Southeast Features


Stealth, Fly Rods and Reluctant Redfish

Get out of the way and into the fish on the Indian River. I had known that there were schools of redfish on the shallow flats at the southern end of Mosquito Lagoon. Until now, however, I had been unable to catch more than one or two fish a day, no matter what I seemed to do. I was about ready to give up.


Peacock Bass Fly Fishing, South Florida-Style

Equatorial natives survive on the edge of the subtropics. During my high school cross-country running days, practice was held at John Prince Park, in Lake Worth, Florida. We trained around Lake Osborne.


Dive Into Bluewater Spearfishing

Plunging into the blue abyss for the first time is something that I will always remember. It was a completely different environment than I was used to spearfishing in. Looking through your mask, all you see is blue, in every direction.


The Florida Reef Fishing Menu

What kinds of fish might you find on the artificial reefs and wrecks around the Florida coast? That depends on season and latitude, to some extent. In midwinter, for instance, there’s a pretty big difference between the cold, nutrient-rich green water you’d encounter off Fernandina Beach, in far northeast Florida, and the warm, crystal clear Gulf Stream along the Florida Keys.


Beach Fishing for Tarpon

An east coast skiff guide divulges his secrets for locating and catching beach-run tarpon. Good numbers of tarpon are off the beaches in east/central Florida from late-May through October, as they are along Florida’s Gulf of Mexico shores.


Florida Sportsman Southeast Bash and Tournament 2014

The SE Bash is more about getting together for a good time than trying to catch the biggest fish to win a tournament. All Florida Sportsman members, their family and friends are encouraged to come out and enjoy the music, food and good company. The Bash is open to all.


Get Your Dive Flag ON!

Obey or pay: diver down laws.


Where to Fish for Tarpon

Update on where and when to go for silver king action in the Sunshine State. Where do you want to fish for tarpon this year? For Florida boat-owners and even many shore fishermen, the answer may be as simple as, how long do you want to wait for them to arrive?


Tribute to Captain Andy Tasker

A beloved member of the Southeast Florida fishing community is gone. The Florida fishing community is grieving the loss of Capt. Andy Tasker. Capt. Andy, 32, died yesterday in Stuart, Florida.

Slick calm days are fewer than in summer, but the average fish is bigger. This one's 130 pounds, taken by the Three Buoys crew off Palm Beach County.

Warming Up to Winter Swordfish

Many of the largest swordfish of the year are caught as they migrate through our waters in winter. Each year as the weather turns cold, Florida east coast anglers begin targeting sailfish as they migrate south with each passing cold front. When chasing sailfish, the best fishing usually occurs on the leading edge of the cold front when the wind is blowing the hardest and the seas are rough.

mullet run

Crack The Mullet Run Code

Four tactics for catching big coastal fish during the fall bait run. Among the first places I look when the mullet come to town are seawalls, bulkheads and rocky shorelines, places where predatory fish can pin the baitfish.


Snook Harvest Seasonal Closure in Atlantic Starts Dec. 15

The recreational harvest season for snook closes Dec. 15 in Atlantic state and federal waters, including Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River, and will remain closed through Jan. 31, 2014, reopening to harvest Feb. 1. Snook can continue to be caught and released during the closed season.


Snook Fishing in Winter

4 patterns for tracking down late-season snook. To me there’s more to winter snooking than just harvesting that 11th-hour keeper. There’s mystery. You’re casting for a tropical species with a cool north wind on your neck. Each day is a riddle to be solved.


Snook Fishing Seminar at White’s Tackle

Snook fishermen in the Treasure Coast area are sure to want to attend the snook seminar presented by Brett Fitzgerald.


Snook Fishing Seminar

Snook fishermen in the Palm Beach area are sure to want to attend the snook seminar presented by Brett Fitzgerald on October 10, 2013.


Flight of the Night Hawks

Winging through the decades with a jig built to snook specifications. Exactly what the fish think it is, no one’s sure. I’ve heard a dozen theories from a dozen anglers: a big shrimp; a sideways-swimming crab; a bottom-hugging mullet; an eel. For fun I’ll throw in my own two cents: a snook.