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    Aucilla River , Ecofina River... - 17 Jan, 2021

    OK  , Here's the deal...
    Old timer South Florida ..Everglades City / Chokoloskee Island former Local .
    Retired and in the Big Bend for the last 2 years.
    I want to try the Rivers now and then. Been burning out the grass flats around Perry and want to do a lazy drift casting into the trees and breaking lines on old stumps and logs. 
    Five dollar Lures 10 Ft' under water..stuck.
    I'm looking to start at Goose Creek Pasture on the Aucilla and move around from there. I don,t want your Secret Spot cause I'll find my own I'm wondering about River Conditions. I'm use to running Tight and reading the water. You don,t live in Chokoloskee for 10 years Not Knowing how to weave and duck.
    Shallow water is my friend , Bars and Logs..No problem.
    I'd prefer running water and Bass ect. Salt there I'm not interested in...Got that here at Spring Warrior Creek.
    Thanks upper river Pros.