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    Power-Pole Customer Service rocks. - 18 Jul, 2018

    Well.....a few weeks ago I backed my nearly brand new Pro 2 Series Power-Pole into a parking lot utility pole.   :#  :'(  :s

    So I call customer service to see about purchasing the Lower U-Channel that is now bent inward due to my bonehead move. The service rep tells me to take a picture of the damage and email it to him. I again point out that it didn't break.......I broke it. He says send the picture anyway, so I do. An hour later I get an email from him with a tracking number, one day Fedex, for a new U-Channel and a rebuild bolt and bushing kit. 

    Almost $200 worth of parts and shipping.  No charge.    B)

    All I have to do is ship the damaged parts back to them at my cost. 

    That is outstanding customer support.