throwing a black back/white belly spook and got multiple vicious strikes. Most either missed the lure or knocked it out of the water, but I managed to land two trout over 25in. One came home for dinner and the other went back. 

    Sunday night I got a similar break and went back to the same spot. The mullet were there when I showed up at 5:30 but the predators didnt show up until around 7:30. Working the same technique I still had a lot of missed strikes but I managed to get a 20" snook, a big bluefish, and another big trout that managed to come unhooked, hit the boat and flop out.