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Bridge Fishing the Florida Keys

A mini fishing vacation that offers a little bit of everything, all the time. No boat required. One lazy night a few friends and I made a spontaneous decision to drive to the Florida Keys. Our quest to cure boredom has since turned into frequent trips in search of tarpon, snapper, grouper and other great fish.


The Florida Reef Fishing Menu

What kinds of fish might you find on the artificial reefs and wrecks around the Florida coast? That depends on season and latitude, to some extent. In midwinter, for instance, there’s a pretty big difference between the cold, nutrient-rich green water you’d encounter off Fernandina Beach, in far northeast Florida, and the warm, crystal clear Gulf Stream along the Florida Keys.


Railway Tracks and Diver Tanks

Divers can explore Marathon artificial reef made from over-sea railroad bridge section. Steel debris was taken from the center swing…»


Get Your Dive Flag ON!

Obey or pay: diver down laws.

Kingfish Naples

Live Baiting for Kingfish

Catching smoker kingfish in the Florida Keys is a blast with these simple techniques. I used to cringe whenever someone bragged about catching smoker kingfish in the 30- to 40-pound class.

Purple lines indicate potential new zones closed to fishing. Yellow boxes are existing closed areas. These are prime Key West fishing grounds. Many new closures are being discussed along the chain.

Boxed Out of the Keys?

What began in December 2011 as a push to increase marine zoning in the Florida
Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS) is nearly at its midpoint. After working-group drafts by the Sanctuary Advisory Council and public comments last year, the process calls for internal reviews before final public comments in the spring and fall of 2014 before new zones may go into effect by summer of 2015.

Anglers all around Florida are seeing more and more goliath grouper, and many believe it's time to open some form of limited harvest.

Goliath Grouper, Others Up for Review in Key Largo, Jan. 7-9

From Press Release, Dec. 26, 2013 Joint Meeting on South Florida Management Issues and the Goliath Grouper Joint Council Steering Committee…»

biscayne bay

Hearings on Biscayne Park Fishing Restrictions, Dec. 9-11

If you are like many fellow fisherman and enjoy the beauty of Biscayne bay and its remarkable fishery, now is the time to speak up. To keep this fishery accessible. You don’t want to miss these meetings below.


Bonefish Flats by the Chart

Integrate technology with old time water-sense. Spoiler Alert: Directions to some pretty good flats down south. Volumes have been written about angling for the sleek, silvery bonefish. In the Keys, Bahamas, Miami and other tropical areas, you’ll find guides who’ll point out bonefish for you all day long.


Permit Fishing in the Keys

It is a dream of mine to take a weekend-to-weekend, nine-day trip from one end of the Florida Keys to another, targeting permit exclusively. I would begin on the flats of Biscayne Bay, nearly in the shadow of downtown Miami.


Cero Dark Thirty

An unprecedented cero mackerel bite has been underway off Key West for the past few weeks. Capt. Ted Lund is shown here with 15- and 10-pound ceros. The one on the left was caught by FS Editor Jeff Weakley; the other, by Bob Bagby, VP of Marketing for Zebco Brands in Tulsa, OK.

NHL Panthers coach Kevin Dineen & Capt. Duane Baker HR #2 - 12-12

NHL Panther’s Dineen Wins Redbone@Large Tournament

With the lockout negotiations still dragging on, NHL Florida Panthers Head Coach Kevin Dineen shed his whistle and skates for some fly fishing, barefoot style at the Redbone@Large’s The Tournament at the Legendary Ocean Reef Club.

A first-place FOWA Excellence in Craft Award went to Odessa, Fla., photojournalist Dale Sanders, for this article in the July 2011 print issue of Florida Sportsman.

Dive Articles in FS Win Photojournalism Awards

The Florida Outdoor Writers Association, or FOWA, recently announced the 2011 Excellence in Craft awards in Titusville, Florida. Listed below are the winners.


NOAA Scientists Studying Keys Lionfish Invasion

For the first time since lionfish were spotted in the Florida Keys, scientists are now able to determine how many and how quickly this invasive species is taking over.

Angler Ned Johnson, left, and Capt. Ted Christie teamed up to win the 2012 Islamorada Invitational Fall Fly Bonefish Tournament.

Gray Clouds, Gray Ghosts at Invitational Fly Tourney in Islamorada

The 37th Islamorada Invitational Fall Fly Bonefish Tournament kicked off on September 11 at the Islamorada Fishing Club with a rules meeting and dinner.

Ken Nedimyer, president of the Key Largo-based Coral Restoration Foundation, poses in the organization's coral nursery off Key Largo, Fla., with juvenile coral cuttings.

Protect the Seafloor During Dives: Don’t Mess it Up

A message from the Keys Marine Sanctuary: Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary asks divers to respect the seafloor. Placement of items on seafloor can damage young corals, marine life.