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    **** is up with idiots on PWC?!?!? - 24 Mar, 2019

    So today I had a couple of run ins with total deuchebags on PWCs.

    I went fishing with my dad and 8yo son in the north Biscayne Bay Area, around Julia Tuttle.  I used to fish there with my dad when I was a kid but it has been years!

    Anyway, we hit a trout early which was awesome, and on our way to a second flat we were in the no wake zone so I decided to drag a tube lure behind the boat.  Off in the distance a group of people on PCWs starts barreling down on us.  I’m holding my line just puttering over the flat and these morons fly by me both in front and behind my boat at full speed.  One manages to snag my lure.  He spools me then decided to come back to our boat and starts cussing us out.   Saying who the f*** fishes here!  He starts to circle out boat aggressively continuing to cuss us out as if it’s my fault he snagged MY line.  My son starts crying and to make matters worse this A$$hole sprays us with his jet and speeds off!

    **** is wrong with people?  I didn’t see any signs that said no fishing?   

    And that wasn’t the end of my experiences with PWCs.  Fishing was kind of crappy today so we decided to park under a bridge and try to get some snapper.  So I pull up in a spot well away from the main channel and on the less busy side of the bridge.  Anyway a group of about 12-15 guys on PWCs again start barreling down on us.  My dad and I joke and say watch them go right by us.  As they get closer to the bridge they keep their course.  Can you believe that 3 of them go right by us?!?!?  Like, there are like 30 spans on this entire bridge and you had to choose the ONLY one with a fishing boat parked at?

    What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?  What happened to giving people a little space out on he water.  I was like 8-9 spans off the main channel!

    Sorry to rant but it was a joke out there today.  Unless I’m missing something and there are some PWC “hood rules” I’m just not aware of. As far as I thought I knew we are all sharing the waterways and should be respectful of one another, especially when away from the main channels.

    Thanks for listening lol!

    Here’s my son and dad with our one and only trout today!